Dec 16, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) leaves the field during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Steelers 27-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Fans React to Romo's Extension

On Friday, March 29th, 2013, the Dallas Cowboys came to an agreement with quarterback Tony Romo on a 6-year 108 million dollar extension with 55 million in guaranteed money.  As soon as the news broke, social media’s Twitter and Facebook blew up with status messages, message board debates and NFL group debates.   One of the most intriguing status messages I saw on Facebook was by fellow Cowboy fan Mark James.  Mark posted “You mean to tell me Tony Romo is the # 1 talked about athlete on the internet right now? Well there’s a shocker!!!!”  Mark hit it dead on, Romo was talked about, meme’d about and heatedly debated with Cowboy fans and other NFL fans on either side of the deal.  As social media blew up people were mostly talking either positively about Romo’s deal or they were talking about it negatively.  Very few fans were in between.


The Positive Side: 

Dec 2, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) smiles prior to the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

 Surprisingly enough, quite a few fans were relieved that Romo’s deal was done.  For quite a few of them it meant that this wasn’t lingering over the head of the Cowboys anymore and for those die hard Romo fans it meant that he wasn’t walking in 2014.   One Dallas fan was very excited about the fact that there was cap room and his hopes for Charles Woodson to be signed by Dallas still had life.  Patrick Blais, a Tampa Bay fan had posted in a Facebook group that “he (Romo) deserves the contract.  If you just look at his numbers they are very good actually.  I know the haters will tell you that he throws dumb picks, can’t win important games and doesn’t bring the Cowboys to the playoffs, (but) he is not the problem, offensive line and play calling plague the Cowboys last year, defense too.  Personally I would take Romo tomorrow with my Bucs”.   Our own Chris Dietz said that he had no problem with the extension as “Romo has been a good player on a poorly constructed team, starting from the coaching staff to the players around him.”  Chris goes on to say that “ the 55 million guarantee has been blown out of proportion because (Baltimore Ravens quarterback) Joe Flacco only got 52 million and agents who represent players would do their clients a serve disservice if they did not push for guaranteed money”.  Other Dallas fans like Chris Nadrowski and Kristi Kelly commented to say that they thought this was a good move for the Cowboys as it did free up some cap space but that Romo can only do so much by himself that the rest of the team needs to step up.

The Negative Side: 

 On the flip side there were quite a few fans that said it was a dumb move on the Cowboys part.  One fan who asked to be named anonymous said that “ I believe it was a stupid move. You don’t give a 32-year old quarterback a 6-year deal.  That means when it ends he’s almost 39.”  This fan goes on to say “You basically strapped yourself for cash since this was not a good year for your team to do big contracts with the NFL penalty coming at us.”  And he wraps it up by saying “Honestly, this is his 9th year in the league and the Cowboys still haven’t built a team around him.  Either you let him go or find someone else.  How long are the Cowboys going to use the same excuse “he has no weapons or offensive line”.  These are valid points and it’s true the same excuses used by fans year in and year out but to a point they aren’t necessarily excuses as much as facts of the inter-workings of the Dallas Cowboys team.  Some other fans said it was too early to extend him for that much and wished he had the 2013 season to prove he was worth the money Dallas paid him.  They go on to say that “he (Romo) better play like he’s worth it and stop choking in the win or go home games.”   Some other fans feel like it’s a waste of money as the upgrade isn’t needed at quarterback and could be better spent on positions we are lacking.

Depending on what side you, as Dallas fans, fall on the extension of Tony Romo depends on how you have begun to look at the 2013 season.   Whether or not you agree, we do have our starting quarterback locked up for a few more years.  Now it’s time for Dallas to draft smart and get that young gun to groom to eventually take Romo’s spot so that we aren’t stuck in the quarterback carousel we were the years before Tony Romo.


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  • Jeff

    1: Cooper OG/C or Fluker OG
    2: Kawann Short DT or Jonathan Cyprien SS
    3: Terron Armstead RT or Brian Schwenke C
    4: Jordan Hill DT or Alvin Bailey OG
    5: Sharmarko Thomas SS or Knile Davis RB

    • Troy Spurlock

      Well put Jeff. The Cowboys should hire you as a scouting coach

  • Ronald W. Jones

    Tony Romo’s body of work is there for everyone to see….Only one play-off win…..a trip to Cabo during a play-off bye week…fumbled snap on final minute play-off game winning FG attempt….the last 2 years winning the last game of the season would put the Cowboys in the play-offs….Both times he failed to lead his team to victory. Losing to NYGiants 31-14 in 2011 and the Redskins 28-18 last December….those games weren’t even close.

    And now he’s making the same money ($108 million) as Brady, Manning, Brees and Flacco? These guys ALL HAVE SUPER BOWL RINGS!! Would he have gotten $200 million if he had 2 play-off wins? I don’t want to hear that they never built a team around Romo. Parcells built that team and brought it back from the ashes. We had the best record in the NFL in 2007 (13-3) that team had good players on it…..but a lack of discipline brought forth by ‘Coach Cupcake’ caused that team to corrode from the inside out….2007 was also the year Romo went to Cabo during the bye week instead of staying in Dallas and studying film on possible play-off opponents (we lost in the 1st round to the NYGiants). And he had ‘Coach Cupcake’s’ complete support. Bottom line…Romo a .500 QB that plays poorly in BIG games who has done nothing to deserve such a big payday….(Here’s a bit of trivia for you, Steve Beuerlein has just as many play-off victories for the Cowboys as does Tony Romo, when he beat the Bears in Chicago in 1991) Im 54 years young. I saw Meredith’s last season….I watched Morton, Staubach, Longley, White, Carano, Hogeboom, Pelluer, Aikman, Walsh, Carter, so please don’t tell me I don’t know what Im talking about.

    All this mess can be traced directly back to Jerry Jones. If we can just get him to step down from the GM post and get an actual ‘football guy’ in place. I think we’ll all see a huge turn around. This old school guy is done here!

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      If you are correct in your evaluation of Romo I wish you would also give some ideas on who to replace him with. You point to the Giant’s loss the year the Cowboys were 13-3 but I don’t recall Tony Romo dropping the pass that would have won that game. It’s a team game and superbowls have been won with quarterbacks less talented than Romo.

      • Troy Spurlock

        Romo may have not dropped that pass to close the game out, but he throw a INT in the endzone on the final drive trying to force a pass to Glen. I agree that was a good team that year. And they had no leadership or discipline. No Romo doesn t deserve all that money.. bottom line.

    • Troy Spurlock

      Well put Ron.. I see this Old School guy knows what he s talking about. Great post.

  • Frank

    I really thinked they should of waited they had another year just fix the o-line and if that worked yes keep him if it didn’t then drop him and pick a rookie up.

    • Troy Spurlock

      Yeah they should have waited. I really believe it is a sleeper QB in the draft. Only problem is that we have a horrible scouting crew who can t find talent in the later rds. Romo has had more than enough years to prove himself. But you give him Super star money

  • Troy Spurlock

    I love the Cowboys, Even though they can t get it done in the big game. But making all these excuses for Romo makes me sick to my stomach. I can t believe everyone keep saying he don t have a OL, or the play calling. He is the franchise QB he can audible to a play that works. This guy throws a Int off his back foot on 1st down instead of throwing the ball away. Or how about those 5 picks against the Bears. . Don t get me wrong, I like Romo bit 108mil. Don t think so. That should have been about 40 mil for 4 years and the rest of that money should have wen t on OL and Safety help.

  • Glenn Deltondo

    Don’t be fooled by the 6 year deal and the 108M numbers. It’s really a 3 year extension, beyond this year for the 55M guarantee. That’s how they do these deals. They add fictitious years to the overall extent to parse out the signing bonus. Flacco’s deal is the same thing, it has to be redone in 3 years. Romo’s deal in 3 years leaves the option to redo the deal again (unlikely) or time to release him. They do these to spread out the cap hit. This deal was very much in line with the expectations. Below the QB winning guys and above the likes of Schaub & Rivers.