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Embarking on the Tony Romo Conversation: Part II

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 But how could that possibly be? We all know Romo ALWAYS chokes in the 4th quarter no matter what!

“What about all his interceptions?” “He has to be the freakin leader in interceptions!”

Romo has thrown 91 career interceptions. The franchise leader in this category; none other than three-time Super Bowl winner Troy Aikman with 141 career picks (this one always surprises people).


Nov 11, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Troy Aikman (R) talks with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) during warmups prior to playing the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I’m really not trying to compare Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman to Tony Romo as much as I am trying to get my point across that they are all different in how they handle being the franchise quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

Romo is more of a “risk taker” or “gunslinger” who is also more candid with the media when it comes to the position. Are we used to a different kind of quarterback here in Dallas? Yes, we are. Does Tony Romo throw an occasional costly interception that loses us the game? Yes, but name me a quarterback that hasn’t.

I tell fans this all the time, if you are going to take the 19 career game-winning drives and 18 career 4th quarter comebacks (yes they are different), you have to be willing to take the occasional interception that loses us a game and move on. If you are going to cheer for the touchdown pass that wins us the game, you have to take the lumps of the other extreme as well. Of course, that’s the case with ANY quarterback; again it is just magnified in Romo’s case.

However we all know the 1-6 record in elimination games is the ONLY thing that matters. My response to that is the Dallas Cowboys are 1-6 in elimination games, not solely Tony Romo. That’s all I will say about that. Always hated how ONLY quarterbacks and head coaches were the ONLY ones with win-loss records attached to their names. Last time I checked, football is a team effort folks.

 So how does Tony Romo rid himself of his critics, at least for one offseason; easy, win a Super Bowl.

And of course, without question, at the end of the conversation, you still will have…

“It does not matter, Romo STILL sucks.” “Romo always chokes.” “Trade ‘em!” “Cut ‘em!” “Kill ‘em!” “Romo lover!” “Tony Homo!”

You will always have those types of fans…always. Am I attempting to change your mind in regards to Tony Romo? No, not really. I’m just paying the man proper respect in the only way I know how, simply because I feel he deserves it.

He also deserves a premier offensive line (even top-3 perhaps) that will protect him. He deserves a season where we have MORE than 10 rushing touchdowns as an ENTIRE TEAM, something he has not had the past three seasons, which surprisingly all three ended without playoff appearances. And he certainly deserves a defense that can accumulate more than 16 TOTAL turnovers (from 2012) to allow crucial extra possessions.

 And finally, you know what else Tony Romo deserves? Cha ching! Cash money! $$$$ PAY THAT MAN…but make it cap friendly for 2013.

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