Dallas Cowboys Great Larry Allen Joins The Pantheon Of Greats

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This is why I think you can actually say Larry Allen is the greatest player to ever play in Dallas. To Hall of Fame players, the guy is mythical. Think about that for a minute. John Randle further noted a rather funny disease in the NFL called “Allenitis.” He said that the day before a game guys who were going to have to bring their lunch pail against Larry Allen went to the trainers and asked them to put their names on the injured list, so that when Larry worked them over and pushed them off the film they could say, “I was injured.” Such was the fear facing Larry Allen could bring.

Larry Allen was and is a quiet man. A man of very few words and a love of laughter. If he had ever been a talker like Nate Newton, and then done the things that he did as Larry Allen, that ranking would have been in the top 10. His quiet demeanor kept him out of the spotlight. It didn’t keep him out of Canton. That list of 100 greatest players doesn’t mean a thing in comparison to the awe the athletes who faced Larry or played with him had. The media may have never understood how great he was because as I pointed out, they didn’t play the game. Especially against him. Those Hall of Famers sure did though, and to a man they realize he did things no one else ever could at the NFL level.

Feb 2, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; NFL former player Larry Allen reacts after being selected to the pro football hall of fame during a NFL Network presentation at the New Orleans Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

If you consider Emmitt the greatest Running Back of all time, I suspect the gap to second best isn’t huge. If you consider Roger Staubach the greatest Quarterback of all time, I suspect the gap isn’t huge there either. The gap from Larry Allen to John Hannah is huge. How huge? As huge as the mythical shadow the man casts. Welcome to the pantheon of NFL greats Larry Allen. Well deserved.

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