Oct 28, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff (90) points skyward after the offense scored a touchdown against the New York Giants at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Should The Cowboys Cut Ties With Jay Ratliff?

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Should The Cowboys Cut Ties With Jay Ratliff?

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  • juz sayin

    HenryMelton please!

    • http://twitter.com/C_Shearman Clayton Shearman

      What he said!

  • BradAustin

    I second the Henry Melton pick-up, yet I do believe Ratliff will return. The only quality reason to let him go is this incident. And since it’s a first offense, he will be disciplined as such. Bottom line is it was a first DWI with no injuries. Was he unbelievably irresponsible, and even very fortunate he didn’t hurt anyone? Yes on both counts.

    The difference here is nobody was injured. Sadly a slight turn of the steering wheel can change the outcome of a life for victims and offenders alike. But Jay Ratliff will wake up healthy tomorrow and so will the man involved.

    The NFL has no choice but to treat it like a first offense just like they would any similar DWI of its kind in the past. While irresponsible and distasteful, you can’t blame Ratliff for what Brent did, and the NFL can’t take Brent’s case into consideration as it has nothing to do with what Ratliff does, teammate or not.
    It was very disrespectful in light of the teams situation with Brent and the victims involved, but not legally or justly connected.

    As for his play, Ratliff is far from washed up and is still capable of dominating in this league, especially in a new attack-first system. You want to unleash a beast like Ratliff, tell him to simply blow through the line with no reads. That’s what Kiffin will do with him in the 4-3, and how he will dominate again. It’s likely Rat could have his biggest season to date in 2013 in this system and Jerry knows this.

    As for the past, he was coming off of 4 straight Pro Bowls heading into 2012. His quality of play did not wane in the least during 2012, his time on the field was. And we all know he had a nagging groin/hernia injury he couldn’t shake and finally realized he couldn’t get past it without surgery.

    What people don’t see is Rat tried to avoid surgery and play through it so as not to lose a majority of his season., If he would have opted for surgery early in the year, he would have come back healthy late. But true warriors will do whatever it takes to stay in the fight. And fans beg this of them. No matter what point in the season, few fans say ‘it’s okay, miss 6 weeks now and then come back when we need you”.

    Instead they want to know if there is any way on earth he can play through it because they need him NOW. That’s just the way it is. Guys who opt for surgery quickly are seen as selfish or unable to play with pain. Guys who fight through it to no avail are later seen as defiant and ignorant for not having surgery earlier. It’s a no-win situation when the results don’t match the fan expectations.

    You can’t be an effective, under-sized DT/NT who relies on explosion and power to win and have a nagging groin/hernia injury. Battling with monsters on the line isn’t the same as running a Miles Austin 10-yard out. So no, Ratliff is not weak or injury-prone.

    Before 2012, he played in 94 of 96 games since he began starting. Hardly an unreliable injury concern. I’d say after 6 straight years of healthy, elite service real fans could give him a pass for a legitimate injury season and let him return healthy in 2013 before naively trashing his great career as washed-up and injury prone.

    As for Jerry and Jay, Jones just recently said their blow-up is completely forgiven and both parties understand it had no lasting implications beyond the moment. He said it isn’t even an issue between them. Jones went on to explain it was like a father/son blowout. That he and Jay have shared very intimate, personal emotions in their past so they are on a closer level that sometimes brings out a stronger passion like a real family. I’d say that’s the exact opposite type comments you’d expect from an owner holding a grudge. Instead it sounds like a man defending one of his own from people trying to attack and cause a riff.

    So bottom line, the only reason to cut Ratliff would be the DWI. But Jerry can’t do that without setting a no-DWI hard rule. And do that in the NFL and you better be ready to lose a few more star players in the next 3-5 years. The way it is. No coach will set that illogical policy, unless there is injury or repeat offenses.

    Other than that, Ratliff is not injury prone but was legitimately injured for a season, big difference. The season before he was a Pro Bowler. His contract is very much an equal value for his elite play when healthy, he is far from a drain on funds like Free or Austin. And nothing in his past says his play won’t go back to top level in 2013. If you wanna judge a guy by ONE injury-plagued season, go ahead and throw out Murray and Austin while you are at it. Neither has stayed on the field consistently yet. Rat did it for 6 straight dominating years.

    Finally, Jerry is not upset or holding a grudge with Rat. If anything he is shielding him from the masses who want to create a non-existent riff. This player selfishly did EVERYTHING above and beyond to succeed for the team no matter where they asked him play and didn’t moan one second. He is a true warrior and was considered a star player until last year and now he’s garbage in the eyes of Cowboys “fans”. Wow.

    The thing I find most humorous about all this Jay Ratliff venom…these same people will be cheering him passionately when he’s ripping through guards next year playing on the same high level as 2011. I wish all real Cowboys fans would adopt a strong policy…when you know someone who trashes and consistently spits venom at a Cowboys player…never let him cheer for that guy again…ever.

    Trash a guy’s play for an awful game or a stretch of games and it’s fine, no prob, that’s called passion. Slander the player’s overall package and consistently cry for his dismissal…that’s abandonment…you’ve lost all rights to said player …forever. lol Btw, none of us will ever be able to cheer for Doug Free again even if he became a Pro Bowl tackle in 2013…I’m sure we all lost our rights on Free this season. :-)