Dallas Cowboys Overcome Emotions After Teammates Death

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We sit behind computer monitors and share how we feel about players we like and dislike on this football team in an immune, sterile atmosphere. You and I aren’t accountable to each other. We can agree to disagree, or decide that each other don’t matter and vow to never have anything to do with each other ever again. On a football team there are no such luxuries or privileges. It really is a brotherhood like few can understand unless they’ve been in the locker room with a team.

I believe a locker room is simultaneously the most irreverent and most sacred place I have ever been. That may sound like a strange dichotomy or oxymoron to some people, but I bet most who ever played know exactly what I mean. It is irreverent because nothing is off limits. It is sacred because of the fierce loyalty. I had a teammate openly joke about my mother lying to me about who my father was. Everyone was laughing. Hell, I was laughing. Away from the locker room or huddle if someone says something like that it’s an invitation to a fight. At the same time two guys can get into a fight in practice and then defend each other if someone on the other team tries to fight the same guy. You forget the practice squabbles. You never forget the humor, good times, and person.

That’s where the Cowboys are this week. Reporters are going to ask questions. They have to. That is their job. The reactions they get from this team will be the most real answers they will get all season. Some may not be able to answer. There’s a service for Jerry Brown planned for Tuesday by the team. No one will be absent. Josh Brent will be there soaking up support from his teammates. He will never feel more support for the rest of his life. He’d trade it all to take back what happened, and he can’t.

Rest in Peace Jerry Brown. I wish we as fans had got to know you the same way your team did.

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