Dec 23, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) runs with the ball after making a catch against the New Orleans Saints at Cowboys Stadium. The Saints beat the Cowboys 34-31 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Is Dez Bryant a Top Five NFL Wide Receiver?

Here at The Landry Hat, we care about what our readers think. Our entire site is dedicated to you, the die-hard Dallas Cowboy fans. And there is no better way to gauge your opinions then through our poll questions. Please submit your choice below, leave  your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to check to see what the bulk of Cowboy fans feel is the right answer.

Is Dez Bryant a Top Five NFL Wide Receiver?

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  • Ambria graham

    Dez is top 3 headed to number uno!

  • pwrstang

    imagine if we had a more consistent QB.

    • timmo

      Nearly every real NFL analyst has said it’s not Romo, mostly. The receivers keep running the wrong routes. Most of his picks are because of this. The offensive line is horrid which is provable by the fact Romo was sacked more than any other QB last season. It’s not Romo.

  • Timmo

    He would be if he could run the correct routes.

  • Kalim

    Romo has his own issues, receivers run the routes according to whats available, Romo is still throwing the ball, he has made the same mistake throughout his career, just b/c the analysts take his side is some BS, the only picks that aren’t the QB’s fault is when the ball is tipped…..other than that, the QB has to put the ball there……I guess the pick in the last moments of the Redskins game wasn’t Romo’s fault either?

  • Lee Berry

    For anyone that has a problem with Romo, I think you are off base. Romo is a traditional Cowboy QB. There is nothing wrong with him. Romo reminds me a lot of Danny White. White was great he just didn’t have anyone around him. Danny had to do it all himself. We win games only because of Romo. God bless the days of Emmit. As I see it the only receiver I have faith in is Winton and Austin. They need help and we cannot seem to find a running back that can stay healthy. No matter what, I LOVE MY COWBOYS and believe me living in 49er country, I get stuff all the time.

  • pod

    Drops too many balls, runs too many wrong routes. Ability wise top 2 production wise top 15 maybe. Rather have welker

  • Kalim

    @twitter-219994006:disqus, your memory must be clouded, DW had Drew Pearson, BJohnson, and others, as much as I will always be a Cowboys fan, DW never won the big one…..and unless TR becomes the true leader and makes better decisions, he’ll be just like DW and never win the big one, and Austin hasn’t stayed healthy and disappears during games…..but lets keep it real, the buck in the NFL will always stop with the QB! Especially in Cowboy land!!!

  • Hylan Smith

    Dez Bryant reminds me of Michael Irvin and Drew Pearson combine he is a great receiver and have room for maturity. For Tony Romo he needs a better offensive line to give him the time needs to make the plays..

  • californy

    Dez had a real great season last year, I hope he can keep it up. Yes he a top 5 WR, but that was last year and he must prove it again.

  • Richard

    Bryant has the physical ability, but not the mental discipline to break into the top five receiver rankings. He shows occasional flashes of greatness but, more often, misreads coverages or runs routes badly and had way too many drops to be considered top five.

    • Sam Lane

      His stats don’t lie and his are just as good or better than “any” receiver selected to the previous Pro (fraud) Bowl. So yes, he is indeed a top five, with awesome potential for even more.

    • Michael

      LEts see compare Dez Bryants 12 TDs vs Megatrons 5 TDS! Hes top 5 for sure! He is top 3 in TDs in the 2012 season so another top 5

    • triplets 2.0

      Were you in solitary confinement or did you miss last season especially last half of the season? Whatever game you were watching they always flashed great replays of dez. Numbers dont lie. Early in the season the o line was terrible and didnt come together until probably the game they beat up ray lewis. Now remember the whole season the word out of dallas was they werent abandoning the run game. So how do you equate dez’s stats beating megatron’s when they pass 60 times a game? I don’t know maybe there is some explanation.

  • geronl

    No, he isn’t. They would have dumped him last year if he didn’t have that huge contract that made it too expensive to get rid of.

  • boo

    maybe when he matures.Not yet

  • EAboys

    IMO he’s a reciever with 1 good year to show for it. Longevity & durability on & off the field proves a great reciever…so far he’s hasn’t proven.

  • JonnyU

    To paraphrase Crash Davis, ‘he’s got a million dollar arm and five-cent head’. He’ll be out of football in three years.

    • boysfannku

      They said that three years ago, so you can say it again three years from now.

      • Jbbravo

        Lol exactly

    • bodani

      Your stupid if you think that

  • Marc Gannon

    when it comes to slappin the ish outta yo mamma……………NOBODY does it better!!

  • Sam Lane

    Stats don’t lie and “currently.” Bryant’s are just as good or better than “any” receiver selected to the previous Pro (fraud) Bowl. So yes, he is indeed a top five, with awesome potential for more.

  • boysfannku

    He was the hottest wide receiver for the last six games, but nobody talked about him, because of Mechatronic breaking the record.

  • allen

    not even close, but fits well into the level of players they have and have always had…how many times has he been arrested?

  • The NFL Insider

    What makes a top five receiver goes far beyond catching the ball or running the route. A top 5 receiver stays healthy and on the field. So far Dez has been a little banged up. A top 5 receiver stays out of trouble off the field. Dez has struggled with that. A top 5 receiver usually ranks in the top 5 in the statistics, Dez is not there yet. A top five receiver is a leader in the locker room and on the field. Dez still has time to become that. A top 5 receiver doesn’t pout or become a disruption to the team if he doesn’t get his fair share of touches. And a top 5 receiver is a workout demon who constantly strives to get better and make his team mates better. And a top 5 receiver still finds a way to make the play despite double and triple teams. Top 5 receivers win when it’s winning time even if they are on the road.

    So he’s a great player with a lot of natural ability but I need to see a little more before I start ranking him in the top 5. I’m a true Cowboys fan. And true Cowboys fans know I’m right.

    • SamIAm

      Lemme see: Andre Johnson considered top 5 for a good 3-4 yrs (banged up from time to time), Trouble off the field and in the locker room = T.O. Randy Moss, Stats wise no one could beat out dez’s success in Recs AND Yards AND TDs, everyone on the team glowing about Dez’s growth, workout regimen (read that while his teammates were getting lunch before game Dez was in the weight room getting in an extra workout), and respect for his teammates. Micheal Irvin through a fit if Troy didnt throw him the ball and hes up there as one of the greatest of all time. And last I saw Dez was beating double teams with a a broken finger

      I get what your saying, but had to point out that not completely true

      • The NFL Insider

        I get what you’re saying as well. But I don’t think I was saying Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, or T.O. as my example of a Top 5 pick. I don’t even think Top 5 pick is clearly defined in the question. Is it Top 5 of today’s receivers or of All Time?

        When I mention “trouble off the field”, my examples might be Jerry Rice, Marvin Harrison, Chris Carter, guys like that. Michale Irvin could throw temper tantrums, but no one EVER thought it could divide the locker room or disrupt the team. And Michale also knew there were times the game plan was going to involve the ground game and Emmitt Smith and he didn’t complain about his stats or yards. He played ball and was underestimated as a blocker in my opinion. I get your point about Dez beating double teams with a broken finger but nobody but diehard fans are going to remember that. You get remembered for doing that in meaningful games where a division title, a playoff berth, a conference title game or a Super Bowl. That’s when it counts. That’s when the world is paying attention.

        I like Dez and his game. But I’m not such a fan that I can’t see areas where he can improve and reach his full potential. That would really benefit the Cowboys and their fans.

    • triplets 2.0

      Michael irvin had coke in his chin strap and was a top 5 receiver, randy moss was smoking weed and try to run over a cop and was a top receiver, t.o. , chad johson shall i continue. Top five wr not model world citizens.

    • triplets 2.0

      Ask any coach there is always a captain on the team that may not be the most vocal but leads the team by going out on the 1st play and knock someones block off. Ask any coach that nfl insider can get.

  • Gayts

    Dez can play….No Doubt…Strong, athletic….name 5 better………comment with your head and not your heart……or should I say hating heart

  • Jeff

    This year he proved he is. He definitely didn’t even live up to anything prior to last year, but last season he made the jump and showed a lot of heart in all those tough losses. Remember he almost snagged that game winner when he came down in the back of the end zone and his fingers hit the paint.

  • Jeff

    Receivers better than him I would say Calvin Johnson, damaryis Thomas, Julio Jones, AJ Green, Larry Fitzgerald and maybe Brandon Marshall. But after what i saw last season I’m taking Dez over guys like Wes welker, Mike Wallace, roddy white, Greg Jennings, Steve smith and Andre Johnson all day everyday.