Memory Lane: Cowboys-Browns 1968-69 Playoffs

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Life is like an ocean liner: we’re all in it together, headed to the same destination, and we meet interesting people along the voyage. In my experiences with following the Dallas Cowboys, I have had the fortune to meet your standard fanatics who have a lot of breadth, but the 55 year-old gentleman from China I met on the message boards in 2007 had more depth than the 1992 Cowboys defensive line.

His username back then was “Ween,” and we, those who remain of “The Clique,” still refer to him as such from time to time. When he lived in Shanghai three years ago and I  was finishing up my bachelor’s in Oklahoma, there’s no way the two of us could have foreseen we would live concurrently in the Metroplex — no way. He lives in Plano and I live in Fort Worth, still worlds away in the Metroplex universe, but we still maintain a healthy, close Doc Brown/Marty McFly friendship.

Like Doc Brown, Ween has taken me back in time to tell stories of Cowboys yesteryears. In fact, he has an unfinished manuscript entitled A Fan’s View that has some great perspective on those old Cowboys teams from 1966-72. So I’m going to step out of the way, for the most part, this week and let Ween through A Fan’s View recount the 1968 and 1969 NFL Conference playoff games against the Cleveland Browns:

Immediately the Cowboys flexed the muscles honed from their near victories in the previous two NFL Championship Games. It looked like the new kings were not satisfied with simply ruling their dominion; they were out to make a mockery of it. They won the first six games of the [1968] regular season by an average of over three touchdowns per game beginning with a 59-14 route against the woeful Detroit Lions in the season opener. There was a momentary lapse in mid-season when they lost to the Packers (old habits die hard) and the Giants in the seventh and ninth games. They ran the table after that and finished the regular season at 12-2, ranked first in offense and second in defense. They were as complete a team as any in recent memory and appeared to be on the threshold of obliterating the memory of the past two seasons’ heartbreaks. Life was good.

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