Things for Cowboys Fans to Pay Attention to during the Combine

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This weekend the NFL holds its version of the job interview process. The NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, is where Coaches and General Managers are able to view the best collegiate players entering the NFL Draft process. 300 players will go through various scouting techniques including 40 yard dash, 225 pound bench press, 3 cone drills, vertical jump, broad jump, shuttle drill, and position specific drills. The performance in these drills is just another piece of the puzzle that gives the team an idea of where to go when it is their turn to pick a player in April’s draft. This year’s Combine has many interesting story lines that are important to Cowboys fans and fans of the entire NFL altogether.

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Each fan enters the draft with their own perceptions of what their team needs and Cowboys fans are no different. You could probably poll 10 different Cowboys fans and get 10 different players that they want to get drafted for the Cowboys at 18. The needs for the Cowboys even before any of the current roster is cut to save cap room are offensive lineman, defensive tackle, safety and wide receiver. At each position there are various players that the Cowboys could look at with the 18th overall pick in the Draft. As far as evaluating talent, most people like to talk and discuss the first round, because it grabs the most attention, but the Combine is more about the other six rounds and separating the talent and finding gems in the later rounds. The Combine will be used for three reasons for the draft personnel. The performance of a player at the Combine will either affirm the assessment of players, both good and bad, it can completely nullify any preconceived notion about a player based on their previous assessment, or it will shock and awe the scouts and cause them to re-evaluate a player and re-focus on game tape and reasons to draft or not draft a player.

Entering the 2013 NFL Combine there are 5 major stories that every Cowboys fan and fan of the NFL should be watching. This post will discuss those stories and give an idea of what to look at when watching the coverage of the Combine this weekend, and reviewing the scores and performances of the players.

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