Dreaming of Being Dallas Cowboys GM for the 2013 Draft and Beyond

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This takes me to April 25th, Draft day, Christmas in April, my high holy day. Dallas holds the 18th pick in the Draft on that day. I would not trade up under any circumstance because we only have six picks after trading away our 7th for Ryan Cook, and receiving no Compensatory picks. So I am either sticking to my pick at 18, or trading down and adding picks to this class.

What would it take for me to trade down? Well, first of all it would mean both of the top two Guards are still on the board, or that the guy we do want at Guard is not going to be scooped up by another team before we pick again. Second, it would not be a lot of spots. I would need the better value on the Trade Chart to be in my pocket for someone to take me out of that spot. If the Rams are calling at 22 and offering their pick #78, I take it. The 18 spot carries a 900 point value. The 22 spot is a 780 point value and the 78 spot is a 200 point value.

Mar 13, 2013; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide offensive lineman Chance Warmack runs a drill during Alabama pro day at the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility. Mandatory Credit: Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

At 18 I am going to assume at least one of the Guards is going to be there. The fact of the matter is, both could be. The NFL simply does not go high on Guards. Last year when I was pimping David DeCastro like I was his agent, I kept getting told we could not get him at 14. he ended up going at number 24 to the Steelers, which makes me hate them even more than I do. I have said it before, you have to go clear back to 1982 to find two Guards taken before pick number 18. I believe the ceiling of potential is higher for Chance Warmack of Alabama, but I wouldn’t complain a second about North Carolina’s Jonathon Cooper at that spot.

For the purpose of this exercise because Chance Warmack is ranked so high on CBS’s rankings, and in keeping with my rules, the choice for the Cowboys at 18 is Jonathon Cooper from the Tarheels. He is my day 1 starter at Left Guard. Cooper is a classic fit for Bill Callahan’s blocking schemes. He is big, mobile, and as we learned at the Combines, a lot more powerful than people expected. Playing him next to Tyron Smith solidifies the left side of my O-line, Romo’s blindside as a right handed Quarterback, for the next 10 years. Yes, I know Romo will not play 10 more years but I assume our next QB will be a right hander too.

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  • http://twitter.com/OldFrog75 Old Frog

    I would consider any draft that bags both Cooper and Jones a success.

  • Mike

    My Mock Draft 2.0:

    First Round (Tavon Austin – WR) @ 18… I originally was leaning towards Richardson or Cooper. I think Cooper will be gone by 18 now and why I still love Richardson, but I cant get past the speed and athleticism you get from Austin. This guy is a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball, he can single handedly take over a game, ask Oklahoma! In more of a zone blocking West Coast scheme that Calahan likes to run, those quick passes will help Romo and the mediocre at best O-Line hide some weaknesses and Austin has the agility and ability to turn a 5-10 yard pass into a 50 yard gain, not to mention his excellent return skills. He pops on tape!

    2nd Round Dream scenario (Kenny Warford – OG) @ 47… The guy is huge and nimble for his size. He addresses that glaring O-Line need and he isn’t far behind the top 2 prospects in Warmack and Cooper. This guy is nasty and can protect our 100 million dollar invest with the best of them. Love him in the 2nd, just worried he will not be there when we pick.

    32rd Round (David Quensberry – OT)… Free needs to be set “Free”, he cant seem to remember how to block, and he needs to “Free” his mind, because he makes way too many mental mistakes, pun intended, hence the most penalties in the NFL for an O-Lineman. David is a small school guy but he showed at the Senior game that he can play against top level competition! Saves spending on a free Agent and now the line is starting to take shape!

    Round 4 either (J.J. Wilcox – S) or (Jordan Hill – DT)… I have seen a little tape on Wilcox and his combine and he seems to be fluid in the hips and scouts are salivating at the mouth over him being a late round steal, this class is too deep with safeties to draft Vacarro at 18! Hill is either very good or silent on tape, he pops at times and you see a 2nd round talent or he is taking plays off and you see 5th round talent. If your coaching staff can get this kid to play hard every snap Hill is a Steal in this round!

    5th Round I see us going for either a blocking TE or a RB, I say Running Back because you can find a fairly good Blocking TE in the 6th and final pick. Round 5 I see either (Joseph Randle – RB) or (Zack Stacey – RB) possibly available there and both would give us some depth and we can groom them to take over should Murray continue to miss games, which is almost guaranteed if your taking his NFL career into account, which I am over course!

    Round 6 (Nick Kasa – TE)… We need a blocking TE badly, and in the 6th why not take a shot on this big kid from Colorado!

    There you have it, feel free to rip me apart for taking Austin or any of the other picks, I’m not a Scout but I can see talent just like others who take the time to watch the tape on these guys.

  • MikeBurke’sHairyVag

    Lost all credibility at “The truth of the matter is that everything I am about to share with you lies at the control of Tom Ciskowski and Jason Garrett, not the GM.”

  • Terrence Williams

    LOL at this guy trying to tell us that Tom Ciskowski and Jason Garrett run the draft and no Socks to Jocks Jerry Freakin Jones. Ridiculous.

  • still laughing

    Hey Forrest, who the hell is Vernon Fuller?

  • Hostile Sucks Dicks

    I like Defensive Tackle from Purdue, but I am also tempted to take Offensive Guard from Kentucky.

  • Hostile Sucks Dicks

    Vernon Fuller is not an actual player. Cool. I like John Doe in the 3rd round.

  • Hostile’s Underwear

    I don’t like all this “take a laxative” talk.