Dec 30, 2012; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Marcus Spears (96) tackles Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris (46) during the first half at FedEX Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA Today Sports

Dallas Cowboys Focus Early on Defense not Offensive Woes

Even though the NFL off-season is in its infancy, the Dallas Cowboys have not hid the fact that the defense, once again, is at the forefront of their minds in making a run at the playoffs next season.

Dallas general manager, Jerry Jones, must hold firm to the belief that defense wins championships.  Long ago when Jerry Jones took over ownership of the Dallas Cowboys it was.  Now, it is good offenses win championships.  If you take a look at the teams currently in the NFC and AFC Championship Games they had high scoring offenses that for the most part had a balanced running game, New England probably the only exception.

The NFL is changing and new rules are being implemented on a yearly basis.  Rules for player’s safety have taken the game from a purely defensive game to favoring offenses.  With that being said,Dallas has focused this very early off-season on the defense.  The hiring of new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and new defensive line coach Rod Marinelli solidified that Dallas wants to go back to the 4-3 defense as opposed to the 3-4 defense.  This is not necessarily a dumb move by Jerry Jones and company.  The Dallas Cowboys have never won a Super Bowl without running the 4-3.  I am not saying that Dallas is Super Bowl bound and I wouldn’t make that bold of a predication this early in the off-season.

With the defensive side once again being the focus of the early off-season it brings the question what will Dallas do with a less than decent offensive side of the ball.  First of all, I know rumors of “quietly” looking for an offensive coordinator have been whispered throughout blog sites and Facebook and Twitter.  That’s great however, not to disappoint but current offensive coordinator in name only Bill Callahan isn’t the answer.  Callahan wasn’t the answer for Dallas’ offensive line problems either.  So where potentially could Dallas go with the offensive coordinator position since we can assume Callahan or current offensive play-caller and head coach Jason Garrett aren’t the answers.   Who out there is available that could work with the mediocre talent this team seems to have on most Sunday’s?  Only two candidates really pop into mind that are currently not with another team and that is Tom Moore and Brian Billick.

However, that is only speculation and honestly,Dallas’ offense needs an overhaul that’s been long overdue and neglected.  It doesn’t seem that the offense is once again a priority but Jerry Jones can’t be blamed for starting with the defense once again either.  The Cowboys offense sustains barely but they do sustain.  The ability of quarterback Tony Romo to extend most plays helps the offense sustain but as Romo gets older so does it limit his ability to extend those plays.  The defense this past year did have Dallas playing from behind more often than not so again it doesn’t hurt to start there but let’s hope the remainder of the off-season they finally figure out how to make the offense especially the offensive line better for the next season because with the NFL changing it’s starting to be offenses win Super Bowls and not defenses.


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  • californy

    With the boys having 18 FA and 35 players under contract and being 20 million over the cap the time for change is right now. It much easier to change to a 4-3 than than to a 3-4 since 95 percent of the college if not more play a 4-3 base. JJ may look like he has a plan but he doesn’t, well at least his timing for getting player is way off. There is no one available right now that the Cowboys couldn’t of had a month ago. The time to acquire player happen in week 15 of the season, right before team started to protect their practice squad. I had mention this numerous time every day about acquiring better players. The boys may of had Adrian Hamilton DE, Cam Johnson DE. Jerimiah Warren OT-OG, Slowery Center-C-OT, Fandungo DT, Ta Amu DT and veteran LB Kirk Morrison who average 120 tackles per season in his first 6 years in the NFL playing for RR in Oakland. The boys don’t have a clue in player personnel, they had Gary Guyton 230 lbs 6-4 LB who had 4.50 speed, he was the fastest LB in that year draft and he had descent tackle number also. They could have Aaron Ross 6-4 S-LB who weigh 230 lbs and run 4.50 speed. There not to many LB with this speed and there wont be in the coming draft either. Speed is an important element top a 4-3 defense but the boys wont get player like these I mention. The boy would of lost nothing in getting player like these, these are all player who would save us draft picks and earn a prorated minimum contract at the same time save us draft picks in this year draft on positions we need.

    Player like Warren Bench like 37 reps at 225 lbs, Slowery bench like 28, but has reported to have bench over 43 times at 225 lbs, making them one of the strongest player in this year draft. There is no one in this year draft and next year draft with Hamilton ability at 21 sacks in the season. Ta Amu had 2rd grade to him and we could of save us a draft pick with him. I projected Aaron Ross not at a safety where he played in the NFL but as a LB where he played some in college. It was consider his second position in the draft

    • Kim Dunning

      Exactly right we might as well change now while we are trying to justify keeping players like Austin and Free that just were one-hit wonders


    I’m tired of hearing that we were always playing from behind because of our D. You’re always going to be playing from behind when your offense can’t figure out a way to score points until the second half.

    • DapperDan11

      Further proving Jason Garrett and his complete lack of HC/OC management. He does not know how to game plan, nor does he know how to run an effective offense.

      • Kim Dunning

        Pretty much the point I was sneaking around they are always thinking defense defense defense and the offense gets neglected to the point where I think a LOT of Romo’s problems are he’s just so darned tired of carrying this team on his shoulders.

  • bigtime

    The defense willgive off points when your office give them a short field to play with all the turnovers they commit

  • DapperDan11

    Why do we not have an offensive coordinator, other than Jason Garrett, hired at this point?

  • lostar2009

    Now this team should focus on defense? Why so when Romo does another choke job we have a reason to keep him around ?? I want a starter on the oline and dline.

  • draftmane

    Change is Now! get rid of Miles Austin(Mike Wallce),Sensabargh (jairus Bryd),Jay Rat (Dwann Short) Mike Jenkins(Blidi Wreh) Free(Fluker),Spencer (Devin Taylor)Romo (tyler Wilson)

  • juz sayin

    CB Blidi Wreh is Da Bomb!

  • Truth

    In debate of this article, “How many 3-4 Defenses have won SuperBowls in the last 15 years??” That alone thwarts most of this article’s points…
    Look it up, but for the last few yrs. it’s always the same thing that hinders this team from going forward or into the postseason. And that’s redzone scoring!! It is talked about here and there but personally, I think that because of the enigamatic-Romo, blamed is taken away from the offense.
    Redzone offense, scoring, you name it, is where Leaders are made, most prominently, the QB in this type of game – NFL Football – They are the most responsible for the outcome of a game because they lead or touch the ball more than anybody in this game, including the Coaches, Game Planners you name it.
    This is also Romo’s most feared area of play just as well. This is where he chokes, where is is non-existent when you look it at it from a perspective of what is the QB suppose to accomplish and the success and failure ratio.
    I can go on about how Romo ranks high on QBs who cause there own pressure and thus sacks by the way they play, try to extend plays and thus, hold on to the ball for way too long. See, these are the microscopic intricacies of the game, that not many can see let alone try and see. And…this is way it’s quite hard for the average fan to distinguish let alone understand.

  • Truth

    During the time leading to the 2012 draft…it was revealed what the decision-makers(or so speculated on) in Big D wanted or desired. That being Jerry, JG, Rob and even Stephan.
    Jerry and Stephan wanted DLmen, more specifically Interior Linemen. JG – OL, Rob – 2ndary or DBs.
    Here’s the kicker: As “initially” said by all parties, basically, “no one seen this coming…” Which basically was said by Stephan, JG and Rob Ryan in aftermath interviews. Of course later, it was interestingly said, that such talks were in play. Ha! I say. Jerry once again hijacked this draft to bring in someone who he thought would be the next Darren Woodson or as in last years huge-desire, Patrick Peterson. Jerry desperately wanted Patrick Peterson but was we know, there was no possible way, just none. After the draft though, Jerry tried to trade for Peterson, of course which was unsuccesful just as with his history.
    Well, the whole draft of 2012 hinged on Morris Claiborne. And well…it was honestly a bad draft considering what Jerry gave up in comparison to how Claiborne performed. He was mediocre at best.

    And this was in a yr. in which Spencer wasn’t a sure thing, where the defense needed help in so many areas. I mean at least he made an attempt to help out the OL with average to above average Linemen, not to mention what Callahan said, a lot of upside.
    Yes, we got Carr but then took a step back when he put all his eggs in one basket with Claiborne when Claiborne hadn’t even played one down, let alone proven himself in the NFL or NFL type games. Carr himself was the best available FA, but certainly not the best CB, although payed like one, hmmm. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry…when will you ever learn???