Dec 23, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett reacts to a play during the game against the New Orleans Saints at Cowboys Stadium. The Saints beat the Cowboys 34-31 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett Finding Out

The Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is finding out what former head coach Wade Phillips felt when Wade’s time started running out.

General Manager Jerry Jones is making many changes in Dallas with the coaching staff in the infancy of off-season football.  These changes include the firings and leavings of coaches who were “hand picked” by current head coach Jason Garrett.   With the coaching staff leaving and being replaced with Jerry Jones at the forefront of the changes it is becoming an eerily familiar scene for longtime Cowboy fans.  These changes are coming at a faster rate than the changes which set former coach Wade Phillips up for failure in that dreaded 6-10 season almost 3 years ago.

Jason Garrett has to be feeling the pressure of putting a winning record and at least a playoff team out there this upcoming season.  The heat has been turned on and it’s time for Jason Garrett to make this teams record reflect the talent of the team.

Since it’s been announced that Jason Garrett won’t be the play-caller and will just be head coach, something that he should have been all along as I’ve never been a fan of a head coach having a dual job as a coordinator, he needs to focus on the main aspects of Football 101.   No more should Garrett have an excuse for not being able to clock manage, not to have an excuse to throw the challenge flags and other general head coaching issues.

With rumors flying about in Dallas about the possibility of Jerry Jones being spotted in Tampa, Florida and then with rumors of Jon Gruden being spotted with Jerry Jones, Garrett is feeling that pressure of having someone looking over his should as Wade did when Garrett became the highest paid offensive coordinator in the league.  Garrett like Wade is handling the pressure in stride as he hasn’t spoken to the media and is silently interviewing coaching candidates for the current vacancies the team has.

This is Garrett’s last stand.  It’s playoffs or good-bye, unless, you are like me and you have the sneaking suspicion that Garrett won’t be around for the season opener in September because Jerry Jones has something up his sleeve because quite frankly things in Dallas have been way too quiet but not boring to say the least.

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  • ‘mericas_team2013

    “it’s time for Jason Garrett to make this teams record reflect the talent of the team.”- Im sorry to disappoint you, but 8-8 is a reflection of the “talent” on this team. Get over the media hype and talk season after season and open your eyes to the mediocre talent that really is on this team. There are a few talented guys on the roster but until this season our best WR was undrafted, our starting QB is undrafted, among others, not that that is a bad thing, but Im tired of hearing how Dallas is not living up to its “talent” when in all reality there isnt that much talent on the team anyway

    • WritingDude

      Wrong! Our coach has lost us two games because he is not an experienced coach. He lost the Baltimore game, letting 26 seconds run off instead of moving us closer with two plays. He was content with a long 51 yard field goal attempt. We missed–but likely would have made a 40 yarder. Our problem is the coach, not the players!

    • Zach Flaherty

      thank you! that’s what i’ve been saying forever. that’s the problem with the cowboys. jerry and rob ryan and the media completely hype this team up, creating a huge bullseye, and causes teams to get fired up to play them. never a good thing to create bulletin board for your opponents, especially when you have a young team with major holes.

  • WritingDude

    Look, we demoted Mike Jenkins this year to “upgrade” to Carr. Thus, why the fuss when we talk about upgrading from Garrett to Jon Gruden. Let’s do it now!!!

  • Gina Genochio

    I truly believe that Jerry Jones expected Jason Garrett to resign when he stripped him of his play-calling duties. Remember how beligerent Jason became when Jones hired Callahan and gave him the Offensive Coordinator title? “I’LL still be calling the plays!” Jones has now turned up the heat even further and replaced a number of Jason’s hires with his own people, and I DO NOT think this is the end of it. I suspect that Jones is trying to make things so ‘uncomfortable’ for Garrett that he’ll be voluntarily gone before the Draft in April. I also think that Jones has a very clear idea of who he’ll be replacing Garrett with. If you think that the assistants Jerry has brought in point to the guy he has in mind, that’s certainly possible. It’s also possible that the person MIGHT be on the staff of the Super Bowl-bound San Francisco 49′rs.

  • californy

    JJ either has a bigger plan or is just clueless. I dont know what his agenda is, he just weaken JG control of the Dallas Cowboys. It never a good thing to go forward with a weak HC. JG has Karma coming his direction, I believe he undermined Wade when he was here. You know something was wrong when the assistant coach get hired before the HC, this was never a good thing here. I always saw JG as the guy when Wade was here. JG brother came on board at this time, and JG was already making personnel decision during this time also. JG was the one who went behind Wade back to have TO fired when he complained against his play calling. Where are we with this scenario, right where TO saw it at years ago. I believe the skip Pete Firing had to do with his complaining the back where not getting enough touches. Pete was right the boys ran it 35 percent of the time to 65 for the pass. The Jimmy Robinson vs Dooley firing is moving the boys in the wrong direction. Robinson is one of the NFL best position coaches, he had the boys at the all time best in yardage in the passing game. So why do we have to change him now, this don’t make sense at all. My guess is Robinson complained about Ogletree touches, he may of like Harris and Beasley better. Ogletree was John Guy in college. If Jason is still here don’t be fooled he will still be the play caller you will see it when he will be wearing the head piece

  • lostar2009

    ha !!!

    The team stay at 8-8 for a reason .. look at the guy who lead the league in turnovers !!!

    Also you guys and JJ is a fool to want Gruden !! The guy won 1 super bowl with Dungy team after that it went down hill !!!

    Why do ppl look at him as the teams savior??? smh

  • Truth

    Jerry the “Fool.” Boy has that ever been so-true with all that Jerry has accomplished to do and not do and/or inability to make decent decisions.
    He didn’t give Wade the ammo or ablity to showcase his skills. Yet, Wade was able to overcome this yr. in and yr. out!! And…to that extent, Rob Ryan as well. I mean Wade was forced to endure Jerry’s overtake of the draft, picking his own players, as well as free agents, and not people Wade would have liked. Maybe he got 1 or 2 players, and was allowed to put his say in. But let’s face it, that is only unimportant precedure that Jerry has before dismissing it all. Just for the illusion that “all” are involved.
    I mean with Wade’s history as a stout DC, do you think he would have accepted Alan Ball as FS, as well as so many questionable calls on defense???
    He does the same to Rob Ryan….so what makes me or you think that Monte Kiffin will be given something different, especially picking a decent Defensive Personnel and/or dismissing and inserting Kiffin’s choice of players???

  • Truth

    Let’s not leave out the lack of confidence JG doesn’t have in Romo “anymore.” You seen it to clearly in 2011. Especially when JG said, to start off the preseason games, that he is hoping for Romo to get better and improve in his inconsistencies. Then, during the first few games, those inconsistencies reared it’s ugly head. Heck, we can go back to 2010 to see Romo’s inconsistencies and why JG would say it like it’s something that has been bothering him for so long.

    Was it in 2011 or 10′ when again, it was clear-as-day that JG was withholding Romo from passing vs the Patriots because of the prior games where he not only choked so badly but single-handily lost games that were indeniable Wins vs Jets and Lions?!!

    Last yr., if you look closely, you can tell JG stuck to the running game. Not because he wanted to but because he had to. 1, for Romo’s history of once again, unable to come out hot and thus, defer to running game and 2, to try and take pressure off of Romo because he can’t deal with pressure much or at all.

    Passing came later for another 2 reasons. 1, the pressure had now dissipated because of game unwinnable(pressure had lessened on Domo, errr, Romo) and 2, no choice but to pass!! Let’s look at games and performances for what they are, will ya/we?