This Tony Romo Apologist Is Done Apologizing

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Dec 2, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) smiles prior to the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The story, the legend, of Dallas Cowboy’s QB, Tony Romo was a good one… until it wasn’t.

I, like most of CowboysNation, haven’t been able to wrap my mind around how come this Tony Romo led Dallas Cowboys team can’t get deep into the playoffs or to a SuperBowl.  I also hadn’t been able to wrap my mind around why Tony Romo got singled out and hated for it.  Until now.

Lets go back for a moment.

Many Cowboys fans experienced, since Troy Aikman’s last year as Cowboys QB, the helplessness of watching a team stuck in a quagmire of salary cap hell and poor drafting.  All we, the fans, wanted was some kind of spark, something to get us to start believing again.

The hiring of coach Bill Parcells caught our attention.  Even though the jaded and the knowing reminded us that Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, only hired Bill to help get the interest and seal the deal for financing of a new stadium,  the common Cowboy fan sat up and took notice.

Just the infusion of Bill Parcells and his coaching staff turned a 5-11 sad Cowboys team into a scrappy, 10-6 surprise playoff team.  Of course, the reality of a team with questionable talent at the skill positions set in and returned the Cowboys to their losing ways the following year.  Turning the Cowboys around wasn’t going to be easy. At least Parcells was determined to do it the right way, through the draft.

This isn’t a story about the Parcells era, so let me get to my point.  The starting Cowboys QB at the time, Quincy Carter, got himself kicked off the team for failing a drug test which started a plug and play carousel of big name QBs on their last legs and draft picks that never got their legs.  Again, CowboysNation started to lose interest and pined for another spark. We had the coach, we figured, now we just needed a player to rally around.

Dec 2, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) smiles prior to the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Along came Tony Romo.  The kid with the Brett Favre style and happy go lucky grin.  Finally, an heir to the to the Staubach/Aikman throne.  Romo was fun to watch, gave the Cowboys fans hope and he wasn’t a bad QB either.

His likability was infectious and rise meteoric.  A media darling that dated starletts. To Jerry Jones, Romo was a new face of the franchise.  The hope of the fan base meant ticket sales for Jerry.  So badly did we the fans, as well as the sports media and Jerry Jones himself, want to see America’s Team relevant again, that we all overlooked the raw qualities and badly timed interceptions that, along with the touchdowns and scrambling play making, were also very much part of Romo’s game.

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  • Spanky

    My opinion, there are 52 other reasons the Cowboys haven’t gone deep into the playoffs. Fans need to wrap their brains around that. The Cowboys have some good players, but Team Greatness has been an illusion for years.

  • Stacy Justice

    I agree with understanding who #9 is (both upside and down). I don’t think I’ve ever really seen the Cowboys try and draft toward his upside, but keep putting it all on his shoulders. We’ve seen what that pressure does. Hopefully this year’s draft is different. Nice article Artie.

    • Artie C

      Thanks Stacy

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Teams have won superbowls with mediocre quarterbacks….figure that one out Romo bashers. I often wonder how great Troy Aikman would have been without a great offensive team that give him the opportunity of be successful.

    • Michael Vu

      Not that great, IMO.

  • Old Frog

    Without an offensive line he’s just another Dan Marino (at best) and the fans will be just as disappointed.

  • Nick92661

    I grew up watching Troy Aikman play. Romo is better. Whatever “it” is, Romo has more of it. Difference is, Aikman had help, namely in the form of pro-bowl lineman and a top 5 defense. There’s entirely too much talk about Romo, and not enough talk about a TEAM that can’t run the ball, can’t protect the QB, can’t hold a lead, can’t force turnovers, can’t manage the clock, takes too many penalties, etc. Romo is asked time and again to make up for the shortcomings of a team that just isn’t very good. The Cowboys let Romo down much more than he lets the Cowboys down. He has single-handedly kept a bad team relevant.

    • Stacy Justice

      Very nice Nick…”The Cowboys let Romo down much more than he lets the Cowboys down”. Poetic.

    • Cowboyfan7764

      Right on the Money Nick…ON THE MONEY!! its gonna come down to does Romo have enough time left in his Career for the Cowboys to put together a young talented team around him for him to take them where we all want them to go…The Super Bowl..I Say “YES” he will end up doing it but all the cards are gonna have to fall our way in the same Season imo!! WE will have to stay Healthy and our O line is gonna have to come together which will make our Running Game come together which will open up the passing game which will help our defense stay fresh which will put pressure on the opposing teams!! Sounds like alot and it is but that is how Good teams become GREAT!! Come on Boys…Lets Be GREAT!! GO BOYS DC4L!!

  • Juanito Juanito

    the bad luck for romo is he playing in a time post parcells were jerry jones want to control all, because parcells separete jj from the control of the team and look what happen with draft days after parcells, a mess, last call for romo in this draft if cowboys help him with a good offensive line, 2007 cowboys 13-3 with a good offensive line

    • jkol

      Its not JJ fault Romo botch a fg , went on a vacation during his bye week in 2007 , blew several games in 2008, led the team to a 1-4 record in 2010, blew more games in 2011, and of course we all knew what happen in 2012..

      Face it Romo only play 1 solid seasons in his career. 2009

  • Steve Graham

    Yawn… this article has a BTDT feel. Romo is very good, but not great. He can win us a SB, but not all by himself. Those who worship Aikman remember ’92-’95 and forget TA only won one payoff game after that. When Dallas was great, Troy was great. When Emmitt and Irvin slipped, Troy’s game did as well.

  • ‘mericas_team2013

    What happened to the “Romo friendly” team that they were going to start building in 2009?

    • Artie C

      i completely agree

  • Steve Graham

    The great Oline we had in the early-mid 90′s was built with free agents & 2nd – 3rd round picks. Jerry’s been trying to pull that off again with no luck. Seems he’s finally realized that he needs to use his #1′s on some offensive linemen. D-line would be great too, just please stop drafting receivers & Rb’s that high.

  • Steve Graham

    QB’s make receivers, not the other way around. You can get receivers & backs anywhere. On defense, it’s all about the pass rush. In a 4-3 especially, that means you need stud linemen & lots of them. You can find LB’s & DB’s later for the back 7. I mean, who played in the back 7 for Giants during their SB runs? Just some guys.