Do The Dallas Cowboys Really Need Offensive Line Help?

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Now, let us finally move on to the crux of my issues with our current Dallas Cowboys, the Offensive Line. If anyone out there would take the current Offensive line over the great OL of the 1990s that person is a complete and utter stupid idiot and there is no hope for that person. Phil Costa over Ray Donaldson or Mark Stepnoski? Not on Phil’s best day. Nate Livings over Nate Newton? I’m sorry, I’m going with the guy we called Big Nate. Doug Free over Erik Williams? I threw up in my mouth just thinking about that. Uh, hell no. Tyron Smith over Mark Tuinei? Maybe one day, but not right now. He has the potential to surpass Tui, but he is not there yet. Mackenzy Bernadeau over Larry Allen? Are you out of your ever loving mind? Bernadeau couldn’t carry Larry Allen’s jock on Larry’s worst day. In short, give me Aikman’s O-line all day long, every year.

In fact, a good friend of mine from a Cowboys forum, who posts under the pseudonym percyhoward, shared with me some interesting information. He’s one of the best stats guys alive. The average rank of Aikman’s Defenses was 3rd. Romo’s have been 14th. The average rank in rushing Offense was 3rd in the Aikman years, 15th for the Romo years. Aikman’s O-line had 9 total All Pro seasons. Romo’s lines have had 1. It is really quite a wonder that Romo’s QB Rating is one of the highest in NFL History.

So let’s recap. Aikman was a better QB, had better weapons, a better rushing attack, a better Defense, and a better Offensive Line? And we want equal results from Tony Romo when nothing he has is as good as that? Hell yes we do, and rightfully so. We’re the damned Dallas Cowboys, not the Cincinnati Bengals or the Minnesota Vikings. We either have Championships, or it just isn’t good enough, and that is the way it is supposed to be in Dallas.

January 25, 2013; Ko Olina, HI, USA; NFC tight end Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys (82) runs a route during practice at NFC media day for the 2013 Pro Bowl at the JW Marriott Ihilani Resort. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I can accept the expectations, what I really don’t get is why some are puzzled we don’t have the same results? Seriously? The reason is simple, we’re not there yet and we haven’t been there in the last sixteen years. I don’t want to hear about constants in those sixteen years and only one playoff win, some of those seasons we still had four legitimate Hall of Fame players on Offense and some damned good Defensive players as well. We had guys who could help us today in huge ways like Darren Woodson, and Nate Newton. The thing is, we had a large chunk of those core players in 1989 and 1990 too, but not the results.

I hope that last comment sank in real good. What changed in 1991 and on through to 1995 at least and probably to 1996 and beyond despite the poor post season results? I’ll tell you exactly what changed. Good Drafting, good coaching, higher expectations on the team, and chemistry. Troy’s O-line wasn’t a plethora of first round talent. Emmitt wasn’t rushing behind blue chip guys. It was five guys who knew how to play together and just beat the holy hell out of everyone placed in front of them.

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  • ta

    22 players. When your up by 12 with 4 minutes to play and one of those guys is named Terrance Newman – you can’t blame the loss on Romo.

  • Richard Storm

    Anyone “purporting to be a Dallas Cowboys fan” who says that Tony Romo is the problem with the Cowboys needs to get his ass kicked….They’re not really a Cowboys fan but a Dallas Cowboys hater who is a fan of some other team….Most Cowboys fans love Romo…The ones who don’t are fake Cowboys fans who band wagoned themselves to the Cowboys team when they started winning a bunch of Super Bowls in the 90s. Those idiots are in the minority who are just louder than us Romo fans. I really wish they would go band wagon themselves to the Giants team or to the Redskins team so that they can go suck on Eli or RG3….But I’m going to the first Dallas Cowboys home game. I will wear a shirt that says “Rome haters SUCK!!”. I suggest that all the real Cowboys fan do the same at this game…

  • GoCowboys

    This article is awesome.

  • Juanito Juanito

    the stupid heaters are dumb people who dont like read articles like this, they just hate because lisen other dumb hate, haters are so delitional to think that romo play in awesome team, and cowboys now are average

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Good article. The problem with the Cowboys now is due to past poor personnel decisions.I have never heard that Romo participated in the draft or free agency signings. Yet ignorant fans point to him as the reason for Dallas’s mediocrity. As long as management is the way it is now, the Cowboys will not be contenders.

  • Renny Mason

    “Truth”, where are you at? Wonderful piece Mike!

  • billy

    there have been a couple of articles written recently disclosing stats from the dallas defense and offense. dallas was near the bottom in several of those stats. after one reads and understands those stats he will wonder how the cowboys managed to be 8 and 8 the last two seasons. they should have been 4 and 12 at best. they are a truly terrible team. injuries or whatever reason they have been bad. theres only two words to explain why they were able to win 8 games and they are tony and romo. he made some mistakes, sure. but the team he played with were awful. you can thank jerry and his lack of player evaluation and drafting for that. tony cant help jerrys weaknesses enough to win championships. the league is too strong for that to ever happen

  • Old Frog

    Tony Romo is not the problem but as this article highlights we have so many glaring problems that need to be fixed he should have been traded now while he had value for draft picks to address all the other problems. I would rather do that than end up with another Dan Marino scenario. Suffer two lousy seasons with Orton now and build for the future.

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      The only problem with obtaining draft picks for Romo would have been the fact that the same general manager would still be there making the same personnel mistakes.

  • LesterBallard

    Did Romo throw that interception against the Redskins because of any of the reasons Mr. Burke mentions?