Dallas Cowboys: 5 Reasons Cowboys haven't reached a Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is finally here. As Raven and 49er fans get ready to cheer on their team in the Super Bowl the rest of us are left contemplating on what could have been…

Yes the competing teams this year are the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers…let that sink in for a moment… it hurts doesn’t it? The 49ers are one of our most hated rival teams that just a couple of years ago seemed inferior to the Dallas Cowboys. But now they’re happily riding into the Super Bowl with a second year QB and second year coach.

This 49ers team just 2 years ago was 6-10, they bounced back with a division win of 13-3 last year, and now they’re in the Super Bowl! Well all this time the team with the superb “talent” and “franchise quarterback”, the Dallas Cowboys, where missing the mark and losing. The Cowboys were first in their division in 2009 with an 11-5 record, and ever since then they have gone down hill and plateaud to an 8-8 record two years in a row.

There are many reasons that the Cowboys have not been successful these past few years, here are some of them:

Offense or Defense?
It seems like every year the Cowboys are really great on one side of the ball but not so great on the other side of the ball. They never manage to maintain a balanced team for whatever reason whether it’s injuries or just a lack of motivation this team has been more unbalanced than an adult and a child on a teeter-totter. For example the 2011 Dallas Cowboys had a dominate offense yet their defense was Mediocre and down right shameless. Furthermore, the 2012 Season seemed promising until the Cowboys suffered many injuries on defense to key players, this crippled them until the final game in Washington.

Offensive Line
How long will it be until Jerry Jones decides to help out Tony Romo along the offensive line? Well lets not hope to long because the Cowboys aren’t getting anywhere without them. Jerry Jones devastated this offensive line when he released Andre Gurode, Leonard Davis, and Marc Colombo all in one offseason. I mean what did the guy expect? That Doug Free was going to be a solid tackle and that all the other offensive line pieces would just fall into place? Give me a break.

Bad Contracts
There have been too many bad extended contracts that give this team a huge salary cap hole. Jerry Jones crowned guys like Doug Free, Orlando Scandrick, and Miles Austin big bucks for very little production. Don’t get me wrong I believe Miles Austin is a heck of a football player, but he’s just not worth the money he’s getting, 30.5 Million for 4 years, really? As for Doug Free he has been nothing but a laughing stock of a lineman, complete bust if you ask me. The best thing I can see him doing is trying out the guard position, other than that he’s a waist of salary cap dollars. In addition, if the Cowboys wanted to pay big bucks for a third corner I much rather it be Mike Jenkins a former starter and very versatile as oppose to Orlando Scandrick.

Head Coaches With No Background
From Wade Phillips to Jason Garrett to…it doesn’t matter along as Jerry keeps picking them their all bound to fail. Jerry Jones has choosen coaches that will listen and do everything he says. Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett never had control of their roster like Jimmy Johnson and even Bill Parcells once did. This team looked to be heading in the right direction when Bill Parcells was head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He discovered Tony Romo and drafted a future Hall of Famer DeMarcus Ware. Since his departure they have failed to make smart roster choices in the front office and it has cost them big time.

Jerry Jones
This is a given, the man behind the curtains making all the calls is without a doubt the reason this team has yet to reach a Super Bowl. The man in charge has made bad decisions and is too full of himself to even consider he’s wrong. The only way for this Cowboys team to turn things around is for Jerry Jones to fire himself as the Cowboys General Manager and hire a real GM who knows what he’s doing.

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