December 30, 2012; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) is tackled by Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker Anthony Spencer (93) at FedEx Field. The Redskins won 28-18. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Why The Cowboys Need RG3 To Have A Full Recovery

Let’s be honest: The Dallas Cowboys have a serious issue on their hands next season.

Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III is a phenomenon. Please take my word for it. I live it the D.C. Area. And gosh, golly, gee, the media here does not stop reminding us of Griffin’s success.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, this success is well deserved. When you win seven straight (two against The Cowboys), score a 102.4 rating, rush for 815 yards, resurrect a city, own the NFL’s top selling jersey, and cure a losing cancer, well you’re going to get noticed.

I can’t stand it.

Dec 30, 2012; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) runs for a first down against the Dallas Cowboys during the second half at FedEX Field. The Redskins won 28 – 18. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA Today Sports

When I see burgundy and gold I’m designated to barf. I can’t help it; it’s in my DNA.

I’ll admit it, I’m a little jealous of Griffin’s success. And as much as I like this guy’s character, his model citizenship for the league, and the way he carries his success (and team), I just hate the fact that he is doing it as a Redskin.

With that said, I believe it’s important The Cowboys figure out a way (or several) to stop him — sooner than later.

And in order for this to happen, Griffin needs to recover from the two torn ligaments in his right knee.

This RG3 thing isn’t going to go away. He turns twenty-three next month. If he learns the difference between a human toe and head, and chooses to slide, this guy is going to be around for years. That’s years of hassle. That’s two times a year we have to see this phenomenon, and all the circus media he brings.

We cannot have a repeat of last season where RG3 runs wild and scalps the defense — not to mention showcase his ability to make future Hall of Fame Linebacker DeMarcus Ware look second string.

It can’t happen!

If there’s anything the NFC East should know from these past few seasons it’s that one game, just one winning game, can make the difference between a playoff schedule or an off-season one.

Dec 30, 2012; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) lays on the field after getting sacked by the Dallas Cowboys during the second half at FedEX Field. The Redskins won 28 – 18. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA Today Sports

I don’t want The Cowboys to win over the Redskins because Griffin was out. I want him to be in the game when it happens. The Cowboys should want him to be in the game when it happens.

Because in order to get over this subpar level, The Cowboys need to play the best in order to beat the best.

Griffin has a target on his back. Let’s let Linebacker Sean Lee take aim. Or how about Demarcus Ware?

Look, say what you will about The Cowboy’s defense last year, but this personnel is very capable of stopping this read-option fad, slash, college stuff.

So please, Mr. Griffin, have yourself a full recovery. I always like to have herbal tea when I’m feeling down. How about chamomile tea? Perhaps splash a little honey in it. Mix it up good. Rest, and enjoy your time off.

Because when newly hired defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin defeats your scheme, I don’t want to hear one excuse from you or your raging entourage. Not one.

I especially don’t want to hear it in the media.


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  • juz sayin

    Cb DJ Hayden cold be a super sleeper pick for us!(Bye Mike Jenkins)

  • Fred G. Samford

    RGIII is a fad he is not that good a passing short or medium but does throw a nice long ball. He is part of the movement to run this new offense but the NFL is very good about adjusting the next year. Before all you put him in the Super Bowl I like to see him be a NFL quarterback and not run this college $h!t. I watched him play all year long and I think Kurt is a much better QB then RGIII, much more accurate. So let see if they continue to run this type of offense is not only him but the rest of these QB the run this new offense last more then 8 to 10 years. These QB are asked to be a running back with the ablity to throw. How long do the normal running back last until the age of 30 and soon these QB will be the same. Give me a drop back passer that can scramble a little bit any day you can keep your RGIII!!!!!!

    • Michael Vu

      Good points.

      • SkinsFan4Life71

        Terrible points. See below.

  • californy

    Washington OC is brilliant, I doubt any other OC would run the option play in the NFL. It to bad we dont have one here in Dallas who would show case Romo to his strength in the Roll out passes. JG has been trying to make him a drop back passer which he is not

    • Iactuallywatcheverygame

      “…Doubt any other OC would tun option play…” Then you havent watched football this year. Redskins, Seattle, 49ers all incorporated heavy read-option plays this year. And the read-option would not showcase Romos abilities as they are not PA Roll Outs. Think before you speak.

  • SkinsFan4Life71

    Fred G. Samford: Given your comments, I find it impossible to believe you watched RG3 “play all year long”. That “fad” had the 3rd best passer rating and 6th best QBR in the regular season. If you’d really watched him play, then you’d know that MOST of his passes were short to medium and that he’s very accurate. Just ask any Colts fan. They’re always happy to point out the high % of short to medium passes he threw to account for why he’s been so much more accurate than Andrew Luck, who by comparison thew a higher % of passes down field. In fact, you didn’t even *have* to watch RG3 play at all to know that much. You would know that just by looking at his stats.

    And saying that Cousins – after having only 1 start plus a few series of experience – is a better QB, completely exposes your ignorance on this whole topic. Again, if you’d really been watching RG3 play, you’d know that none of his big hits/injuries (concussion, knee sprain, and ACL/LCL tears) were sustained on designed runs, meaning they had nothing to do with the design of the offense. He sustained his concussion and knee sprain on plays scrambling out of the pocket, and we all know what happened when he tore up his knee. So again, you have no idea what you’re talking about. If RG3 had just been more judicious about getting out of bounds and knowing when to slide instead of taking big hits fighting for extra yards, he wouldn’t have gotten injured at all.

    This was RG3′s rookie season and kyle Shanahan very smartly designed an offense that best took advantage of what RG3 already knew how to do very well in order to bring him along slowly in trying to learn a pro-style offense. About the only thing you were right about is that defenses will start to catch on and learn how to stop the option…. eventually. And that’s the key. Defenses always learn to adapt. It takes time, however, and even more so when new personnel are needed to counter a specific scheme. So until defenses can demonstrate they can stop it, offenses are going to keep using option/pistol elements to exploit them, which is just smart football.

    You sound like one of the typical fans of another team that thinks RG3 is a run-first QB just because he happens to excel at gaining yards on the ground. The fact is that he’s a pass-first QB that, when he *does* run, is able to gain a lot of yards. Unless the play calls for a designed run, RG3′s first instinct isn’t to run as soon as he faces a little pressure or things start to break down. He’s actually been very good at getting through his reads quickly and making plays with is arm under pressure. In fact, he had the highest QBR in the league against the pass rush. Don’t let your hate cloud your judgment.


      All good points. But you forgot to mentioned that one of the biggest helps to his QBR and QB passer rating was the #1 running offense they had. I DID watch games and you are right to point out Freds incorrect points.

      • SkinsFan4Life71

        I can agree that the running game helped his Passer Rating, which, as far as stats go, is very lacking because it basically gives the QB all of the credit and all of the blame for every play he makes. However, the whole point of the QBR is that it specifically isolates the QB’s contribution to the success of the team, so the running game doesn’t affect it that rating at all. QBR is a much more relevant stat as far as indicating the QB’s specific impact.

        And all of that said, the threat of RG3 also helped out Alfred Morris quite a bit in the running game because he wasn’t as productive with Cousins under center.

    • Michael Vu

      Let’s not talk about Cousins. One game judgement? No.

      You’re right, defenses these days don’t get enough credit. They will figure this out.

      Does this change RG3′s game a bit? Russell Wilson? Colin Captain? Yes, of course. It makes them one dimensional. So can these quarterbacks be a pocket passer. Wilson, no (too short). Colin, yes. RG3, absolutely.

      And that’s what makes him scary. But once again, if he doesn’t learn the difference between his head and toe, forget it!

      I see your point about his hits/injuries not coming from designed runs. But let me ask you this, does that even matter? Injury is injury. If you play the way RG3 plays, he will get hurt. Period. You can only take so many licks. I don’t care if it was designed or not; defenses will knock you out.

      I hope it’s a Cowboy that does it too.

      • SkinsFan4Life71

        Well, like I already said above, RG3 needs to learn to be more judicious about getting out of bounds and sliding vs. fighting for extra yards. So yes, if he ignores that and keeps playing too fearlessly the way he did this season, he’ll expose himself to greater risk of injury and will likely get hurt again. My point was that the onus was mainly on him to be smart and ovoid unnecessary injury risks and that it wasn’t so much the scheme that was putting him at risk.

  • Zack

    If Monte Kiffin couldn’t formulate a defense to stop Oregon’s read option in college (Hello 62 points), what makes you think he can stop the Skins or Philly in the NFL?

    • JLOWENS70

      Not sure what tape Michael Vu had been looking at when he made that comment. He had made some pretty coherent arguments until that last observation.

    • BringBackTheFlex

      So, you are basing a coaches success or failing in the NFL on what they accomplished in college? You must know that there is little correlation – Spurrier, Saban, Shula, Carrol (the first time). Kiffin can coach a defense, if he has the right personnel. In 2011, his defense “held” Oregon to half what they scored in 2012 in a win. And USC was down 30 scholarships for awhile now. It’s not a fair reasoning.


    LOL @ your ending salvo about Monte Kiffen stopping the read option…Have you not been watching USC get DESTROYED by that same read option he is supposed to stop? HTTR!!!

  • Carbodawg

    Basing this on not wanting to hear the excuses is downright ridiculous. A win is a win. Does anyone care about our defense being decimated? If RGIII is not himself, redksins fans have only Shanahan to blame! Don’t give this organization a pass on this…