The "Renny Rant" -- Free Agency Style

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Dec. 4, 2011; Glendale, AZ, USA; Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones (left) and owner Jerry Jones prior to the game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

No, rather, think cheap! Think guys with potential upside or even just needing the right fit in a new system. Guys that could come in and contribute right away.


 Maybe someone like New York’s (Jets) Brandon Moore (Yeah the “Butt-fumble” guy).


 What about proven veterans like Kansas City’s Eric Winston as a stop gap at the right price or Atlanta’s Sam Baker as a solid starter with experience.


 Possibly Detroit’s Louis Delmas, Green Bay’s Atari Bigby, taking a look at Oakland’s recently released Michael Huff, or even reuniting Ronde Barber with Monte Kiffin at the right price.

 Running back?

 Perhaps Kansas City’s Peyton Hillis to compliment Murray’s bruising style, Arizona’s Beanie Wells as a short yardage back, New York’s thumper Shonn Green or even a change of pace guy like Arizona’s law firm LaRod Stephens-Howling or the hard-nosed Tim Hightower.


 What about Oakland’s steady up-and-comer Phillip Wheeler, Chicago’s Nick Roach (who knows Rod Marinelli’s Tampa 2) or even vastly underrated guys like Detroit’s Justin Durant or Jacksonville’s Daryl Smith.

 Defensive line?

Think cheap like Seattle’s Jason Jones, Oakland’s Matt Shaughnessy or another one of Marinelli’s guys, Israel Idonije who could come in and mentor guys like Tyrone Crawford and Sean Lissemore.

I know that was very long list of names, but the point is you have to keep your options open and accept the fact with this year’s cap situation as it is right now, that we are not going to sign “big name” or “big money” guys this off season which is ultimately what most fans want every off-season. This is not Madden NFL 2013; there is a salary cap.

 That’s why it puts even more emphasis to hit 100 percent on all six (or more) draft picks next month. Lucky for us, the scouts are projecting deep classes for defensive line, offensive line and safety which just so happen to be our biggest need areas.

Without question, many fans will be infuriated with the lack of moves we are making in the early going of free agency, but I urge those fans to be patient. Most of our significant upgrades have already come in the form of six new battle-tested assistant coaches. Also, most of the guys I mentioned above as the cheap guys will be available in the second wave of free agency after the initial storm has settled. Right now, we are just window shopping.

We see some pretty things, but we are not ready to buy just yet. Patience my fellow Cowboys Nation…patience.

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  • californy

    With only 180,000 the boys cant even afford to purchase a rookie FA contract. The rookie FA contract is like 490,000 minimum, so 180,000 is only good for Signing bonus when ever the boys get more cash and having to signed UNFA player this year. Expect no movement by the boys unless certain players can be traded and we get more cap relief.

  • ctcowboy1968

    Most of the FA names listed in this article aren’t any good anyways. For example, there isn’t a single “big name” RB FA out there that I would want on this team. Shonne Green sucks. Ask any Jet fan. He gets decent total season numbers, but if you look at the details, he has 3 good games a year against awful teams. He is barely a starter for the Jets!
    Wait on FA till this weekend when the players start pannicking. Then there will be bargins. But the Boys really need to get it done via the draft.
    Cut Free as a 6/1 drop. Get Tony’s deal done. The team will have plenty of money for FA then.
    All the turnover is good. This team needs new blood with a better attitude. Younger, faster, more determined.

  • sad

    As a life long Dallas cowboys fan it hurts to see the ego of the Jones family destroy the organization of the cowboys