Sep 23, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the field prior to the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Jerry Jones Makeshift Team Isn’t Working

So the Dallas Cowboys dropped another game on Thanksgiving Day.  The first game quarterback Tony Romo has ever lost on Thanksgiving Day and this current Dallas team hasn’t been able to win back to back often so we all knew that game was coming.  But that is in the past.   As the season has continued on, it becomes more apparent that owner and general manager Jerry Jones makeshift team isn’t doing it for the Dallas Cowboys.

Jerry Jones loves the media that is nothing every Dallas fan doesn’t know.  Jerry Jones loves the Cowboys, yes few fan still believe that.  Jerry is trying to build a Superbowl winning team but he’s not.  He’s buying play-makers and divas and forgetting about the basics of football, your offensive line and your trenches.   The offensive line and the defensive trenches are the two places that Dallas has been decimated by injuries throughout this season and further more most of last season.

So what’s the problem in Dallas?  Well it’s easy to pinpoint the owner and general manager because well ultimately it is his fault.  What other team’s owner do you see in front of the media all the time?  Not many except maybe Jerry Jones.

Yes people will say Jason Garrett, beloved head coach of Jerry Jones’ world is the biggest problem with the Dallas Cowboys and yes many people would be correct.  After all it seems that Garrett can’t manage the clock and his play calling is predicable and conservative.  The current coaching staff  has the look of  Jason Garrett’s, however, Jerry Jones has a huge say in what goes on as well because after all he has informed us fans time and time again that this is “his team” and he has “no plans to step down as general manager”.   It’s not like the coaching staff as a whole is currently working out.

Dallas has a defensive coordinator who can’t seem to keep his mouth closed when it comes to big games and always ends up putting his foot in his mouth whenever he guarantee’s something then comes back out to the media to whine when his team can’t back up their coach’s prediction.  The defense has been an upgrade from last season but there is still a lot of work to be done and well truthfully the defense did give up 28 points in one quarter to the Washington Redskins during Thursday’s game.

Offensive line coach Bill Callahan has been a huge bust.  As high as people have been on him, he has decimated whatever was left of a semi workable offensive line.  He did the same thing in Nebraska when he was there.  Some of the fans were willing to give him a chance but most of the offensive linemen who were picked up on the free agent block have been a bust as well.  If they hadn’t been a bust, quarterback Tony Romo wouldn’t always be running for his life and making bonehead mistakes trying to make things happen.

So the puzzle pieces aren’t quite fitting in together because the coaching staff hasn’t ever really had it together both before their coaching careers at Dallas and currently.  It’s kind of like the old commercial from the late 80’s/early 90’s where the guy is trying to get things to fit together and there is that one person in the background that is yelling “Just make it fit”.  That’s how the Dallas Cowboys have become and there is just one consistent person in all of that, Jerry Jones.

Again it’s understandable that players should execute the plays but really even the building blocks for a younger team is crumbling with injuries year in and year out.  Seems Dallas might need a new scout and broaden their drafting to outside the boarder states of Texas so to speak.

Jerry Jones’ make shift team isn’t the way to go for Dallas and it’s time for some inner reflection on how it’s been 18 years and still no major excitement in Dallas.  As we all know Jerry Jones will continue to be the same way he always has been because he refuses to admit he’s wrong.   Until then, the fans will continue to watch make shift teams that have no depth, no real coaching ability and no real chance at anything other than being the laughing stock of the NFL.

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  • Steve Strassman

    Brilliant! Too bad Jerry Jones isn’t!

    • Kim Dunning

      ty Steve and someday we hope he is :)

  • Les Bailey

    Jerry Jones has made a mockery of a proud old franchise.

  • bwall

    This team is losing it’s best players to injury at an unprecedent rate. Now this team will probably go on and lose most of the games remaining, showing that lack of coaching, and player evaluations go on with the so called GM really show that this team will not and cannot compete for a playoff. the get players that are other teams rejects and expect them to win?

  • ctcowboy1968

    Wealthy individuals egos don’t allow them to see how stupid they are. JJ doesn’t care about the Cowboys winning, just JJ winning. That includes JJ making huge amounts of $$$, getting his face on TV so that his ego can continue to grow and win a few football games here and there. The record shows that he has absolutely no clue what he is doing regarding the football team.
    For example, the 2009 draft, twelve picks resulted in 1 back up TE. It would be impossible to be that bad even if one tried.
    JJ has made it very clear that this is HIS team, he will do what HE wants to and it is for HIS enjoyment.
    It is very difficult for me to write this as I have been a life long fan, but JJ doesn’t reall care about this team, so why should we?

  • kurumba

    1968.. You are totally on the right path. Since the CHILD LIKE bust up with a class WINNING Head Coach, that is The Jimmster, Crocodile Face GM/Coach/Marketing Man Jerald Wayne Jones delivered an ultimatum to himself as capitalist patriarch & tyrant: to hell with the fans and winning titles this franchise will be run entirely & solely for MY benefit and nothing more. Recall when we won the SB in 1996? HC Barry Switzer stated at the Microphone… “We did it … we did it.. YOUR way Jerry… We did it “!!! Jones also made a holy pact: that if the Big Fella Upstairs granted him a 3rd SB then that was it, no more requests!!! Funny I never saw Robert Kraft at New England dismiss HC Bill Belichick, nor did they stop at going to 3 SBs. Nor did THEY make any such PACT WITH THE LORD!!! No, instead they went to 5 SBs and Brady & Belichick could soon make a 6th!!! The lesson is thus this: GM/Coach/Marketing Man Jones IS NOT INTERESTED IN HAVING A WINNING SUCCESSFUL FOOTBALL TEAM. Hence he delivers what SUITS HIM: MEDIOCRITY & CONTINUAL CRISIS OF FAILURE. THIS IS WHAT JONES ACTUALLY WANTS. This both protects his frail poor “ego” and preserves his enormous “pride”. So all fans suffer an eternal ENFER a CAPITALIST TYRANT’S ENFER. DESCENTE DANS L’ ENFER is what the French call it. Oh and BTW a new general manager is not necessarily the panacea. What is urgently needed is to appoint a HC like Bill Cowher OR Sean Payton let him select the playing roster and be heavily involved in draft selections and be allowed to pick all his assistant coaches and to make game plans in an autonomous fashion. One thing is certain: like Joseph Schumpeter described Capitalism as a process of “creative destruction” if GM/Capititalist Patriarch Jerald Wayne continues along this path of destruction the fans will steadily abandon Jones’s Train Wreck thus causing him substantial economic damage and rendering a once classy football franchise irrelevant & destroyed.

  • bigdinbigd

    who are these “divas” that he “bought”. I agree with most the rest of this, especially the line after that about the lines being the largest factor and how great teams are built. But buying players is not even a factor on this team. Yes Brandon Carr was a FA, got overpayed, but not one other player is what you claim. In the past yes. Now NO!!! OG and OT in the first 3 rounds next year