Five Reasons Why The Cowboys Will Make The Playoffs

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Dec 23, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray (29) runs with the ball against the New Orleans Saints at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

2. Be better prepared if DeMarco Murray can not play the entire season

It can be argued that if Murray had played in every scheduled game the last two seasons, the Cowboys would have had back-to-back playoff appearances. Unfortunately, leg injuries caused the former Sooner to miss critical games both years. If Murray can finally get a solid year of health under his belt, it should result in more wins.

This also bodes well for quarterback Tony Romo. The more pressure the running game can take away from Romo, the better he should perform. Many of his mistakes last season were due to him trying to do too much in situations where the running game struggled.

But the Cowboys shouldn’t rely simply on Murray. Currently on the roster are half backs Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar. Second year player Tanner has a history of injury, very similar to Murray. And while Dunbar has shown potential, he is simply inexperienced. Veteran Felix Jones is currently a free agent and is not expected to be re-signed.

The Cowboys should seek to find a quality back-up running back in free agency or through the upcoming draft. A veteran back would be preferable as they seem to adjust to NFL pass blocking quicker.

Possible running back free agents include: Reggie Bush (MIA), Shonn Greene (NYJ), Cedric Benson (GB), Peyton Hillis (KC), Rashard Mendenhall (PIT), and Danny Woodhead (NE).

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  • willie

    Here we go again lol

  • willie

    How many years can we keep saying ( next year is going to be better)?

    • Bryan Crouch

      Until we win another superbowl. If you love your team you never give up on them. Even when we suffered through Quincy Carter I still loved my team. If people have such a problem then go root for someone else.

  • Mim Johnson

    How can Jerry say were going to the playoff’s next yr He can’t control the players getting hurt. He needs to keep his big mouth shut.

  • Ken

    Every team that made the playoffs also had lots of injuries. And we’re sure to have many more next year. We are never winning a Super Bowl again with Jerry as GM. After 40 years, I’m now embarrassed to be a Cowboys fan.

    • Bryan Crouch

      then find another team to root for moron

  • I agree

    5 reasons; DTsheldon Richardson,Dj Flunker,Kasheem Greene,Dj Swearing,EJ Manuel

  • Bryan Crouch

    What this team needs is a better offensive line. The running game can only get better with a better line. There are no backs that can run behind our line. With an improved line and better running game, Tony is not running for his life every game. As for all the Romo haters, get a grip, this is a two win team without Romo.

  • Truth

    There was little to no pressure on Domo when he threw them interceptions!! Romo sucks and needs to go. He made that blatantly obvious, no need for the pathetic excuses. Enough is enough… He will never lead Cowboys to anything but disappointment!! The dude is just not that good. Because part of being good in this “Man’s Game,” is being clutch under duress and this is something he cannot do. He chokes and if you don’t believe that, just looks at the many games this past yr., heck, last game vs Washington!!

  • Truth

    Rob was the scapegoat, there is always one in dallas because JG is much like Jerry, they can’t admit self-failure, end of story. That’s why they will always fire the last person that needs to be fired. This won’t change until we the fans send Jerry a big and loud message, merchandise buying, including tickets and such!!!
    Romo must go as well, many do not know or can tell why he sucks so bad. I came to this conclusion in his first yr. of starting. Must say, took me til end of season or end of what, his 5th/6th start?!! But none the less…have been right ever since, ha!

  • Todd

    I read this article. It proves delusion has now bounds.

  • californy

    Interesting article but no new information here,l why don’t you do an article about the Cowboys cap situation it the worst in the NFL and balance it with 18 FA in 2013. One way or another the Cowboys roster will change and young doesn’t always mean good also. The boys final grade in the draft was c- lowest in the NFC east. The Skins and Eagles got a A- and the Giants got a B+. Despite all the injuries to the Eagles they still have a RB with a lot of potential and a QB to build around.

    A real article with good Cap number can really help the boys and fans get a better grip of what the Cowboys are facing in 2013 and beyond. From my understanding the boys and the NFL must be under the 121 million salary cap by 3-12-13, we currently have 35 player under contract and are still over 20 million. If we cut anyone before June 1 that would be a cap hit in 2013. If Romo is not resigned or extended by this date the whole 16 million will count against this year Cap. Cowboys really have some serious issue and no one is talking about them.

  • ctcowboy1968

    How can you write this crap? Love the optimisim, but the facts aren’t there.
    1. How do you know players will be healthy next year? This roster is full of players with injury histories. For example, Lee is a great player, but he hasn’t played a whole season yet. Nor Carter or Murray. This is wishful thinking. It would be great, but one can’t count on it.
    2. The only FA RB you list that is possibly any good is Benson. Green is to small and slow. He sucks. Hillis is shot. Woodhead is to small and with our OL, forget it. Mendenhall… maybe. But none of this matters since we don’t have any cap room. Better off in the draft and coach up Tanner to pass block.
    3. OL. The starting Gs stink and are NOT going to get better. Bernadeau was the worst graded OL. He has to go. Free sucks and needs to be cut. This is the priority area for the Cowboys this year in the draft. Draft big program studs in 1st and 2nd rounds.
    5. I have hated JG from day 1 as an OC. He is unqualified to be a NFL coach. He is stupid, makes to many repeated mistakes that cost us games, and he is not man enough to admit it. He is a bum and should have been fired years ago.