Dallas Cowboys Potential Tied To Injury Prone Players

Dec 11, 2011; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray (29) is assisted off the field by team personnel after being injured in the first quarter of the game against the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys RB, DeMarco Murray was a bargain the year he was drafted because he was injury prone.  LB, Bruce Carter was available for the same reason.  The Cowboys took a flyer on both of them.

LB, Sean Lee tore the ACL in his right knee and did not play his senior year at Penn State, otherwise, he probably would have gone in the 1rst round instead of 2nd when he was drafted.

Last year, the Cowboys were high on Safety Matt Johnson out of Eastern Washington, who they thought was a steal being still available in the 4th round.  Matt only played 7 games in his senior year due to shoulder surgery.

WR, Danny Coale was drafted in the 5th round.  Wasn’t injury prone (that I’m aware of) in college, but injured himself in training camp, as did Matt Johnson, and never saw the field.  Cowboy’s head coach, Jason Garrett is high on both players – if they can get and stay healthy.

Add to that list:  WR Miles Austin, NT Jay Ratliff, RB Phillip Tanner, C Phil Costa and countless other Cowboy’s players and we can begin to see that  Jerry Jones has banked a lot of time and money (not to mention future) on the potential of injured players.

Can you just imagine, if all the players I mentioned so far were healthy for an entire season?  The Cowboys have been scarce with pro bowl players recently, but I’m sure that, at least with Sean Lee and DeMarco Murray,  the Cowboys would have been represented.

There in lies the rub.

Cowboys QB, Tony Romo may have gotten the big contract, but can we expect him to carry the team if many key players are on injured reserve?   The Cowboys looked like that revolutionary war battle painting, the one with the bandaged drummer and flute player and another marching, continue to play even though they are all tore up.  I know we’re America’s Team, but come on.

If only we can stay healthy this year.  What a team we have – on paper.

I know the saying in the NFL, where injuries are common place.  It’s ‘the next man up‘.  But I don’t remember another time in recent memory where the Cowboys were so dependent on injury prone players.

We see the potential in LB Sean Lee,  he could, and probably will, anchor the Dallas Cowboys defense for years to come with LB Bruce Carter by his side.  Imagine the state of our passing game if Miles Austin can stay on the field (and not limping) and Danny Coale can get on the field.

If there was a fantasy league that consisted of players only on the disabled list,  what a team you could assemble,  and you can call your team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Here’s hoping for good health this year, CowboysNation – Break a leg!

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  • honesty

    excuses, excuses.

  • ctcowboy1968

    On paper, this team is what it is. Average. To many injury prone players. Players in street clothes don’t win games. Stop drafting injury prone players. There’s no gauranteed way to do that, but since history seems to repeat itself, look at the player’s injury history.

  • honesty

    I seem to remember the cowboys being mediocre before sean lee got hurt and afterwards. sean lee played full seasons before last year, did that make the cowboys better? how about murray? he only had one spectacular game, and struggled in the games he played in last year. in fact i would say felix jones had a better year. the team lacked many things last year. for example the cowboys play calling was wrong last year. why would you take a knee with 1.15 minutes left in the half? the team fell behind too many times due to production in offense. how about the home games? the opposing teams fans were more abundant than the local fans. how did that happen? it happened because the fans have lost hope. even a die-hard cowboy fan would tell you that they never believed the cowboys were going to win the Super Bowl last year. jones doesn’t seem to care much. he rather write cheques for his ineptitude in player signing to admit his mistakes. to some it up: the qb mediocre, the coach average, the gm ordinary hence the record. the cowboys need a new coach, a new o-line and to draft qb next year to be an understudy for a year.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    It all boils down to management and it has not been good. When you obtain a multitude of players who have been injured you are what you are.

  • http://www.silverandbluecrew.com/ Stacy Justice

    Drafting an injured player is a gamble. Could be a bust or potential bargain. For me, the jury is still be out. Last year’s rule changes regarding contact in practices sure didn’t help as guys are now more prone to injury due to a lack of proper conditioning. Id’ kind of like to see what adjustments are made in year 2 regarding the approach to those rules in practice and overall conditioning before writing off some of these players as “injury prone”.

    Regarding Austin, he’d be a better slot player. It’s a shame we don’t have a better #2 option.

    Hey but on the bright side, I appreciate the revolutionary pic. The flute player and drummer are two of my ancestors.

    • Artie C

      I agree with you about Austin. I’m hoping Harris can move into that #2 spot. Those are really your ancestors? That famous picture has always been one of my favorites from that time period. Very cool!