Nov 22, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Washington Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan (91) sacks Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) on Thanksgiving at Cowboys Stadium. The Redskins beat the Cowboys 38-31. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Is It Time For The Dallas Cowboys To Cut Ties With Tony Romo?

I say let him go, it’s time to cut the ties. The poor guy is basically put back there as target practice. Seriously, is this what rock bottom feels like? I just can’t imagine how it can get much worse than this. I guess a winless season would be worse but even then at least you wouldn’t expect anything. This team just dangles hope in front of your eyes and teases just enough to make you hurt.

Okay, so the title of this article is probably a little misleading. Okay let’s not sugarcoat it; it’s very misleading. Just by the title I imagine many of you though it was going to be a Romo bashing. Actually, I’m sure all of you Romo haters were probably hoping for it. This article is written as a plea for some kind of change.

Love him or hate him, Tony Romo was what gave the team a chance on Thanksgiving’s embarrassment. The line once again was abysmal, the running game isn’t even at a jog, and let’s face it people, this defense may be just a little overrated. You aren’t going to win many games giving up 38 points.

Is it time to cut ties with Tony Romo? I say no, but the guy deserves a whole heck of a lot more than this. He basically has one weapon in Dez Bryant to help him create miracles. I’m sure a lot of you are thinking that I left Jason Witten out. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jason Witten and I think he’s a vital part of this team, but he just hasn’t been making the big plays we’ve become accustomed to seeing.

Okay so like I said, the title of this article was probably very misleading, but something has to happen. Jason Garrett just doesn’t seem to get it. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, good call, except I’m pretty sure this thing is broke. It seems like the exact same story every week. I’m no coach and I don’t claim to have an easy solution but try something different. The hurry up has worked for this team before why is that not even considered. What’s the worst that could happen? Another loss? The playoffs look pretty bleak now anyways so what’s the damage. This is like a backwards game of Russian roulette where every pull of the trigger has a bullet in it except for one. One more loss and the playoffs are probably out of the question.

I don’t know what to say anymore. Tony Romo deserves much better than this. I think he’s at least owed a better opportunity. Hopefully it’s with this team. He still hasn’t agreed to a new contract so maybe this is his escape route. Hope is not completely gone for this season so let’s keep our heads up, but hopefully five weeks from now our mentality will have changed.

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  • Distant and fading Cowboy fan

    I wrote to Garrett and the Cowboys to draft Kaepernick last year. He would have been perfect for the Boys…not even a look at the guy…stupid Jerry…Kaepernick is going to beat the Cowboys like a snare drum for years to come.

    • sportzmen24/7

      Dallas didn’t need to draft a qb at that time. Dallas needs to think in that direction in the next year or two. Especially if Romo doesn’t want to re-sign a new deal. Romo is just fine for the next 2-3 seasons and Orton at the current backup is Also Just Fine… There isn’t a qb in this next draft to worry about. Dallas needs heavy reconstruction of the o-line, wr and running gm. and tweak the D even more… Till then don’t worry about the qb…

      • David Perez

        We’ve got bigger fish to fry than Tony.

      • ctcowboy1968

        The total focus has to be on the OL and DL. But mainly on the OL. Day 1 starters. Skill players can perform if the OL doesn’t perform first.

    • David Perez

      The Cowboys should’ve gone after Jim Harbaugh. This was their first screw up.

      • ctcowboy1968

        I completely agree with you. Unfortunately, Jim was not going to move his family away from northern California. He turned down more $$ to coach another team so he could stay in that location.

    • ‘mericas_team2012

      Im guessing you think Alex Smith is better than A Rodgers too dont you? Kap has the perfect team built around him right now, not to many guys who couldnt succeed in that situation(sure has helped Alex), bring him here and he is just another “bust”

  • sportzmen24/7

    I’m not even going to read this GARBAGE, but I’LL Say; why does everyone point the finger at Romo when Dallas loses gms??? The lack of wide receivers and quality of is lacking in that area and has for 3-4 seasons. Bad routes being run, injuries plaguing players and NO running game at all…!!! Some are just clueless as to the going on with Dallas that the easiest scape GOAT is to blame the QB and not address the real issues with these Dallas Cowboys.
    The offensive line is that of barely a college level caliber of talent, maybe high school, just kidding of coarse. The running game is the weakest in the NFL. The defense has improved a little, but still can’t cover the deep pass to save anyones life. OH and those things Called ‘PENALTIES’

    • Juanito Juanito

      that people have the right to speak, but are pure crap and do not know anything about football

    • ‘mericas_team2012

      Maybe you should read it, because the writer says that he thinks Romo deserves better from his team and that he maybe better off doing it elsewhere. This in noway is a knock on Romo, I myself have thought the same, let him go so he can actually have a shot at not being “the guy who never could”

  • sportzmen24/7

    Yes. Very Misleading in the header…!!! It’s all the same, same, same when discussing the Dallas Cowboys when they lose or aren’t playing as good as they look on Paper. Always Tony Romo’s fault. That’s BS….!!!!

    • David Perez

      I bet Sean Payton would snatch up Tony as a backup for Drew in New Orleans.

      • bwall

        TR would never go to a team for backing up, no matter who the starter is. That is rediculous to think a start at TR level would accept a backup role.

      • ‘mericas_team2012

        Tony would be almost as coveted as Peyton Manning was last season. No way does he even think about backing someone up somewhere. Minnesota, Cleveland, Arizona, NY Jets, Jville are just a few I could see coming after him hard

  • David Perez

    GMJerry will either finally make a smart move or remain mediocre for many more yrs.

    • Gary Hermenau

      What smart move is that? Fire himself? Fire Garret? Fire the entire o-line????

  • Cookieman36

    Yeah i’m a huge dallas fan and i feel also it is tume to cut Tony loose, and put in there bck up Kyle Orton and see how he does for the rest of the season and maybe pick up Michael Vick or someone else, cause the way there goin they wont see a superbowl til after next year, its time for tony to go, i hate to say it but its true.

    • ctcowboy1968

      Vick is toast. He is one hit away from a wheel chair. Turn over machine. Doesn’t have it anymore. Vick isn’t even in the same league as Tony.
      Orton is good, but nearly as good as Tony.
      Tony’s not the problem. JJ and JG are. Hire Sean Payton and draft 2 awesome OL in the first round next year that start day 1.

  • Lupe Chavarria

    Sean Payton should be our next coach. Let Tony Romo go, because the aura in Dallas with him at QB is losing. When you lose alot players get hurt and its not healthy. Let Kyle Orton to be our new QB or get Alex Smith from the 49′ers temporary with a good running game and offensive line until we get our hands on that Aggie from College Station QB Johnny Manziel 6-1 205 Texas A&M. He has the “IT” factor and reminds me of two former 49′ers great QB Joe Montana with his throwing and Steve Young with his running. He’s smart and manages the game great, without turning the ball over. The defensive coordinator should be Will Muschamp from Florida. Because, he’s good at making adjustments after halftime and he coaches’em up. A Jimmy Johnson clone.

    • Juanito Juanito

      lupe in your mock or coments, puras pendejadas

    • ctcowboy1968

      Romo is our best competitor on this team. He always gives us a chance to win and wants to win more than any other player on this team. It shows in his effort. What holds him back is JG’s awful play calling and JJ’s lousy OL.
      Alex Smith sucks and he plays behind the best OL in the NFL. Tony deserves combat pay for what he goes thru.

  • brahma37

    I think it’s more, does Tony Romo cut ties with the Dallas Cowboys? You can clearly tell that he’s frustrated with this team. Who would want to go into a game knowing they’re going to: get almost no pass protection, have no running game, have WR’s that can’t run proper routes, have a coach that can’t manage a game clock, and have an owner that’s just a flat out idiot? I think he leaves the Cowboys, they don’t let him go, then he signs with a team where his skills are shown and he where he doesn’t have to deal with Jerry Jones’ ego.

    • bwall

      I agree with you, There is a reason why he did not want to sign a new deal before the season. He deserves better than the garbage that he is in front of him. This line cannot run block against d lines that are near the bottom of the league in terms of rushing, which is awful. I think TR is frustrated by the owner, gm, coach, and players. If I were him, I would tell the owner/gm, give me better players or I am gone. And I bet he makes the cardinals or dolphins instant playoff contenders.

  • Lupe Chavarria

    My mock draft 2013 for Dallas is as follows with explanation.
    1)WR/PR/KR/RB Tavon Austin 5-9 185 West Virginia 4.38
    Very explosive playmaker. Can play different positions and excel. Just in case we trade Miles Austin (always hurt) or Dez Bryant (off the field problems). He can step right in. Reminds me of former Cowboy WR Kevin Williams, but faster. Can take it to the house every time he gets his hands on the ball.
    2)NT Sylvester Williams 6-3 326 North Carolina
    It will allow Jay Ratliff to move to defensive end and Tyrone Crawford at the other end position.
    3)OLB Sean Porter 6-2 245 Texas A&M
    Can be the terror opposite Damarcus Ware
    4)OG Alvin Bailey 6-5 320 Arkansas
    Need more talent on the offensive line. Can let Berdeneau and Costa and Dockery go. Just sad!!
    5)RB Kerwynn Williams 5-9 205 Utah State
    Need talent to backup Demarco Murray just in case.
    6)SS Shamarko Thomas 5-10 210 Syracuse 4.38
    With Barry Church injured and Danny McCray struggling. Need a starter back there.
    7)C Patrick Lewis 6-2 325 Texas A&M
    Need an upgrade over Costa (gone) and Cook (backup). Played excellent against Alabama’s Jesse Williams.
    Please, comment on draft. Good, bad or just leave a response. Thanks!!

    • brahma37

      1st and 2nd round we need great O-Lineman. 3rd round we can grab Taylor, Ball, or Lacy as RB (I like him, but Murray’s injury prone. Maybe he can be a #2). 4th another O-Lineman, 5th DT or DE, 6th WR, 7th SS. Gotta focus on the pass protection and running game.

    • Juanito Juanito

      cowboys need talent in lines, and you only can find that in the first 3 round regularly

    • ‘mericas_team2012

      Unfortunately, I dont believe we have a 7th rd pick due to the Cook trade. I like the Tavon Austin pick as he is explosive but i believe a 1st rd pick for him is a reach. I also believe Costa will be resigned I just pray JJ doesnt over pay him like he does so many.

  • bwall

    If I were romo I would tell the GM, give me a line to run and pass block or I am gone, simple as that.

    • Juanito Juanito

      i agree a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

    • Cowgirlcas22

      I agree 100%. He holds all the cards right now. It’s not like the Cowboys have any chance at just replacing what he brings to the offense. Yr after yr he finishes top 5 in the NFL. Ahead of all the 1st rd qb’s drafted since he was the starter. If he can do that running for his life: What would he do with time in the pocket and a consistent running game? Mark my words, Aikman wouldn’t win anything with this team.

  • real talk

    Out Sensabaugh,Spencer ,Austin & Romo – In Bacarri Rambo,Chase Thomas,Jordan Matthews & Tyler Wilson

  • Shteve

    Jason Witten isnt a big play guy, hes just a reliable short target on 3rd down. He doesnt drop anythng,,, unlike fez

  • VAboysfan

    My Xmas wish for Romo is 5 good to great offensive lineman so he doesn’t have to run and duck for his life every week. I for one would LOVE to see what he could do with a just a “good” offensive line. He’s damn good people. We just never get to see it with the crap he has in front of him. They’re KILLING me…and Romo too.

  • VAboysfan

    Oh, and maybe hire Sean Peyton or Holmgren…just saying.

  • frustrated cowboy fan

    YES YES YES I’ve been calling for a trade for this guy for YEARS!!!! I gave him the three year try and nothing…. excuse after excuse!!!!!! 1 2 3 interceptions over and over. He can be called the worst of the worst when it comes to the bad years. You can throw as many yards as you want! Your not going to win with yards! The red zone is where it’s at! THANKSGIVING was a joke!!!!! He’s the JAKE PLUMMER of Dallas!!!! We got rid of Owens, We got rid of the Running Game, coaches, even front lines.

    • Gary Hermenau

      NO! NO! NO! Where were you when he fired Wade, and kept Garret??? Do you know ANYTHING about the QB position? There isn’t a QB in the league that would play well with that o-line. Bad snaps, non-existent blocking, WR that don’t know their routes, POOR PLAY CALLING. Romo is lucky if he gets 1 second to pass the ball. He plays the entire game under pressure. It’s amazing he does as well as he does.

      Blaming Romo is like blaming a race car driver, for not winning races, while driving a Prius.

      BTW Did you READ the article? The writer doesn’t believe that Romo should go.

    • ‘mericas_team2012

      Say what you want, but the closest thing Romo has had to a REAL receiver since TO left is Dez Bryant. Thats not saying much and that was JG and JJs idea of making the team “Romo Friendly” To me Romo Friendly wouldve been some promising young olineman TO at least finishing up his contract and at least one reliable RB. Romo has to be used properly he cant come out and throw more than 30-35 times a game and when the Cowboys were winning(well kinda) what did they have? A solid rusher in MB3, sure he never hit a thousand yards but in his prime years here he was giving us alot more than 2-3 TDs

  • VAguysfan

    Kyle Orton or Alex Smith??? Really guys? Walking statues. I’m really stunned by some of these comments. Seems like you WANT us to suck for another few years. Ugh.

  • Tommy

    If Jerry put me in charge for next season, this is what I would do.GO COWBOYS!

    Head Coach
    Chip Kelly, Oregon (3 years)
    Overall Record: 34-6 (2009-present)

    Defensive Coordinator
    Kirby Smart: Alabama Defensive Coordinator

    Offensive Coordinator
    Mark Helfrich, Oregon

    General Manager
    Mike Holmgren

    Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Chris Doyle, IOWA

    Special teams coach
    Dennis McKnight, SMU

    Chief Scout
    Ron Zook, Florida

    Trades for Future Rebuilding

    Dez Bryant for a 3rd & 5th round pick
    Mike Jenkins for a 3rd & 6th round pick

    Cowboy Draft Picks for 2013
    I would try to trade up with the extra picks from Bryant and Jenkins.

    Round 1,
    Barrett Jones, OL, Alabama

    Round 1,
    (trade up 2 3rd round picks for Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia)

    Round 2, Jonathan Jenkins, DT, Georgia

    Round 3, Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia

    Round 3, Kenjon Barner, RB, Oregon

    Round 3, Le’Veon Bell*, RB, Michigan State

    Round 4, Graham Pocic, C, Illinois

    Round 5, Dion Jordan, OLB, Oregon

    Round 5, available from trade

    Round 6, D.J. Swearinger, S, South Carolina

    Round 6, available from trade

    Round 7, Blaize Foltz, OG, Texas Christian

    Come on Jerry hire me!

    • hello

      BAHAHAHAHA! Cmon man are you asking for failure??? An entire staff composed of college guys??? AND trade the best receiver we have for a 3rd and 5th you sir are a fool… oh and Mike Jenkins is going to be a FA so why would anyone trade for him. For the sake of fans I pray JJ doesnt hire you

  • californy

    I am not even a Romo fan but I never have thrown him underneath the bus. Romo record as a Qb only differs in one game with Troy Aikman after 88 games. Tony has double the Passing number, less interceptions as a whole. Aikman had 8 Probowl player on offence and 3 on defence on the 1994 SB team. Romo would be lucky to have more than two at Ware and Witten. If you want to compair number then compair Aikman SB number to any of Romo number in his career. Aikman had 13 TD to 12 Interception in his first SB in 1994 with the Dallas Cowboys. It look like Aikman was more of a passenger than he was the bus driver in that season. lol

  • Gary Hermenau

    I get tired of IDIOT sports writers. If anything: Romo needs to get rid of the Cowboys.

    Edit: Whoops, Sorry! I guess I should have read the article first! I get so tired of ” Let’s fire Romo” articles.

  • ctcowboy1968

    Tony is the best chance we have to win. Yes, he has had more INTs this year, but who wouldn’t behind this awful OL? Brees just threw 7 INTs in the last two games and cost his team both wins. Does Brees suck? Look back at the last 5 years and you will see that Tony has thrown the 3rd FEWEST INTs in the league.
    It’s not Tony. It’s JJ and JG. Both must go. Since JJ won’t, then follow the 49ers game plan to dominance. 3 simple steps. Hire a great HC. Sean Payton is innovative, disciplined and ruthless. Then draft 2 high quality OL in the first round next year that are starters day 1. The 49ers did this in 2011 and went from a lousy 6-10 team to the best team in the league.

  • Dave Easterwood

    The biggest problem the Cowboys have is Jerry Jones.

  • BensonH

    And play who? Dumbest. Post. This is why this site has gone downhill from the heydays. You’ve given any dipshit an opportunity to say something stupid. Cutting ties to Tony Romo leaves the Cowboys without a QB with a team that has the nucleus to win if a few changes were made—which may never happen.