Feb 11, 2012; Pebble Beach CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo reacts after missing a putt on the sixth hole during the third round of the AT

Should Tony Romo Give Up Golf In The Off-Season?

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Should Tony Romo Give Up Playing Golf In The Off-Season?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/troy.spurlock.3 Troy Spurlock

    F—k Tony Romo. I ve defended that bum for years.. all he s done is make me look like a a-$. It s amazing how you watch RG3 Russelll Wilson and Luck play, and they make way better decision than our Suck A-$ QB. Let him play golf. Just tell him to give up football period.

    • cowboy-patriot fan

      My advice 4 U is to become a full time fore-skin fan and Colt fan instead of a fake cowboy fan that spews venom all of the time.

      I guess you would prefer alex smith or kyle orton. You HATERS are priceless. You just lije to constantly whine and complain.

      • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.d.cristo Anthony Cristo

        Kyle Orton threw a TD pass and a 2 point conversion in the last two minutes of the Bears game. Romo was benched after completing more TD passes to Chicago Bears than Dallas Cowboys. I think true Cowboys fans are the ones who speak out and say “the emperor has no clothes on” when things are wrong.

  • Frank

    Football season over ok these guys make a lot a lot of money they should be practicing for next season since they did so crappy at least once a week

  • http://www.facebook.com/troy.spurlock.3 Troy Spurlock

    Well cowboy-Pat fan. Sorry if i hurt your feelings but it is what it is. I a die hard Cowboy fan. Thats the reason I m so pissed. We lose the same way every year becaise of Romo mistakes when the game is on the line. Common sense tell s you to throw the ball away on first down if someone is not open. Not force a pass off your back foot retard. My point is if those rookie QB have enough sense to do that, why can t our veteran QB do the same.

  • HellisHere

    When left in a clean pocket, any NFL QB can be effective, that being said, how many times had Tony had a clean pocket? he ran for his life most of the time, get some young College players this draft, build up our O LINE, then talk crap about Romo, who can we get thats better right now…………Right, as fans it sucks but, Jones has too much money to be forever bad. GO COWBOYS

  • HellisHere

    Can Austin play a whole season?

  • HellisHere

    CAn Murray play a whole season? ROmo needs weapons that play less than three games in a row. no running game makes your QB run, no blocking gets him lit up…….

  • HellisHere

    oops I mean Romo needs weapons that can play more than three games in a row, I don’t think Austin or Murray did….. Defense…….next?

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.d.cristo Anthony Cristo

    I think he should give up football and stick with golf.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pete.vieira.3 Pete Vieira

    The only way we get an RG3 caliber player is to trade Romo for some future draft picks get a second rate QB someone cheap let go some of the dead weight ,and as much as I hate to say if they cant stay healthy ,even Miles ,Demarco,Rat need to go ,we have a few young players that will fill the wholes for a year or two but the key will be what you do with your picks I rather go 1 and 15 than 8 and 8 thats what Jimmy did that Hershel Walker trade while he still had value brought us those rings in the 90s back then we had another 88 much like Dez ,Michael Irvin got Troy and Emmit Novachek Moose J, and the awesome front line .I know we’re talking Jerry not Jimmy but as much as I dislike Jerry, as an owner hes got my respect. Sure this approach takes time but do you really think we’re going anywhere next year,sure Jerry needs to make a change at GM and HC but he won’t, so now’s a good time to go 1 and 15..Romo is a head case and that panic you see in his face when things are going south is infectious for his own sake he needs the change as much as we do.I would love to see Witten and Ware get rings but until we blow this up and get a decent QB were not going anywhere.