The Day a Dallas Cowboys Legend Retired

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I still remember the day, and I still remember how I felt. Tomorrow marks the 33rd anniversary of the day Roger Staubach retired from the NFL. He will never retire as my all time favorite player or hero. I can still remember when his voice cracked as he paid tribute to his Head Coach, “the man in the funny hat.” That is when I lost it myself. I doubt I was alone.

The 1979 season was probably Roger’s best in the NFL. He was clearly the best Quarterback in the game at that time, and at the top of his game. Let me tell you, Roger at the top of his game was the best there ever was. One of his nicknames was Captain Comeback. When the game was close everyone felt he was going to bring the Dallas Cowboys a win. Even the guys on the other sideline. If you look at his win loss percentage, you’ll know why. The man was a winner like no one else has ever been.

Nov 13, 2011; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys former quarterback Roger Staubach on the sidelines during the game against the Buffalo Bills at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Bills 44-7. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The greatest game I ever watched was his last regular season game in the 1979 season. Everything was on the line that day. Roger was once again, a king. So as a tribute to the man we also called Captain America, I thought I would break down the best game of his life that was also evidence he went out on top.

The date was December 16, 1979. It was a cold day in Dallas, Texas. So cold in fact that many of the fans in the stands had blankets as well as their heavy coats, gloves, and woolen caps. On this day playoff spots were riding on the line in the NFC East. All the Eagles had to do was win and they had the Wildcard spot sown up. A feat they accomplished when they defeated the Houston Oilers.

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