Dec 30, 2012; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) rolls out during the second half against the Washington Redskins at FedEX Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA Today Sports

Tony Romo: Thinking About A Legacy

Watch the play clock. Watch the clock. No don’t watch the clock; this is the last play. This could be it for me as a quarterback. I can’t leave this game with more questions than answers. I can’t.

Snap the ball already. No! The middle linebacker is coming forward. Kill the play. Call it. Yell it. Now call Witten to motion to the strong side.

Hike! The ball is in my hands. This is the last play. This could be it for me as a quarterback. I’m not ready to leave this game. I’m not ready.

Time went by faster than they said. Today turned into yesterday. Yesterday turned into history.

Look off the strong safety. He’s back pedaling. He’s reading my eyes. Let him read my eyes. Don’t stare down option one.

My record says I’ve won more games than I’ve lost. So why do I feel the weight of the league on my shoulders? I’ve done all I could. I’m tired. I can’t throw this ball forever. My mind still wants to, but my arm has grown old and weary. I can’t put it together. Time is running out. And my mind is lying to me everyday — I can’t throw the ball like I used to.

People hate me. People who love me, hate me. Sometimes, I hate me.

I love this game every bit as much as I hate it. A player can do all he can do, defeat his foe in all facets available to one in a game, but the scoreboard can still serve the enemy. I’ve given this game, this team, this life, everything I had. But the day that I can’t try anymore is coming. Time is running out. I’m not ready.

I just need one more throw. I need this throw.

The DE is coming. Don’t look! He’s coming. Dodge! No wait! I can feel him breathing down on me like a shark in pursuit of blood. The field is an ocean. And in the dark waters lurks many who murmur my numbers, my talents, my lack of talents, my history. I can hear them. But I can’t see them. They are allowed to attack me. But I can’t attack them.

I can only dodge. Now! Duck, the DE has arrived. He missed. They always miss me. I know they hate it when I do that. I know they know I love it when they hate it.

Scramble to the right side of the field. Mark the line of scrimmage. It’s there. Good. Don’t pass it. This side of the ocean is nice. I’m alone. When I release this ball, my legacy is my own. They can hate me or love me, but my legacy is my own.

Option one is covered. Look for the second read.

My legs are tired. They are always tired. I can’t heal like I used to. I hate that. Everyone on the field is getting faster. I’m growing thinner. I’m growing weary. My child is getting younger. My child is getting faster. Was that gray hair I saw in the mirror this morning?

The second option is in double coverage. It looks like he has a step on the DB. But I don’t have the arm strength to cover the distance. I’ll throw it flat. I’m not young like I used to be. I’m closer to the side of history than I am of my birth.

Force the ball into double coverage. I can have this ball. This is my last throw. It will make it. The ball is out of my hands. The ball wobbles in the air like fish squirming above water. The wind is cursing my ball.

But the ball will make it. We will score. We will win. I believe it.

The ball is almost there. Catch it Dez Bryant! Catch it! This could be my last throw. My legacy is about to land.

This could be it for me as a quarterback. I’m not ready to leave this game. I’m not ready.

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  • truth

    Is it an important game?, is it a game will should win hands-down?, has the defense and OL done a great job throughout game?, is it a win or go-home game…??? Yup, Romo throws an interception because he never lets those people down, the ones who say he is the “Ultimate Choke.” I guess it rings true when they say ” it is what it is….”

  • Artie C

    interesting perspective. Remember Romo was always smiling, like Brett Favre used to? You could tell he was having fun and it was then fun for the fan to see. The smile ran away from Romo’s face a long time ago. It’s not as fun for him – it’s not fun for us anymore.

    • Michael Vu

      I do remember that. I wonder if it’s possible that Romo’s talent went up, but the talent around him went down over the years? Or the opposite, which would explain the loss of “smiles?”

      • Artie C

        I think Romo has lost some zip on his throws, and he sometimes doesn’t look off defenders as well as he thinks he does. But i’ve always been under the impression that Garrett’s timing based passing game that requires Romo to throw to a spot – a spot that his receivers don’t always get to – leads to more interceptions. Now the speed of the game requires all QBs to throw to a spot, I get that, but the routes that garrett schemes leaves less than even the tiny window other schemes allow. I may be trying split an atom there, but that’s how it looks to me.

        • Michael Vu

          Good points man. This would explain all the “QB – WR” conferences after shot plays.

        • truth

          I think Romo has been given a free-pass to say and do as he wants. In this way, it also makes it look like Jerry is still right about crowning Romo “elite” when he hadn’t done anything significant or proven himself by NFL standards, since Jerry crowned him elite by saying and stamping it with the contract to go along with that.
          Many times, you see Romo just throwing it, like hoping that Dez, Miles or any other WR snatches from the air. He isn’t confident anymore and sure doesn’t look like it. I know he is capable, I have never doubted that but you can not only tell, but see that he plays with a lot of baggage. The biggest baggage being the criticism that just keeps building and building every yr. Wow…that has got to be hard and heavy to say the least. But hey, it comes with the territory right?!!
          I hate when it looks so obvious that Romo throw not only a blunder, but made a blunderous decision to let it go….and then, he blames others, whether it’s the OL or WRs themselves. That is something I hate so much in any QB.
          Funny thing is, those that have established themselves as greats already, including newcomes such as Luck or RG3, continue to say the same things in unison. They say such stuff as, “it’s not the OL’s fault or WRs….it’s my job to get rid of the ball quickly enough and in the right spot/location.”
          I’ve heard Brees say this as well as Luck recently. When do you ever hear Romo saying this?? He thinks it’s always others and that makes for a sorry-ash QB on any team….

      • Artie C

        about the question of talent going up or down, i think it’s more that the league caught up to Garrett after 2007 and Garrett hasn’t done much to adapt IMO

  • GuessWho?YeahMe!

    LOL, you think this is what Tony Romo is thinking to himself? Try this: Hmm, I wonder what my life would be like if I stuck with Jessica Simpson. Sure she’s gained a few pounds but she’s worth billions!!! My career is just about over and she’s worth billions! Oh crap, I hate London Fletcher, I’m on the ground again. Hut, Hut… Now back to Jessica, I wonder if the wifey would mind if I gave Jessie a call. Oh crap, gotta throw it. Oh No! Now I gotta try to tackle Rob Jackson. Damn you Jessica! You did it to me again!