November 26, 2012; Philadelphia, PA USA; Philadelphia Eagles fan late in the fourth quarter against the Carolina Panthers at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The Panthers defeated the Eagles 30-22. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It Could Be Worse Cowboys Fans; You Could Be An Eagles Fan

No matter how bad it has gone this season for the Dallas Cowboys, their fans can take solace in knowing that at least the are not the laughing stock of the league a.k.a. the Philadelphia Eagles. The “Iggles” invoked “giggles” in their NFC East opponents this season winning only once within their own division. They ended their terrible 4-12 season with the New York Giants mercifully taking them out like the ending of Old Yeller, in a 42-7 laugher.

It was just last year that this Eagles team announced themselves as the new “Dream Team” and expected to simply roll through the NFC East and eventually the NFL. This same team is now expected to fire their head coach and coaching staff, starting quarterback, and most of their defense. Defensive end Jason Babin was surprisingly released a couple weeks ago. He probably got the better end of that deal.

In the meantime, it appears that Philadelphia will be the doormat for our division for the foreseeable future. And if any Eagles fan attempts to make fun of the Cowboys after the atrocious season they had this year, simply asked them how many Super Bowls they’ve won…and walk away.

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  • kurumba

    This is exactly what will happen to Dallas next season. The Eagles spoke of “one more term” for poor Andy Reid and look what happened. Garrett & Ryan are both failures and things will only deteriorate next season. The warning comes from this horrible season of FALLING BADLY BEHIND IN EVERY HOME GAME!!!! Diehard fans need to STOP SUPPORTING THE PROPAGANDA SPIT OUT BY THE TYRANT OWNER JONES and to DUMP THIS TEAM OF PATHETIC GUTLESS LOSERS WHO HIDE BEHIND A WAVE OF PROPAGANDA… Garrett: “Oh, We Will learn From This”…. “Oh we must get better!!!” Jones: “We Believe the team is headed in the right direction”. Romo: “Just keep it close and we can win it late.” UGHHHHH!!! Maybe Lee has still got his TOE INJURY POOR LITTLE THING!!!

  • Lazarus

    At least the Eagles have ha decent draft pick! Systematic failure from the top down leaves this once great franchise rotting. JJ mismanaging his way into the history books, Garrett using his offense from the history books and a good QB mentally worn down by everything he has to deal with from the rest of his bone head team mates causing him to have breakdowns in big games!

    It was all perfectly summed up by the lack of ambition to even try a hail mary, and Hatchers idiotic penalty, sealing their win.

    Outdated offense that never gets the snap off, beleaguered D made up of guys off the street, a placid coach, all run by an egomaniacal supervillain that would rather have a stupid block-out-the-sun-TV in the stadium than a good team.

  • jsryd

    I love that the only response Cowboy fans give is we got more rings than you. LOL Way too funny Last time I looked the fans don’t get any rings, just players. At least the Eagles are in rebuild mode and will be bringing in a new regime to turn things around. The Cowboys with Romo and Garrett will continue to be a team that always hovers around .500. The will never win with those two, and I’m glad Jones is keeping them.

  • Todd

    I would like to make a correction to this article. The Eagles did not call themselves the Dream Team last year; that was dumbass Vince Young. Where did he play in college?

    Not sure if Babin got the better end of the deal. I don’t necessarily see the Jaguars tearing it up any time soon but I could be wrong. If you die hard Cowboy fans can see the Cowboys making it to the playoffs year after miserable year I guess you can also see the Jags winning it all in a couple of years.

    I do love that when Cowboy Fans get their feelings hurt about the games, ie. last night as an example, they want to start talking about the past and the Superbowls they have won. It is a very distant past in that regard (1996) and none in the future as long as Jerry Jones owns the team. He is responsible for getting rid of the only two coaches that gave them a Superbowl. I do not give credit to Swisher for the SB in 1996, that was still Jimmy Johnson’s team. And he got rid of Parcels, a superb QB trainer, before he was finished with Romo. Jerry likes control much more than he likes Winning. That is indisputable.

    So cry on, Dallas. Cry on. I am a die hard and faithful Eagles Fan. Some of you may know me as The Tobes. Dallas will always be a mediocre team unless Jerry lets go of some of the control.

    As far as the Eagles…. Well who knows. We have at the moment a bright future; we can only go up from here. Dallas? Well, you have Jason Garret, Mr. Conservative Play caller with NO Passion. And no balls to stand up to Jerry Jones.

  • The Tobes

    Oh another note about a QB. The Colts won 2 games last year and the Redskins won 5. Both picked up quality QBs in the draft and both are in the Playoffs. Say what you want, Romo is mediocre and will never lead the ‘Boys to a Superbowl nor any other team. He Chokes when his team needs him the most.

    • disqus_TnoALFdckG