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Live and Let Go Of The Dallas Cowboys

If The Dallas Cowboys do not win a Super Bowl in the next five years, would you abandon them? How about no championship in the next 10 years? 15?

Like you, I was absolutely devastated when The Cowboys lost to The Washington Redskins last December. The next day I was groggy and distorted. Things seemed blurry; it was like I had a hangover. Wow — leave it to me to have a hangover! I hardly ever have an alcoholic drink.

One would think a Cowboy fan would get used to this feeling. It’s not like this team has had a serious run into the playoffs in almost two decades. No, the Cowboys of late come up short of punching their playoff tickets.

You know what? It freaking hurts. Admit it.

After the terrible game, an email chain started between us writers at The Landry Hat. We were devastated. Some of us tried to rationalize; some of us offered their true insights on how each felt; some of us just listened.

I wanted to respond. I hit reply and started piling up text in my email client. But I couldn’t finish the email. I was still groggy. As the days went by, and more emails came in, I realized I couldn’t express an opinion any better than my peers. The writers on this site put together words — honest and sincere — I was feeling too, but could not say.

Although that game was devastating, I felt comfort knowing others were just as passionate about The Cowboys.

A writer on this site was so hurt that detaching from the team was considered. This person was clearly hurt. I know how that feels. I’ve considered — many times — detaching myself from The Cowboys. Yes it’s lazy and cowardly. But it is a solution. Especially when the season ending narrative becomes predictable and at best, the norm.

Moderation is key to a healthy life. You can have a donut, maybe two, but make sure you eat your veggies. Make sure you get enough exercise each week. Drink plenty of water. Be mindful and keep your thoughts clean. And be sure to moderate your passion for The Cowboys.

Wait, what?

Let’s get back to my initial question: Would you ever abandon The Dallas Cowboys? Have you already?

The Cowboys play of late has seriously challenged how I feel about The Cowboys. I might have a serious disdain for some players and members in “The Cabinet,” but I could never moderate my love for this team.


That’s how a serious fan is built: He or she is so intrinsically involved that the fabric of their being is interconnected with The Cowboys — forever and beyond Sundays. We are foolish for a win, and even more foolish when we lose. We become addicted to a victory to the point that it elevates our week until a new Sunday comes. Of course, losing signifies for some, depression, grogginess and tears.

It’s the price of a fan. Everything has a cost. One way or another, you will pay. But is it worth it you may ask? To each their own.

As for me, I’m okay with being the fool who claps on Sundays for The Dallas Cowboys.

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  • David Perez

    The Cowboys have sucked for the past 17 yrs but here i am, still cheering on the Boys. I’m not much of a fan of either GMJerry or Tony Turnover though.

    • Michael Vu

      We’ve had some great moments in those 17 years, just never the “big” moment.

    • TA

      He’s giving away turnovers because marketing guy Jerry pretends to be GMJerry. 90% of other QBs would be undergoing concussion observation with the protection Romo is getting. Put the blame back to the source, the GM, or better yet, watch all the games.

  • billy

    great article. but, a defeat is a loss not a lost.

  • billy

    i think i was just as frustrated during the landry era as i am now. they had like 20 straight years of winning seasons and almost that many playoff seasons five super bowls and 2 wins. the only really satisfying seasons were the two sb wins. the rest were very frustrating. at first they couldnt get to the sb then they couldnt win it. i loved don meredith then i hated him. they really turned the corner when they got tony dorsett. winning championships is very hard and then the euphoria only lasts for a few days, then you have to start worrying about winning it again. being a fan gives you lots of things to do keeping up with your team but it is very frustrating. i just hope its worth it in the end.

  • Tomas Schramme

    Are we really talking about the Oilers or the Texans here?

    • Michael Vu

      LOL. At least your team is on the rise. Plus you play in a hard conference.

  • TA

    Remembering the days of Tom Landry only makes me upset thinking back to today. The worst part is that most fans think being a fan is supporting whatever jacka$$ decision the current ownership makes. Real fans have seen what this team really represented and we want to put it back that way – hint: it’s not about Pepsi ads. This article is a little ridiculous because most of us Dallas fans have always, and always will be, Dallas fans. There’s no way to “abandon” that or change to the fair weather variety. Either you were just wanting attention for a headline or you aren’t a true fan to begin with by saying that. Jerry Jones – You’re fired! Tom Landry RIP.

  • Seriously?

    the fact you folks thinbk you had a chance against a far better team is more astonishing than the actual loss. And hilarious.

  • David Levin

    Cowboy fan since 1965. Cannot leave them ever. However, I am tired of waiting for the next great Cowboys running back. Last great one was Emmitt Smith and before that was Tony Dorsett. Can we find somebody?