December 9, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones walks on the field before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones Plans To Make Things Uncomfortable, CowboysNation Rolls Their Eyes

Can You Feel the heat?  Neither can I.

The Dallas Cowboys finished 8 – 8 for the second year in a row.  These Cowboys are the epitome of mediocre.  Change is called for and change should take place, but will change happen?

Probably not.

Is this acceptable?  This is THE Dallas Cowboys after all, America’s Team.  They were integral in the shaping and development and wild popularity of the NFL.  The Cowboys are winners.  They’ve been to more SuperBowls than any other team.  They have the best uniforms, their cheerleaders are world famous.  They have a hole in the roof so God can look down and watch his favorite team play.  That big, expensive stadium, the largest domed structure in the world, I think, worthy of champions.  Does any of this speak of mediocrity?

But mediocrity we have, for about 16 years now.  SIXTEEN YEARS!  We still can claim to be the most popular team, the biggest draw for TV ratings, but it’s all eroding, and will continue to erode, as long as being average, being mediocre, is accepted.

The excuse/theory many use is that, do to the successful push by the NFL for parody, most teams are average, with the opportunity each year, with a few breaks, for a mediocre team to make a SuperBowl run, a la the New York Giants or the 8 – 8 Arizona Cardinals a few years ago.  The salary cap dictates this.  This does make sense, if every team was coached the same and all draft choices worked out as scouted.  They don’t so it doesn’t.

Can any team beat another in this NFL on any given Sunday?  Absolutely.  This is, after all, why they play the games.  But, at the same time, we can all point out, right now, the best teams and the worst teams.  These current playoffs not withstanding.  I’ll spare the list, but suffice it to say that the Dallas Cowboys don’t fit in either category, same as 2/3 of the league.  In truth, the only teams that hang there hat on the ‘get hot at the right time and make a run’ theory, like the Cowboys do, are the teams in that 2/3.  They know they are not the best, but they certainly know they aren’t the Jacksonville Jaguars either.

Jerry Jones seems to have, over the last 6 years for sure, accepted that his Dallas Cowboys can’t be great, so he shoots for just above average.  At least that’s how it seems.  He wants a team that can make it to the playoffs, instead of insisting on a team that can win a SuperBowl.

The playoffs aren’t good enough for CowboysNation, or they shouldn’t be.  The Dallas Cowboys should be SuperBowl or bust.

The Cowboys play in the biggest stage in the NFL in Cowboys Stadium.  But they are not, as currently assembled or coached, worthy of that grand a stage.  No wonder that they don’t really have a home field advantage.

Listen, I like Cowboys head coach, Jason Garrett.  The team he puts out on the field never quits,  they are scrappy.  But I don’t think CowboysNation wants a scrappy, never gonna quit, team.  CowboysNation wants a winner.  They don’t want a team that can ‘make a run’, they want a winner.  No offense, Garrett, but CowboysNation – we – don’t want to ‘be great today’, we want to be great this year.  We want to be great all the time.

Jerry Jones is gonna make things uncomfortable at Valley Ranch, in part to appease CowboysNation.  Uncomfortable?  Really?  Our collective eyes roll.

He senses the fan base is uneasy.  He’s right.


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  • californy

    I have no faith and trust in JJ and JG. He is all talk. I am here to give an alternative to being average. Average should never be an acceptable goal at all. It make me wonder whether any effort has to be put in to being average, if it is I doubt they are trying that hard.
    In growing up we all had our measuring stick of what was good and what was not. The measuring stick here in Dallas was Landry 20 winning season in a row. In my life it was finishing 3rd to last in a cross country even in 7th grade. I though I was a good athlete but I found out differntly. I didnt let this be my measuring stick, by the end of the 7th grade I was 3rd fastest in the school, this included the 8th grade also. By the time my 8th grade season finished I was part of a team that went undefeated not only in football but in mile relay in the state of California. That how I wish the boy would be. I rather start from the end of the pack but knock out our competition one by one.
    This team has has wrong mind set of what it takes to be a champion. Being the best is really about isolating yourself from the pack. Trust me the extra work is never fun, but it is the effort one must pay to become the best. Respect for the opponets is a must. We never went into a game thinking we were going to beat our opponet, but we did go into a game in prepairing to execute and win the game. The winning of championship is about checking the Ego at the door, Regardless of how good you think you are, the team goal are the only goals that matter. I was a fast player in my first year of playing football but I didnt play the RB or even WR. I played the OL and DL and I was really good at it. My blocking consisted of 90 percent of what we called Pancake blocks and over 10 sacks per game. I guess in the process I forgot to do the dance the player with ego play in today game. Yup football is never about individual accomplishment it about what you do and achieve as a team.
    My question is what the heck is the JJ show. Do we really need a owner to remind us every week what a average team we really have been for 16 years now.l would be embarrass to show my face anywhere for a average effort. Yup JJ ego is what matter to him more than team championship, and until this changes dont expect any differnt from what we are currently getting.
    On a side note Washington will be 28 million under the cap in 2013 and we are like 20 over the cap. Washington 2 years ago was like 40 million over Cowboys like 30 million over. Yup no change here either for us.

    • Jbbravo

      Thats sad how bad our cap space is with a average team. Thing is Snyder decided to step back and make the sacrifices needed to get that cap lower and a better team. See Jerry is still in the I don’t want to be wrong stage so he won’t make those sacrifices like getting rid of these over paid guys and starting over with cheap rookies that worked for their spot. We need Jerry to just accept he has screwed up and just fix it.

  • californy

    Nice Article Artie thanks for never surgar coating things for us, The Cowboys are who they are.

  • los

    Dude you were in middle school no point proven!

  • Onetonoffun

    Americas’ team ..???? Never have been..Never will be….

  • MarkRP

    right on! No real Cowboys fan is going to buy tickets or merchandise as long as JJ is GM.

  • weather command

    JJ is the only real change that needs to be done but that wont happen. 7-9 next year at best…i called 8-8 this year and was on the money…next year, the stars are one yr older and JJ is still GM. It makes me sick. JJ should go hire Gil Brandt. The guy still has it!