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Nov 22, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys fan holds up a sign during the game against the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving at Cowboys Stadium. The Redskins beat the Cowboys 38-31. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

More Than Just Unhappy Cowboy Fans in Dallas

When the off-season started a few weeks ago for the Dallas Cowboys and owner and general manager Jerry Jones said there would be a lot of unhappy people in Valley Ranch, I jokingly told quite a few people that what Jerry really meant was that the fans would once again be unhappy.

Fortunately and unfortunately my little joke was correct.   Quite a few of the fans I’ve encountered over the last few days on social media’s are quite upset that Rob Ryan was fired as defensive coordinator.   They are not sold on the fact that the Dallas Cowboys want to transition back to the 4-3 defense and the biggest arguments are that the Cowboys don’t have the defensive personnel to run the 4-3 defense and that new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin is too old.

To answer the first question, the Cowboys are set personnel wise for the most part to run Kiffin’s “Tampa 2″ type 4-3 defense.  This should better compliment the defense .  Yes, Rob Ryan is a good defensive coordinator and nothing to take away from that at all, however, Rob Ryan’s defense was complex and to run a proper 3-4 in the NFL you need a big nose tackle to stop the run up the middle and well our nose tackles aren’t that big.  Think of Pittsburgh’s Casey Hampton as the proper nose tackle to run a 3-4 defense.   Secondly, Kiffin’s defense compliments quick linebackers which we have in Dallas in Bruce Carter and Sean Lee specifically.   As much as Rob Ryan has been a good defensive coordinator for the Cowboys, his defense just didn’t do its job even discounting the injuries.  Defenses are meant to hold your team in games and Dallas’ defense had us playing from behind quite a lot in 2012.

The second argument was the fact that Kiffin is 72 years old.  Age is just a number really, as if you look at a great defense that the Pittsburgh Steelers have had over the years their defensive coordinator is not only pushing his upper 70′s but he is also a Hall of Fame inductee.

They say more changes are to come in Dallas and whether you currently agree with the firing of running backs coach Skip Peete or the letting go of Rob Ryan, changes have started to happen and people are unhappy so Jerry Jones wasn’t very far off.  I know these aren’t the changes we, as Dallas fans, were looking for as we were looking for the big move of the firing of current head coach Jason Garrett.  But, changes are changes and the Cowboys organization is realizing that things weren’t working as is.  Perhaps these minor changes thus far will at least stop the cookie cutter season that we have endured the last two.  So as we wait with baited breath and tingles of anticipation we can at least have fun speculating on the next big move.

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  • fgoodwin

    Change merely for the sake of change is pointless

    Our vaunted GM does not have a plan or vision for this team. His constant bouncing around from one head coach to another, from one coordinater to another, from one assistant to another, moving from one offensive or defensive scheme to another, drafting the latest “shiny object” etc. tells me Jerry hasn’t the slightest clue how to be a GM in the NFL.

    Until a change is made at GM, the mediocrity will keep on coming.

  • Todd Toombs

    Meet the new Al Davis…

  • rich250r

    Whatever deal Jerry Jones made with the devil back in the ’90s is coming back to haunt them now.

  • MarkRP

    I’m OK with Kiffen. I think Ryan is overrated. His defenses with any team he’s been d-coordinator have never been in the top ten. What concerns me is Jerry Jones. I think Dallas desperately needs to upgrade it’s offensive line, but I think JJ has shown over and over he doesn’t consider the o-line very important. He has only drafted like 5 o-lineman over the past three or four years.
    Dallas needs a huge upgrade at center and right guard. I want Dallas to trade down and get Barret Jones from Alabama and more picks to get DT, safety, and third WR. there are a ton of good DTs in this draft and Dallas can get one in the second round.

  • Juanito Juanito

    just change the offensive play caller, very important

  • Pete Vieira

    I’ve been a cowboy fan for over 40 yrs I can’t recall ever not liking my team ,even when Danny White made us suffer we still had coach Landry that could somehow make you feel like we’re the cowboys and we were the team to beat even in his old age ,now we’re the chokers that everyone makes fun of and this owner just doesn’t see it ,hes got his head so far up were the sun don’t shine ,I’ll bet he inherited all hes got .His legacy will be the arrogant A-hole that destroyed Americas Team.

  • Guest

    Jones needs a lobotomy! And if not that; he needs to hang. What kind of Texans are we to suffer the same bull crap for nearly a score of years? Can’t we lynch him from a tree somewhere? Hell, let’s hang Garrett too!

  • Truth

    For now…I will argue you on two fronts. 1, being that Rob Ryan overachieved with what he had and/or was given by the idiot shot-callers in big “D.” That being Jerry and Company of Clowns!!
    2ndly, Monte Kiffin is not Dick Lebaeu or however you spell it. Lebaeu is proven while Kiffin got fired at USC and/or at the college level. No good reason why they should both be mentioned in the same article or such!!
    Here’s the kicker: It was what many nfl experts and respected sports jounalists have continually said about Cowboys shortcomings and what “killed the cat.” And that was redzone scoring and/or Romo’s inability to lead his team to TDs. And let’s not forget the many times Rob did a great job with a make-shift defense for only Romo to give it right back to opponents without so much as getting a FG out of it, ha!
    Let’s also not forget the slow and pathetic starts to games Romo displayed, putting team in a bind from the gate. While Rob, with his make-shift defense and idiot GM not getting good players or worse, wasting draft picks on his likes, kept the game close and at times, won it all with his unit alone!! C’Mon fellas, get a grip and tap into your true and righteous memory of 2012′s game, ha!

  • Truth

    Someone spike his drink, please?!