Embarking on the Tony Romo Conversation: Part I

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With the Dallas Cowboys, you either unequivocally hate them or you love them. So what would be any different with the franchise quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys? Same thing with Tony Romo; most either hate him or love him. You are either on the side that wants Romo out of town or you are on the side that wishes to see Romo retire as a Dallas Cowboy.

Either way, when it comes to Antonio Ramiro Romo, everybody has their own opinion, and therefore everybody has their side of the fence in which they fall. For myself, I fall on the side voting for Romo to stay exactly where he is; the franchise quarterback and leader of “America’s Team.”

We now arrive at the million dollar question…

Is Tony Romo “elite?”

Dec 2, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) on the field during warm ups before the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Eagles 38-33. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Well first, who exactly is “elite?” Most will agree that Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and even current “Cowboy Killer” Eli Manning are in the “elite” category considering they share a combined eight Super Bowl rings between them.

 So again, is Tony Romo “elite?” In my opinion, no, but the conversation does not end there.

If it is me defining “elite,” I put it like this; “Willing AND certainly able to carry the ENTIRE team on his back CONSISTENTLY, DESPITE that team’s apparent weaknesses, and STILL win…CONSISTENTLY”

 Average defense? Does not matter; the game’s “elite” are that great to hide that side of the ball. Stagnant running game or no name wide receivers? Does not matter if your Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Shaky offensive line? If you are among the “elite,” you overcome more often than not. Subpar coaching? In most instances, you are the coach when you are “elite.”

By now, you can clearly see my point. Tony Romo does not fall in this category simply because he NEEDS THE HELP! He needs the steady running game and star receivers, he needs the maulers in front of him blocking consistently (even though many times he can make the absolute worst offensive line performances look average), he needs a defense that does not lose late leads, and yes, he also needs a clever play-caller and brilliant head coach.

After the 2008 debacle (when we ridded ourselves of “The Player,” as Bill Parcells liked to call him) Jerry Jones and company vowed to make the team “Romo Friendly.” Of course, at that time, it meant getting rid of “The Player.” It meant Romo could drop back in the pocket, and scan the field for the OPEN receiver, and not feel compelled to first look in the direction of #81, because #81 would certainly let him hear it when they got back to the huddle.

That 2009 season turned out to be pretty “Romo Friendly” in efficiency standards. Romo threw for 26 touchdowns compared to a 16-game single season career low of only nine interceptions, while compiling 4,483 yards passing on the way to his second NFC East Division crown and the franchise’s first playoff victory since December 28th, 1996.

Since 2009 however, Tony Romo and our Dallas Cowboys have missed the playoffs in three consecutive seasons for only the second time in the Jerry Jones era (the first being those dreadful 5-11 seasons from 2000-2002 where a third of our salary cap was tied up in dead money, we also had only ONE first round draft pick and had no quarterback).

Compare those teams to these current Cowboys and the talent pool is very recognizable, but yet, still not a single playoff appearance since 2009.

Now, let’s take a ride on the imaginary rainbow, shall we?

IMAGINE if Tony Romo still had an premier offensive line comparable to 2007 in which we sent three lineman to Hawaii (Leonard Davis, Andre Gurode and Flozell Adams) and Marc Colombo and Kyle Kosier were both still in their prime.

IMAGINE if Romo had a 1,000 yard rusher to take some of the much needed pressure off of him and therefore improving his consistency. The closest he came was that same 2007 season with Marion Barber (975 yards). In 2006, the last time we had a 1,000 yard back (Julius Jones); Romo did not have his first start until week 8 vs the Panthers.

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  • Mekkio wekkio

    There is a lot of imagine in this post… If I have to imagine all of this I might as well imagine this team drafting a qb this off season. Imagine the Cowboys trading Romo for some draft picks too..Imagine how many super bowls we will win if we had all that you just mention with an elite qb

    I cant imagine Romo taking us to the playoff even if we have all that you have imagine. Think about … this guy can no get you a 9-7 record to make the playoffs. Do you really honestly think this guy can make the necessary run in the playoffs and actually beat the best team from the afc in a super bowl.???

    You know what.. If i imagine this team had the 85 bears on defense and imagine we had Jerry Rice, Dez Bryant, Barry Sanders, and Larry Allen on offensive then its possible with Tony Romo.

    • Renny Mason

      We might draft a QB in April in the middle rounds, though I tend to disagree with that notion. We have too many other needs in this draft (DL, OL, RB, S etc..), with only 6 current picks, to draft a QB who would not play for another 4-5 years, especially with Orton right behind Romo for the next few years. To answer your question, Yes, I honestly believe that Romo can win a Super Bowl in Dallas…He simply needs the help and the commitment from the Cowboys brass to put a championship team around Romo. Thank you for your input though.

      • Mekkio wekkio

        Romo is an alright guy but we need make this guy earn something in Dallas. This team has always committed to Romo .. So are you telling me Witten, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Demarco Murray was not good enough ? How about in 2010 when we had Roy Williams as well ?? Hey in this passing league the qb is going to take some hits. It’s the point Romo need to start man up and prove his worth. JJ has done everything in his power to produce for Romo but it only reflects on failure because Romo is not holding up his end of the bargain. We can bash, clown. or rip JJ all we can at the end of the day players play and coaches coach. For the past 3 years this team has witness failure on Romo hands but it always shielded from the guy why???

        Any other winning franchise base would have tore this guy a new hole.Fan bases that respect Romo are the fan bases that never had a great history of qbs.. In my opinion let them have him. We as Cowboys fans have lower our standards way too low to accept this guy because JJ botch the Troy Aikman situation. If anything blame JJ for riding Troy for so long without a backup (you think we are in a similar situation) then waiving him with no one to look to.. we didn’t receive any draft picks for Troy nothing.. we just waive the guy smh.. Once he was let go JJ look every where for a qb except for the draft. Well we did pass on Drew Brews to draft a junkie and Aaron Rodgers in favor for Spears. If Dallas would have handle their business Brees or Rodgers should have been Cowboys.

        Then you Romo lovers come out the wood work with statements like we can never find anyone as good as Romo. As if Romo is the only person that can play qb for the Cowboys.. You never know until you look. I just laugh at this stuff.. Because other fan bases and analyst on television are just laughing at us. Romo and the cowboys are always the center of a joke.But they give us attention because our fan base drive ratings up.I guess i’m the only person who see that.

        • Renny Mason

          I can see your argument, but as always the case with the Tony Romo conversation, we will just agree to disagree.

    • truth

      Yes…yes, yes!! If Romo “Chokes” in meaningful games – okay, all are meaningful but I’m trying to be nice to mr. ramiro – how much more in the playoffs, or worse, the Super-Bowl??!
      He can’t even perform well in the clutch, in pressure situations and some(not you of course) expect him to Win in the Playoffs??? “playoffs…” – lol.

  • truth

    First Sir Mason, you err with Romo anytime you include his name with “leader.” He is never been a “leader” persay, never. Many HOFs have said it and many pertinent Football Players(former and current) that say the same about Ramiro…
    With that said, your article is all for not. I only had to read that far when I knew for a fact that it was garbage. Just saying sir. Probably filled with conjectural statements with no facts whatsoever.

    • Renny Mason

      Oh I sprinkled a few facts in there…

  • truth

    And just to add to the plethora of experts who directly or indirectly, say that it’s not the team, the defense or OLine, but rather Romo….over and over!!
    Recently, Wade Wilson, Cowboys and Romo’s QB coach and now Calahan/OL Coach. Saying basically that the OL was good and what many thought they saw wasn’t what was!! He can’t say that enough from what he was saying. He could’ve chose not to say anything about the OL or talk about anything else. But he didn’t, he wanted the world to know that Cowboys OL was pretty good.
    Many fans are just that, fans. Not students of the game or in a capacity to expertly talk about the ins and outs of the game and it’s players, and how they interact on and off the field. Romo, through analytical measures, holds on to the ball for way to long. When the NFL average is 2.5 seconds – might have recently went up to 2.7 – Romo averages 5 seconds it seems. But again, through analytical measurings, he ranks very low. In other words, he sucks!! What boggles the mind to me, is when you see a QB like Andrew Luck recently come out and say, “if my OLinemen allows someone in without blocking him, and I get hit, I don’t blame him or get in his face because I have made many mistakes myself…” – See, you don’t ever hear Romo saying that. You don’t ever hear Romo taking responsibility or saying something like that so that we the fans can get a glimpse into his thinking. But what he doesn’t say, may be saying more than he really wants the football world to know. Yeahhh…

  • billy

    damn guys did you watch the same games i did this year? the cowboys could hardly run a play without a holding or motion call on the o line or one of the receivers. when they did manage to get off a play romo was usually running for his life. our running game was a joke no other team even worried about. we couldnt block anyone in the run game or the pass game. our special teams play was pretty bad until harris started returning punts. our defense almost never gave us a short field to play on. they couldnt hold a lead if we managed to get one. why dont you give tony a break . almost any other qb in the league would be dead playing with this team. we are lucky to have him. think about how bad all the other ones were jerry drug up for us. if i were tony i wouldnt sign a new contract unless the joneses promised to draft two linemen in the first three rounds this year and at least one in the first two rounds next year. we cant have a team with the ol we have i dont care who is qb

    • Renny Mason

      Sadly Billy, you and I are fighting a losing battle. Cowboys fans will always be spilt right down the middle regarding the always heated Tony Romo conversation. Stay tuned for Part 2 this Wednesday.

  • Carl

    There’s never going to be a right and wrong answer because it is an opinionated conversation. However, if Romo takes the Cowboys to the Superbowl next year, I’m sure many Cowboys fans will immediately bow down to Romo. I don’t believe that Romo will ever be in the same conversation as Peyton Manning, but he has enough talent to make a run in th playoffs…and if he can take the Cowboys to the Superbowl, who knows what could happen. Either way, if you are a Cowboys fan, your only choice is to support the team that takes the field next year. Assuming Romo is still the QB next year, everyone better get comfortable rooting for Romo.

    • Renny Mason

      Spoken like a true Cowboys ( duh…Colts) fan there Carl!! Proud of you!!