Nov 11, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (center) talks with COO/EVP Stephen Jones (left) and EVP Jerry Jones, Jr. (right) prior to playing the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Cowboys defeated the Eagles 38-23. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys Draft Not as Bad as Fans Think

Believe it or not, the Dallas Cowboys did alright in this draft.  Let’s look back at the 2012 season.  Barring a few misplaced injuries and a few mishaps with play calling, the team the Cowboys fielded wasn’t really a bad team at all just a very unlucky team.

So why do I say the Cowboys did just OK in this draft?   Well let’s look at the fans perspectives, most fans, me included sees needs that we have to get addressed and for the most part we are right.  However, the Dallas Cowboys are trying to fix their problems by one again drafting positions they feel they have a lack of depth in.

The Cowboys addressed immediate needs with a center and a safety and while some fans grumbled over the fact that we drafted a linebacker but remember last season how thin that linebacker position became.  With both Sean Lee and Bruce Carter going down last season and with their injury histories I don’t feel that DeVonte Holloman from South Carolina was such a bad pick up and truth be told I’m surprised he fell as far as he did.  I think he’s a good answer to a depth problem that Dallas had last season.

The Cowboys also added more depth on their defense by drafting cornerback B.W. Webb from William & Mary and even though this was not an immediate need it still wasn’t a bad pick up especially since losing Mike Jenkins in free agency.

The only pick I’m really scratching my head about is the wide out position. Dallas is loaded with talented wide receivers and most of them aren’t even utilized by Jason Garrett’s offense.  So using a draft pick in this draft on a wide receiver seemed like a wasted pick to me.

So we can only sit back and see where Jerry Jones and company are going with this year’s draft picks.   But all in all, I do give the Cowboys a C- in drafting this year.

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  • tellin da truth

    Man who said this was a bad draft! (crack heads dont count)

  • Troy Spurlock

    I was a little shaky about the draft when we took a center with the first pick, and not Reid from LSU. But after our next 3 picks, it started making sense. We do need depth at those position. And I really like what I ve heard about Wilcox…Hopefully he pans out to be the tge Safety we need. And honestly I love Williams from Baylor. I think he s a steal. So Miles you better get it right. Hopefully we have a plan for the OL and DL in free agency.. GO BOYS..

    • Stacy Justice

      Have to agree with the Williams pick. He was a steal and I believe the thought is he’ll eventually replace Miles. As for the Tight End that everyone was complaining about, as much as I love Witten, he’s a 10 year vet and you have to start preparing for a potential decline. Novacek was gone after 11 seasons. Witten’s a better player than Novacek and not as injury prone, but you still have to start preparing. Escobar is a better TE prospect than Hanna. Overall this was a good draft with a lot of potential contributors.

  • Ronald W. Jones

    The Frederick fiasco was a joke…Jerrah panicked…..and traded down without a plan…a Wisconson center with only 21 reps? Come on! The Cowboys must be thinking about using double TE sets next year…that must be the reason for drafting Escobar. (They tried that with Martellus Bennett and failed) If a WR with the talent of Terrance Williams is on the board in the 3rd round…you almost have to take him. Led all of college football in recieveing yards last year. He will push the ‘often injured’ Miles Austin for playing time.

    • CBoyFan70

      Before knocking Fred’s rep numbers you nee to realize that the guy can actually bench 600+ and squat 700+. Wisconsin program focuses on max weight and not so much on number of reps.

  • Stacy Justice

    Nice read Kim.

  • Old Frog

    My heart wanted local boy Josh Boyce (who will be catching passes from Tom Brady) instead of Williams and only time will tell who was the better choice.

  • mikellie2

    Austin plays better in the slot.

  • mikellie2

    Frederick pick made total sense. He was #1 on their board and by drafting in the first round we get a 5 yr contract instead of a 4. Plus it fills a need and he can also play guard. Great pick.

  • ‘mericas_team2013

    I like the WR pick, I would have rather seen Keenan Allen than Williams but still a good pick. Other than Miles and Dez I dont think there is another WR over 6 foot tall, with another big guy on the outside Miles can move back into the slot where he excels and if he can stay healthy create some trade value. Only complaint I have is the lack of oline/dline selected, Kwame Geathers(DT, Georgia) and Alvin Bailey(G, Arkansas) were both rated as mid round picks in areas of high need. They should have been on the phone with them in the 6th round discussing the chance of taking them after the draft and the chance they would both have to start or at least play if they did well enough!

  • jrcowboy49

    Dallas had notable prospects such as defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd and safety Eric Reid at No. 18. Instead, they worked out a trade with the San Francisco 49ers to swap first round picks and acquire an additional third. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The Cowboys would move down a few spots, gain an extra mid-rounder and still have a shot at drafting a top-rated offensive lineman. The plan backfired. The next two picks (19th and 20th) were tackle Justin Pugh and guard Kyle Long. Then, the plan backfired again. The 49ers used the 18th pick to select Reid, the Vikings snagged Floyd, and just when it seemed like the Cowboys were going to get a steal in defensive tackle Sylvester Williams, the Broncos took him at 28. It was clear that Plan A and Plan B had both failed. The results were picking a position of need, but not necessarily a player of desire. It seems that this was more of panic pick and less of a well thought out strategy. Trading down sounds nice in theory, but if it means missing out on a couple of top-rated prospects and being forced into a player you don’t want, then you have to question the value of your return.
    Cowboys used the 31st pick on Frederick, then Brian Schwenke went to
    Tennessee at 107. I’m not sure Frederick is even the better of the two
    prospects, let alone 76 picks better.
    Escobar can create passing-game mismatches, but offers zero as a blocker and isn’t necessarily an upgrade on incumbent No. 2 tight end James Hanna.
    Williams and Holloman were probably the only two true value picks in this
    Randle is a stiff, straight-linish runner with an awfully long way to go in
    pass protection.
    Wilcox a safety was needed after releasing Gerald Sensabaugh . . . but what was needed was a center-fielder type FS, not another SS prospect. Wilcox played 1 season at SS for Georgia Southern after spending the previous 3 seasons on offense (slot WR).
    Webb a munchkin
    It would be difficult to say with any confidence that Dallas’ lineup improved with this draft. And they entered it with a team with OC,OG, OT, DE, BT, FS, LB needs. Jerrah really made an ass of himself in this draft and became a laughing stock to the league. Constantly bypassing quality players of need.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Yea, it was a good draft. I was glad to see JJ’s boy trade down, get almost nothing for the trade (see what the Patriots got for their first rounder) and then draft a player in the first round that would have been available in the second or third round. If you think this draft could not have been a lot better then your head is in the sand. I could go on and on but others have already pointed out the weaknesses of this draft. Wake up guys.

    • Eazy

      29th pick is valued at 640. They received the 52nd (380), 83rd (165), 102nd (92) and 7th which isn’t even listed on the chart so its < 2. So they didn't quite reach the value they gave up. Lets stop with the hyperbole already. Yes, the Cowboys didn't get exact value for their trade, 18 (900) to 31 (600) and 74 (220). But even the Patriots didn't who killed it in your opinion. Pats gave up 640 and got 637 plus the 7th which is valued as the 5th pick under 2 points.

      Can we stop with the hyperbole already. The Cowboys weren't swindled or anything of the like. They didn't get the best end of the deal, that much seems to be true. But even if the Cowboys were given the 9ers 2nd round pick (292) there is a good possibility they take Williams with it anyway. If Jerry is to be believed, Frederick, Escobar and Williams were practically in order on their draft board.

  • Ev

    At first i thought this draft was shaky but its starting to make sense. JJ is preparing for the departure of some key veterans Williams will eventually replace Austin, Escobar eventually replaces witten, solidified the center position albeit reaching a bit for frederick but the way lineman were being drafted no guarantee he is there at 47. I think this draft immediately and long term will be beneficial for the cowboys. Its adding to a solid foundation. Next year however, defensive line better be a major focus. The holes on this team are closing and I see a legit super bowl contender in 2014, this year should be playoffs.

  • GoSpursGo1234

    I like the positive outlook on this take. Truth be told a healthy team and more coaching experience should lead to a SUPER BOWL contender. With the salary cap anyone can make a run at. #cowboys4life

  • MonyGone

    Was wishing they would select someone for QB as well as filling out some of the other areas in OFF/DEF.

    • Stacy Justice

      Probably better to look at a QB in the next draft (or soon after). Not a great QB class in this one. With more time in the pocket, should get better production with Romo as well (he’s still got gas in the tank).

      Look for the Cowboys to work something out with Tyson Clabo. They were in serious talks with him and Eric Winston before the draft and were going to reconvene afterwards.

      Kiffin seems to think they’ve got the depth they need for now regarding the DL, but wouldn’t surprise me if the add to it with an UDFA.

  • Eric Blair

    You don’t know which players are good or not until 5 years later.

    This post draft analysis is sort of silly.

    But not as silly as analyzing players and possible picks that will never play for the Boys. I used to do that.

    I also used to cruise up and down the same strip in 1987 with music blaring.

    Now I have a life.

    I g

  • Renny Mason

    I agree Kim, not NEARLY as bad as the masses seem to think. Maximize the production of Tony Romo by getting him all the help he needs. That was the goal of this draft plain and simple. Mission accomplished if you ask me.

  • Coach Dave

    Dunning are you delusional???? What draft or colledge background do you have? Being a cowboys fan doesnt give you credibility as a sports writer. Freddy not the best center! I hope he proves me wrong and the only good pick worth hootin about is the kid from S.D. State Gavin Escobar. Kudos there! Instead of reading about fans dreaming that the cowboys are going to a super bowl we better pray they can win a division game! Lets dream in baby steps that way it doesnt make you sooo mad to where you wanna take your blue star gear and torch it up in the alley! C’mon Boys fans lets stand up to jerry jones and tell him to move aside and let a real football GM do his job! We need to STOP FOOLING OURSELVES!!!!!!!!!

  • Eddie Gomez

    I think that the Cowboys did a good job with the draft picks. The 1st priority was the OL or Safety, they were looking at Cooper, Warmack or Vaccaro. When they all were gone, they traded back with the intention of getting Pugh but when the nyg got him at 19, eleven picks before Dallas. Then the best OL available was the no.1 center out of college at 31 and in the 74 pick WR Williams to boot. job well done. Escobar 3 TE taken in the draft big, and will catch anything thrown his way.Randle was a steal in the 5th great job,fits the mold of a complete RB.JJ Wilcox SS and B W Webb CB and LB De Vonte Holloman LB round up the additions for the defense. and look out for UDFA Brandon Magee OLB He is my undrafted pick to making the team. Now lets go get the Doug Free situation resolve so we can stay with him or go for Clabo or Winston. Allso would like a long term contract for Spencer. We have some work to do yet JJ. lets get it done!!