Dec 30, 2012; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) is hit by Washington Redskins linebacker Perry Riley (56) after releasing the ball during the first half at FedEX Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA Today Sports

Is It Time For The Cowboys To Clean House?

Here at The Landry Hat, we care about what our readers think. Our entire site is dedicated to you, the die-hard Dallas Cowboy fans. And there is no better way to gauge your opinions then through our poll questions. Please submit your choice below, leave  your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to check to see what the bulk of Cowboy fans feel is the right answer.

Who should the Cowboys fire/replace in the off-season? (select all that apply)

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  • Todd Toombs

    Where is “All of the above”? That’s my vote

  • Td

    Horrible, horrible,horrible. Where is replaced the owner?

  • Joseph

    Cut Tony Romo. End the pain. I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I thought I was emotionally prepared from Romo breaking my heart again, but the latest screw up is too devastating to endure.

    To Jerry Jones, do one of the following and I will continue supporting the Dallas Cowboys

    1) Give up your GM responsibilities. Hire a real general manager to manage the football operations. When general managers do a bad job putting together a team, they are fired. We’ve changed coaches, coordinators, players. Now the GM has to go.

    2) Cut Tony Romo. Start over and rebuild with a new quarterback. Give up on the season and find a new one either through the draft or free agency. Romo is a great quarterback. He is a top ten quarterback in my opinion. But he has one fatal flaw. He will kill you in the biggest moment. His performance tonight proves my case.

    I’m done with football this season. I’m not watching the playoffs. And if both Tony Romo and Jerry Jones are back in 2013, I’m not watching the Cowboys season. Real Cowboys fans don’t want a billion dollar stadium, that we have to pay out the ass for, to play football in. Jerry Jones, give us a real football team. Sixteen years it too long to wait for a change.

    We used to be the Dallas Cowboys. Now we are the new Oakland Raiders. A once proud franchise run into the ground by a stubborn owner.

    • onthespot

      Totally agree and the Oakland Raiders do suck…dedicated to excrement…

      Embarrassing. To think Garrett states after the game that that they fought hard and it was a solid season, makes me ill.

      Admit the season stunk and maybe I’ll cut you slack…to say anything but the truth confirms JJ is all about marketing a sub-par product to lemming fans.

      • Joseph

        I don’t have any faith in Garrett. Never did. I want Jones to step off and throw big money at a winning coach. But because of Jones’ ego, the job becomes less attractive.

    • Lonesome Star

      Totally agree with Joseph. The owner is stupid, deeellusional, and a complete idiot when it comes to football.

  • kurumba

    Pete Carroll Head Coach of the SUCCESSFUL Seahawks stated and I quote: “To be a championship team in the long term… You must dominate at home.” When has hopeless Garrett ever stated thus? Garrett always states the goal is to “to keep games close with a chance to win in the Fourth Quarter”. What NONSENSE is this? This is NEVER the way to build a good team never!!! Snake Oil Salesmen is what Garrett and Ryan really are. Peddling Garbage and Failure wrapped up in Sugar Coated Tablets. If these imposters are still there then I strongly urge Fans TO BOYCOTT THE TYRANT JONES & HIS IDIOT STADIUM. Next season will be the second coming of NORV TURNER & THE CHARGERS!!!

  • kurumba

    As For Romo why not trade say a 3rd Rounder for Ryan Mallett from Belichick?

  • juz sayin

    Out Sensabagh in DJ Swearing or Matt Elam out Free in DJ Fluker out Jay Rat in Sheldon Richardson ,Tag Spencer & get Chase Thomas or Green outta Rutgers, out Jenkins get Will Davis ,Out Brittle Austin & get WR Jordan Matthews or Dadrick Rodgers & as for Romo ?

  • BensonH

    And who do you replace Romo with, Joseph? You don’t get rid of Romo. If the Cowboys want to even have a chance to compete in 2013, you keep Romo and try to solidify the offensive line so the ball can be in Demarco Murray’s hands more, and consider letting Miles Austin go

    • Joseph

      Replace Romo with a young quarterback through the draft. Romo is a stellar quarterback, but he will do this again. He will burn you in the biggest moment, his talent will tease you into giving him another season. Jones will tell you again this is a process and we are on the right track. Don’t buy it. We missed the playoffs four of the last five seasons. This isn’t a process, it’s the twilight zone,

  • frank

    Start with Garrett, his coaching is mediocre at best. I am an IT geek and I know what his offense is running. Second, who has picked all of these offensive lineman, they need to get fired too. Last weeks game against the Saints, without Ware, Spencer did not even get close to Drew Breese, cut him too. This guy is over-rated. Could they not hire a personal trainer to prevent injuries, how could you have so many injuries, do we not do any homework on draft picks or is this a coaching issue. Keep Romo,
    yes he made mistakes but he was the only one competing at times, at least he was trying to win. Without him, this team really stinks. JJ, this team need changes in the worst kind of way.

    • disqus_TnoALFdckG

      I agree with everything except Romo has to go too. That man can’t win a big game ever…never ever. Dude can’t run a 2 minute drill let alone win the game on the last possession with 4 minutes on the clock. He sucks that much. He simply cannot handle the pressure so yes he must go. Bill told us not to anoint this joker to soon and that is exactly what the organization did. He got a huge contract and for what? What has he ever won? Cut his sorry ass…PLEASE!

  • MikeD

    The one constant that has never been changed over the years is the GM position, want to clean house start there. I have been a Cowboys fam my entire life and get sick to my stomach everytime JJ opens his mouth.

  • Bill Lewis

    How about a new General Manager?

  • Marlon

    The Cowboys need to let Garrett go. Garrett has not lead Dallas thru anything. Garrett has always benefited from someone else’s grief. First in his playing career as a backup. His shots came at the expense of the starter. Secondly as an assistant coach/Interim. After sucking as an OC and the firing of Wade Phillips, he benefited from a team that was scared and playing for their jobs. Lastly and lately as a head coach. The Cowboys were dead and unmotivated. Garrett walks thru camp holding his pinking finger to the air as if to say “I am royalty, I am Ivy league”. Players can’t relate to that kind of robotic politician style. They need a coach they can relate to. BUT, Garrett benefited from the very sad and truly unfortunate passing of Jerry Brown. The team found something and someone to play for and it sure wasn’t Garrett. Garrett is a desperate man trying to sell us on the “Process”. Garrett needs to go! Romo also needs to be shown the trade block. Bring in some good trade picks and build through the draft. Cowboys fans would rather see a few years of struggle for the greater good than more of the same disappointment year after year. Garrett and Romo are what they are and that is “Mediocre”.

  • DapperDan11

    I truly wish Romo success with another team. He is truly a gem that hasn’t been polished, and their isn’t the coaching in Dallas that will allow him to flourish. It’s going to take a big culture change this offseason by coaches and players alike for things to change and get the Cowboys competing again. Other than that, I say blow this team up and REBUILD .

  • kurumba

    1. Definetly HIRE NORV TURNER as OC. As we are stuck with Tony R. he needs somebody NEW to work with him. 2. Also HIRE ROMEO CRENNEL OR LOVIE SMITH AS DEFENSIVE CO-ORDINATOR. Ryan has repeatedly shown his mouth and gut exceed his ability so get rid of him. Ryan did NADA at Oakland and Cleveland.

  • TK Matt