Dec 16, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) leaves the field during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Steelers 27-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys Battered And Bruised, CowboysNation Sick And Tired

A fitting way to end the Dallas Cowboys season.  All three starting WRs went out of the game injured before it was all over.  Key injuries, a bad call (roughing the passer?, Really?), and an interception at a critical point in the game.

Funny… the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Another ‘mad season’ and the only thing – and I mean, the ONLY thing – we can take away from it is these Cowboys don’t quit.  Unfortunately that has only translated into flashes of brilliance mixed with a heavy dose of mediocre.  In the Cowboys defense (no pun intended), though, injuries to key players were out of control this year.  I’ve seen fewer injured people in a M.A.S.H. unit.

Injuries aside, the truth about this team is clear and self evident.  The Dallas Cowboys are only as good as their QB, Tony Romo.  Too often, at critical times, it’s not good enough.   I am an unabashed Romosapien, that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m dealing with.   The correlation is easy to make.  Romo always seems to be knocking on the elite door, always about to get to the next level.  The Cowboys  always seem to be about to get to that next level as well.  Romo falls short and the Cowboys fall short.

I’m sure as I write this that no one is more frustrated and disappointed in this last game, or this season, than Tony Romo himself.  He knows what he left on FedEx field last night.  Romo’s chance to add to the upside of his legacy instead added to the down side of it.

All that being said, I will not put this loss only on Romo.  The Cowboys defense, which I’m sure has it’s own wing at a hospital in Dallas,  could not stop the Redskins running game.  DeMarcus Ware shouldn’t have been in the game, but we needed bodies and Ware wasn’t going to end his season on the sidelines.  Besides, I’m not entirely sure that a healthy, mistake free Cowboys team could have stood in the way of the RGIII train.  Our Cowboys were close but not quite good enough and close only counts in horseshoes (cliche’ alert).

Actually, it’s too bad Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys don’t play horseshoes instead of football.  I bet they’d be very good at horseshoes.


Points and Observations:

-Some other possible titles to this article:

‘Cowboys Playoff Hopes Intercepted’

‘Monkey Still Firmly In Place On Tony Romo’s Back’

‘Cowboys Don’t Quit, Don’t Win Either’

-Injuries did uncover some players that may have a significant future with the team – Dwayne Harris, Alex Albright, Ryan Cook, Lance Dunbar – and expose others they may not – Kevin Ogletree, Miles Austin (okay, maybe not Miles), Danny McCray -.  Feel free to add to either list.

-Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, and Dez Bryant all broke records this year… and nobody seemed to notice or care.

-Sean Payton, sadly, is not an option to coach this team.  Jason Garrett is our coach for at least another year.  I’m sure he’s a genius and will become a great coach – he certainly earned some respect from his team.  That being said, I fear his growing pains cost Witten, Ware, and especially Romo, a chance at a Superbowl run.

-On that same subject, I think Romo should ask for a trade to a team that may only be a QB away from contention.  I still believe with the right system, Romo could thrive somewhere else, a la Kurt Warner.  From what I hear, 2013 is not going to be a quality draft for QBs and teams like Arizona may rather get Romo and develop a QB behind him, you know, like the Cowboys should have done.

-Jason Witten is a future Hall of Famer,  maybe not first ballot, but definitely will get in.   Sadly, Jerry Jones would never let Witten go so he can have a chance at a SuperBowl.

-There is nothing more frustrating than a good player that can’t stay healthy.  If the following players can’t stay healthy, then we cannot consider them anything more than disappointments:  Sean Lee, Jay Ratliff, Bruce Carter, DeMarco Murray.  If they can’t stay on the field, they can’t help the team.  Tell me I’m wrong.

-NFL teams typically build their teams to compete against the other teams in their division.  If that model is true, then the rest of the NFC East has some rebuilding to do to stay up with the Redskins.

- Artie Cappello




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  • fgoodwin

    Nothing will change as long as Jerry continues to pretend that he knows what he’s doing as GM.

  • I agree

    Cut Miles & Olgertree & add Jordan Matthews & D. Rodgers & go get S Dj Swearing & OT DJ Fluker

  • IllegalAmigo

    Wow, I haven’t read a such juvenile writing since reading my son’s kindergarten reports. Are there any journalist in America that are actually qualified to be writing?

    • Artie C

      Really? This is a blog. Not looking for a Pulitzer Prize. If you would like to share your thoughts and opinions on the Dallas cowboys, feel free. Oh, and you didn’t need an ‘a’ after read and you missed an ‘s’ at the end of journalist.

    • DapperDan11

      Illegal, it’s a blog. We aren’t looking for 100% mistake-free material, per se. Rather, just opinions and views from fans such as ourselves. I got the point of the article well enough, in that I didn’t find a need to critique every letter.

  • kurumba

    Garrett has just stated that there will quote “be no change to the status quo.” This includes his control over play calling. That also means another injury riddled season, more negative turnover ratios [probably even worse this time as Garrett has NO PRESSURE FROM SEAN PAYTON ANY LONGER] and poor home performances. Pete Carroll said clearly that quote: : “To be a Championship Team in the long term you need to dominate at Home.” Ha! This is the exact OPPOSITE of what the bloodless arrogant knowledge limited Garrett does in his home games. Garrett’s philosophy is : “Keep it close and try to win in the 4th Quarter.” QB Tony himself has bragged that quote “we feel we can win even if we are 14 points in arrears.” Which successful football team has ever had this IDIOTIC PHILOSOPHY??? When Romo Throws ridiculous picked off passes Garrett’s post game comments are usually “the guy just made a good play on the ball.” This is pure NONSENSE. Garrett is a simplistic FRAUD whose play calling is already known around the league. He is there because Owner/Capitalist Tyrant Jones wants him there because he is NO THREAT TO HIS POOR EGO!!! Next season Dallas will be like The Eagles this year… a very poor mistake riddled football team on the cusp of disaster. I feel sorry for the diehard fans because unlike at say Barcelona FC or Real Madrid FC or even Manchester United the fans at Dallas HAVE NO SAY IN EITHER MANAGEMENT PERSONNEL & COACHES. NONE!

  • DapperDan11

    Tony Romo is a great QB. Problem is, he’s not clutch. And to win in the NFL, you have to be clutch. Ben Rapistberger isn’t a great QB, never has been. He’s benefitted from a top 5 defense every year, BUT, he’s clutch. He knows how and WHEN to perform to get the job done. That’s the difference between Romo being elite and great.

    This team, though, has many more problems than Romo. We need an offensive line and a healthy defense. Had our defense been healthy all year, we probably would have won the division by a couple games.

  • kurumba

    No! Garrett will NEVER be anything but mediocre. Why? Because Garrett is a TOTAL FRAUD and lately he sounds distinctly more & more like Jones. Garrett SHOULD NOT EVEN BE AN ASSISTANT COACH, he does NOT have the requisite skills or background knowledge for successful coaching. Further, he has no personality and an arrogant character. What has Garrett ever achieved in terms of personal skills? Little if anything. Now Garrett is praising Ryan and yet the defence ranks equal last in takeaways!!! Ryan too has a very poor record as a Co-Ordinator. Notice that poor old Cleveland did not hesitate in getting rid of him, because he too is hopeless. If Garrett was released, as he deserves to be, then he would be lucky if a team hired him as a minor assistant. Yet the Capitalist Tyrant Jones has him penciled in as a top Coach. Joke!!! NO OTHER TEAM WOULD EVEN HIRE THIS FRAUD. The Spike in performance e.g against The Bengals & Pittsburgh was due largely to the unfortunate death of LB Brown, NOT TO GARRETT. When the emotional feelings died down then the team returned to its mediocrity & passionless football, just how Garrett’s pathetic character is. Status Quo = The Next San Diego Chargers.

  • kurumba

    For once I agree totally with Stephen A Smith. The fact that Garrett does NOT want a skillful Co-Ordinator like Norv Turner a guy who made ALEX SMITH look quite good just shows again that Garrett is a fraud who should NOT be anywhere near a Head Coaching position. To return Garrett & Romo AGAIN is sheer suicide and a bane to diehard supporters. This will end like Mike Vick & Reid… In disaster with the team in a complete mess from the QB down. Fat Rob Ryan is no better and Dallas is tied in equal last with turnovers.

  • TK Matt