Could Dallas Sign Romo to a Short Term Deal Instead?

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Chris Dietz, Staff Writer – Tony Romo is already in the final year of his contract, which if the Cowboys do not restructure with added years will cost them something like 15 million dollars in the Salary Cap. The best way for the Cowboys to get out of their Cap issues is to restructure Romo for a 2 or 3 year deal to save like 6 or 7 million dollars. That’s the first part of the question…

Jan.1, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Florida State Seminoles quarterback EJ Manuel (3) scrambles in the first quarter against the Northern Illinois Huskies during the 2013 Orange Bowl game at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As for selecting a quarterback in the upcoming draft in the first round, Jerry would have to be mentally challenged to even consider it. This year’s crop of quarterbacks are so bad there is only one guy worthy of being drafted in the first round and that guy is Geno Smith – QB – West Virginia, who I do not expect to get past Buffalo at 8. If the Cowboys do look for an eventual replacement for Romo in this year’s Draft, EJ Manuel in round 3 could be an option, but the Cowboys have so many holes to fill elsewhere, that the QB is the least of their problems.

If the Cowboys wish to get rid of Romo, next year is the Draft to do so… With “Johnny Football” Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel expected to leave school early, Aaron Murray – Georgia, AJ McCaron – Alabama, Teddy Bridgewater – Louisville, Braxton Miller – Ohio State, Zach Metzenberger – LSU and Driskell – Florida…

The 2014 class is loaded with talent, so the Cowboys best option would be to extend Romo for the salary cap freedom and give him one more year and make a decision in 2014 as to where they go.

Michael Huff, Staff Writer – None. They need to spread out his effect on the cap, so they must extend him with a new contract this year. This is a bad year for drafting a QB and, with Kyle Orton still in the fold, there is no reason to force a QB pick this year.

Michael Vu, Staff Writer – Very unlikely Charles. I can’t remember the last time experts actually said (and agreed) there’s no quarterbacks to look forward to in a draft. Yikes. If the Cowboys did sign Romo to a one year deal, how much would that be exactly? As it stands now, The Cowboys have too many areas of need to address. It’s better to use those picks for what we really need, and look at the upcoming drafts for a quarterback. But I wouldn’t rule out finding a quarterback in the later rounds to be groomed this year. Um, got Russell Wilson?

Renny Mason, Staff Writer - Charles, I would say the chances of that happening right now are slim to none. First of all, there are no quarterbacks in this upcoming draft that are even capable of replacing Romo anytime soon. Second, barring trading back and accumulating more picks, we only have six total picks in the draft this year, due to giving our 7th round pick to Miami for center Ryan Cook’s services.

Six total picks to address for some much needed offensive line help, some much needed defensive line help, safety (even more so with Sensabaugh leaving) back-up running back, outside linebacker (or perhaps blocking tight end) and maybe a burner on the outside at WR in the later rounds with kick-off return skills. Expect a QB (or two) in rookie free agency, but not with those crucial six picks.

And finally, whether most fans like it or not, Romo is not going anywhere. The trifecta of Jason Garrett, Stephen Jones and Jerry Jones are openly committed to him for the long-term; that’s why they are taking their time with his impending contract extension to get it just right for both parties. Saddle up partner, Tony Romo is here to stay.

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