The Landry Hat NFL First Round Mock Draft 7.1

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11. San Diego Chargers – Lane Johnson, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma

12. Miami Dolphins – Justin Hunter, Wide Receiver, Tennessee

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Xavier Rhodes, Cornerback, Florida State

14. Carolina PanthersJesse Williams, Defensive Tackle, Alabama

15. New Orleans Saints – Dion Jordan, Defensive End, Oregon

16. St. Louis Rams – Chance Warmack, Offensive Guard, Alabama

17. Pittsburgh Steelers – Sheldon Richardson, Defensive Tackle, Missouri

18. Dallas Cowboys – Barrett Jones, Center, Alabama

19. New York Giants – Eddie Lacy, Running Back, Alabama

20. Chicago BearsTyler Eifert, Tight End, Notre Dame

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Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Truth

    The most vital thing Cowboys must do – and heck, should have been doing – is improve the Defensive Pressure on QBs on as a byproduct, the Run. But if I’m correct here, the the run-defense was not all that bad.
    By the same token, if you are unable to put much pressure on a QB, any QB, he will undoubtably torch you and/or your Defense/Team!! And this brings me into another area that should be talked about. And that is that Rob Ryan overachieved just for this reason. He didn’t have the right personnel or at the least a good group to do a good job. I mean he did have some very good players, don’t get me wrong but as we all can accept now, not a healthy group at all. None the less, even with such Defense or Front-7, it was very hard for them(unit) to create pressure. After awhile, Claiborne was seen to need help.
    I’m hoping they address this as they will not only have to overcome the current group of players, but injuries and Romo constant dumb decision-making and turnovers!!
    They can use a better OLinemen or two, but when you put things into perspective, Cowboys offensive woes were more because of play-calling and Romo’s choking under pressure. I mean how can you have a top 5 offense but almost last if not last in “redzone” scoring???!
    Something has to give and my friends, it’s definitely not the OL. And like I said when DeMarco Murray first came onto the seen, he is not a good inside runner, something you need in tight situations even if just for versatility!!

  • Steve

    yuck…not that I don’t like the player…just don’t think he has any chance of going in the 1st round with the foot injury. Better off taking Short, Cooper, Warford or Floyd….Jones will be there in the 2nd..then I pounce!!

    • Truth

      Don’t know much about this guy and even less his foot injury. From afar he looks to be very viable in the little I saw in BCS Bowl vs Norte Dame.
      But for now, my pick is Sheldon Richardson/DT. I think he would immediately impact Cowboys enough to improve the whole defense! Yes…that good. I might change it since I’m barely digging in…

  • MillaRed

    This is really a bad estimation of our 1st rounder. He will last into the early 2nd if not mid/late.

  • draftmane

    Worst Mock; with Floyd,Short ,Fluker & Okafor still on Board

  • californy

    I like Barrett Jones also but expect him to drop a little because he will be rehabbing his injury. he may drop to the end of this round or even to early 2rd rd. Jackson Jeffcoat in SF is way off, the 49 ers may look for a DE at this spot but it wont be Jackson, who because of injury may be had in the 3rd.

  • tjones122

    This mock draft is terrible

  • Dietz

    This mock draft looks really old… many of the players presented here are coming back from injury, and not many teams drafting based on the current rosters… Jacksonville taking Geno Smith with the number 2 pick is just an example of how misguided this is… They are not going to spend a top level pick at QB with Blaine Gabbert still on the roster, due to his ridiculous cap hit if cut, and the money it would cost to sign Geno Smith… If Eric Fisher is still around when the Cowboys pick, he would be the pick… Guys like Fisher, Ezekial Ansah and Johnathan Cooper have shot up the draft boards.

  • Damon

    Hands down worst mock I’ve seen to date. No way Moore gets drafted 3rd overall. Barrett Jones and Jesse Williams are not going first round. Eric fisher won’t last past the lions, cardinals, and chargers, while Floyd is a top 10 pick. If fisher and Floyd make it to the 20s I’ll give you all the money in my bank account

  • Dogood

    Wow this mock is a complete joke!!!! How do you get paid for this. 1st Jackson jeffcoat is not even entered in the draft!!! Floyd will go top 5. Barrett jones is a great pick up for the cowboys… In the 2-3rd round. Just a poorly researched mock!

  • ‘mericas_team2013

    Did you even update this draft? Its crazy how much these players rise and fall over the course of 3-4 months…

  • ta

    This draft must be about 2 months old No way these happen: Sharrif Floyd dropping from 2 down to 26 and Moore goes from the 2nd round to a top 5 pick, 3 QBs taken in top 10 – Highly unlikely. For the boys, Barrett Jones has a 3rd round grade. He might get picked in the 2nd if Pugh, Warford, are both gone, but its a reach. No way he’s the pick in the 1st.

  • MillaRed

    Not gonna happen

  • I agree

    This is a sick joke!

  • RCS

    Wow, Jackson Jeffcoat at 31 to SF, that must be a shock to Mack Brown since Jeffcoats still a Longhorn.