Dec 16, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Cribbs (16) during a game against the Washington Redskins at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Washington won 38-21. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys Looking To Make More Meaningless Moves

Allow me to throw a temper tantrum for just a second. The free agency period is on full speed and the Cowboys aren’t much of a player at the moment. That isn’t what has me all riled up as much as who many experts have the Cowboys linked to as free agent targets.

I’m sick of hearing about guys that just won’t make a difference to this team at all. What good does it do us to sign players to positions that aren’t necessarily of need? Positions like linebacker and wide receiver seriously aren’t that big a deal.

Now before all you self-proclaimed experts jump on the attack wagon hear me out.

Why would we need a guy like Brian Urlacher? Sean Lee is more than capable of holding down the fort and if we are looking for depth then why not sign a guy like Ernie Sims who comes at a much cheaper price and is younger. Besides do you really think that Urlacher would come to fill a backup role? That is money that can be spent elsewhere especially considering our current salary cap predicament and the potential ramifications the team could be facing in the future.

Now let’s look at a guy like Josh Cribbs. Why would we even think about spending a cent on this guy? Has he really done enough to warrant any kind of big contract anywhere? Honestly, they say he would help our return game. Didn’t we just learn that Dwayne Harris is one heck of a return specialist and not to mention looks to be a viable option at the third receiver position? Besides the fact that Dwayne Harris can boast pretty much the same positives about his game, they look pretty much the same too, so why not let him have a go?

I’m sick of hearing about Harris, and Cole Beasley, and Danny Coale when these guys aren’t even being given a shot to prove themselves. If we were going to spend money on a receiver it had better be on a proven guy with stats to back himself up, not just some guy to throw in the mix with the rest of the lot.

Why is the front office not more concerned with the offensive or defensive lines or the secondary? Names like Donald Thomas and Louis Vasquez are being thrown around but there are no legitimate sources to verify that the team has even contacted these guys or even shown real interest.

Hopefully I’m completely wrong and Jerry will surprise us all, but as of right now it looks like the big wheels in Big D have their priorities completely out of order.

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  • MontecitoTex

    Terribly writing… Nicolas Spagnozy esque

    • Evan Mansfield

      “Terribly writing”, lol. Were you referring to yourself? Pot-kettle-black!

  • billy

    the joneses have bankrupted their team with bad drafts and bad contracts. looks like theres no way out especially with them running the team

  • Steve Trice

    Hey so called GM on here, jerry Jones pay player he doesn’t play game. Put blame on player. You’ll says Spencer not worth his tag what game have you been watching it wasn’t Spencer job rush Qback but when he was allow he got there.

  • Juanito Juanito

    is sad to be a fan of cowboys lately,because the stupid gm paid stars money to average players and when he need to let them go at the overated players, the gm dont let them go, like ogletre and free, and spencer with that money cowboys could sign a realy de for a 43 and two more good guys, scandrik overpaid player, in fa are better than him

  • NFL Fan

    Pure garbage article. This guy thinks he is the expert. How many pro teams have you owned or managed? Also…you may want to keep up with free agency because Vasquez is not even available anymore. Garbage.

    • Obscurity Junction

      He needs to manage a pro team to have an opinion? Logic fail. Next tantrum, please.

      • NFL Fan

        Actually…he accused everyone else of being so called football experts. Read the article and moved on. Sounds like you have a crush…lol

        • Obscurity Junction

          He did not accuse everyone else of being so called football experts. Repeat logic fail.

  • I agree

    DHB> Cribbs>Robinson!

  • truth

    Once again, release Doug Free, let Romo play out his final yr. and see if he does better and/or “EARNS” his money, as Randy Galloway succinctly said, “Flacco-him.”
    Signing Romo to a cap-friendly long-term deal is setting up Cowboys to future failures. It’s not something any team should do. I mean look where it got Flacco in much the same scenario.
    He Played Outstounding and Won the SB. Patience and Saavvy-Negotiations is a virtue!! I just might be hoping for too much….lol.

  • weather command

    the answer to his concerns > because JJ knows NOTHING about players > hello, have you checked out the Cowboy’s success lately, say for the last 17 years…They SUCK and he continues to juggle players that SUCK!

  • weather command

    until he replaces HIMSELF, the cowboys will continue to suck and everyone still wants to blame Romo…what a joke…Without Romo, we would double SUCK!

  • ctcowboy1968

    I breathe a sigh of relief everytime I hear that a “big name” FA at a position the Boys don’t need signs with another team. Keep doing nothing JJ. Lack of cap space is helping us right now. We don’t need old, expensive players at LB, WR, RB. Stay focused and fix the OL and DL in the draft. Wait for the FA prices to come down. RB – Chris Ivory. S – Huff. Unfortunately, we can’t afford T – Jake Long. Maybe T – Ed Winston. Cut Free, Bernadeau and Arkin.

  • Ruben Ybarra

    it’s not Tony’s fault the only person to blame is Jason Garrett out of Dallas Garrett is still the same damn plays from last year throw that book away and find some new plays

  • Ruben Ybarra

    okay they have money now when there are going to sign players on the free agent everyone wants to know if we are going to get Dallas Clark is out there and guess very soon as I’m there too you can bring back Robinson or cribbs trade Anthony Spencer for Casey Matthews