Dec 16, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws a pass over Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel (99) during the second half at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys won 27-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Are Tony Romo’s December Woes No More?

The question that has been neglected more than you would think is the question of whether or not starting quarterback Tony Romo’s December has overcome his December woes?

There have been a lot of other things covered in the media concerning the Cowboys’ season that have pushed this topic out of the headlines. Some items have deserved the coverage and others make you shake your head and wonder what the media is thinking.

Romo has been notorious at not giving enough to help his team win in the month of December. He’s been lights out in November, but when it came down to the final stretch, things seemed to always go south. And as well all know, that is one of the biggest knocks Romo has had to endure.

Things seemed to have taken a reverse effect this year with regards to Romo’s November and December performance. Not a complete switch, but a more noticeable improvement in the month of December.

To date Romo has compiled a 3-0 record with six touchdowns thrown and only one interception surrendered to opposing defenses. To go along with that, he has completed 68.7% of his passes. He is making better decisions and late in games, where he was at his worst a year ago, Romo is playing his best. Because of this, Dallas is competing for a playoff spot when they feasibly should not be in the mix after dropping to 3-5 almost six weeks ago.

So what’s different? Why is Romo playing so well when historically he is a choke artist this time of year? Everyone can speculate until they’re blue in the face, but I think it’s a combination of things.

Romo is an escape artist and we all know that. He extends plays and finds ways to make something out of nothing. With an offensive line that has been in flux the majority of the season, this is when Romo and his magic abilities have come in handy.

The play calling as of late has been simplified and features fewer trick plays and more straight attacks directly to the heart of opposing defenses. No more crazy stuff that doesn’t yield results, just straight up hard-nosed football.

Because of the simpler play calling there has been predictability that naturally comes along for the ride. To combat that Dallas has gotten players like DeMarco Murray healthy and a whole lot of fight out of Players like Dez Bryant. When you have players as good as these two, it makes up for a lot of faults.

Will it last is the next logical question fans and analysts alike ask. That is a hard question to answer. With two games remaining against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, and a winner-take-all likely scenario week 17 against Robert Griffin III and the division-rival Washington Redskins the whole world will see if this is just a fluke, or if the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo are for real.

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  • Sam Lane

    Choke artist? Another D-U-M-B carnival barker blog with no intelligent concideration or regard for a consistently “weak” offensive line and defense, check the facts, Romo career stats are near the top against any active QB. Pathetic, biased, trash…

  • Chris

    The difference this year as opposed to the last few years is that the Cowboys have been the hunters this season, not the hunted. Tony will never shake the criticisms until he performs well in the pressure moments… The last three games have been a precursor to the next two. If Tony fails in either of the last two games, the same old criticisms will come back about Tony in big game situations…

  • blarghl

    Romo played lights out last year in December too (with the exception of the eagles game, but he got injured in that one after like one play). The TEAM fell apart, largely due to the defense collapsing, but Romo played great. The year before that he missed due to the collarbone, but in 09 he had a solid december – no picks, no fumbles, 60+ completion percentage in every game (then he lit up the eagles in back to back weeks in January, are we counting that?) This “Tony chokes in December” meme is not only tired, it’s not even close to true.