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Where’s the Accountability for the Dallas Cowboys?

So Friday, I read an article that disturbed me a little bit as a Dallas Cowboy fan.  Linebacker DeMarcus Ware came out and said that now that Romo has his contract which he states that quarterback Tony Romo deserved to get but at the end of the day it’s “put up or shut up.”   What disturbed me about that is the fact that once again in a team sport, the woes of the Dallas Cowboys are at the end of the day, quarterback Tony Romo’s fault.   I personally am not picking on Ware as he is a good player and comes to the field on a weekly basis ready to play.  What is mind boggling is the fact that the season hasn’t started yet and already the players are showing once more their lack of accountability.  Even though Ware isn’t the main problem on the defense, it’s still his side of the ball and they haven’t been known the last two seasons as being able to hold a lead.  So when do the players and coaching staff and yes even the general manager take the blame.

Looking to the top at the general manager’s position, we all know our owner loves his general manager and we know nothing will give any fans satisfaction in changing this area.  We also know this is an area that needs to be changed immediately and it’s wasted space to say it needs too when we know it won’t.  However, Jerry Jones needs to start taking blame on the organizations failures.  No other owner or general manager do we see on television as much as we see Jerry Jones.   Rarely, though, in any press conference or television appearance do we hear or see Jerry Jones absorbing the brunt of the blame for his idiotic decisions on restructuring contracts or business deals that have us all scratching our heads.  But as we know in the business world, everything rolls down hill like an avalanche.

The coaching staff will at times take accountability to the point of saying we are what we are, average, or we as a team need to get better.  Rarely do you hear for instance Jason Garrett say my play calling has got to get better or I need to discipline my players better.  All those promises from the press conference where Garrett accepted the head coaching position of the Cowboys of a more disciplined, less penalized team have gone away as if they have never existed.   Never has a player such as offensive lineman Doug Free been disciplined for his numerous penalties.  The coaches don’t hold the players accountable and they don’t hold themselves accountable either.

Finally the players, the guys who are the ones who execute the plays and perform on the field for more money than most of us make in a lifetime.  Rarely do you hear the players take accountability for their on the field actions or even in the last few years their off-the-field actions.  We as fans wonder why they don’t when it’s easy to see this entire organization is about finger pointing.  It’s easier to blame someone else or even in Dallas’ case at times it’s easier to ignore the true issues.  It’s difficult for the players to be accountable for their actions when their coaches cannot even hold them in check.

It’s easy being the off-season to say, maybe this year it will finally click or maybe this is the year Garrett gets his team disciplined and to execute on the field, however, with Ware’s statement of “put up or shut up” it’s definitely not looking like it’s going to be any different.  So exactly where is the accountability in the Dallas Cowboys organization?  I’ll just be like Jerry Jones and turn a blind eye on the answer.



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  • Sandys Wingingit

    Ware needs to remember that when you point your finger at someone, three are pointing back at you. ;D

    Good points, Kim. It is ridiculous how Romo has become the scapegoat for the team when there are so many other issues. I guess that’s why he gets paid the big bucks *sarcasm*. But so do do others on the team…about time they owned up and supported “the team” instead of looking for individuals to shoulder the blame.

  • P.j. Doyle

    Maybe he gets frustrated because he does his part over and over year after year to see that the offense bucks it up for them. Did you ever think about that?

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      Ware did not have a good year last year especially when it came down to crunch time.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Good article. During the Troy Aikman years the players held each other accountable and the coaches were quick to get rid of the players that were not accountable.Also, during the Landry years both the players and the coaches held the players accountable. A player did not want to feel Tom Landry’s wrath. Since the Aikman years neither the players nor the coach have shown accountability. A team cannot be contenders in an unaccountable atmosphere and unless this changes the Cowboys will not be contenders again this year.

  • Orlean Dorsey

    What interview did you watch? In the one I watched, Ware said it was time for all of them to put up or shut up, not just Romo. He even said that he deserves some of the blame for not getting the job done in the past few years.

    I don’t know which is worst, writers who write this kind of garbage or the morons who read and believe the crap. Looking at some of the early comments it makes you wonder if we only have one brain in America and have to pass it around.

    • Chance Streetman

      You must have the only brain in America. Maybe you can share it with the rest of us. Can you please tell us what interview you “watched”? The rest of us listened to the interview on Sirius XM radio or read about it. We, the brainless Americans, don’t know how to “watch” a radio interview.

  • Coach Dave

    Great article! Sad to say but this is just the tip of that iceberg! J.J. is sooo prideful he wont stop till the ship goes to the bottom of the ocean! It sucks being a Cowboys fan! I hope we can bring in some veteren coaching/management and get back to winning. Romo is terrible period, I dont care what you people say he’s always giving up the ball in crucial games, always! Not Demarcus, not anyone else its ROMO! But yes the team as a whole needs to be accountable because the bottom line is win as a team or consistantly lose as a team.