Scrutinization of the team formerly known as the Dallas Cowboys

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As the 3rd quarter began, the Cowboys came out firing by running, running, running, and running.   It was working, so they should probably have kept it up.  Romo sacked; Cowboy punt.  So much for banging away!  The cameras panned over to Garrett, standing on the sidelines, straight-faced, maybe a smirk, but barely any emotion.  When the camera zoomed in on Rob Ryan, defensive coordinator, he was pacing, screaming into his headset, glaring towards the field, getting in someone’s face.  Two complete opposites who look like they have never spoken to each other.  Not sure there are any photos of the two in the same vicinity.  On the field the defense held and Atlanta’s kicker missed another field goal. If you’re still awake, the score is  6 – 6, late in the 3rd.  Cowboys offense took over and Witten finally got another look.   Cameras zerod in on Garrett, holding his laminated play card up in his face.  Intriguing!  Miles Austin, wide receiver, with his upteenth drop of the season ended the Cowboys drive.  Points came to a halt, as it remained 6 – 6.   Cowboys defense was fatigued from spending too much time on the field.  The cameramen were bored, so they stole shots of an active Ryan versus a passive Garrett.  Fascinating football!

Atlanta scored their first touchdown of the game at the 14:16 mark in the 4th quarter.  Images of a feisty Ryan marking down the score, 13 – 6.  The Atlanta fans perked up, while the Cowboy fans drank espresso to stay alert.  The Cowboy offense took the field and Romo passed six feet over the head of Bryant.  A draw play was called and the running back was dropped to the ground for a loss.  Romo looked like he wanted to throw something at Garrett.  An errant pass; Cowboy punt.   A nice shot of Garrett showing his dimples, as the announcers questioned what was wrong with the Cowboy offense.  Atlanta’s offense woke up, along with the crowd, and moved at will.  With eight minutes to go in the game, the Cowboys defense had an opportunity to pick off a touchdown pass.  Brandon Carr, cornerback, broke it up, but as the cameraman zeroed in on Ryan on the sidelines, he tossed his own laminated card, looking to kill.  The Cowboys milling around, lackadaisical attitudes, had infuriated the coach.  They were able to hold the Falcons to another field goal, which made the score 16 – 6 with 7:49 to go.

Nov 5, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett talks to the refs during the second half at the Georgia Dome. The Falcons defeated the Cowboys 19-13. Mandatory Credit: Josh D. Weiss-US PRESSWIRE

On the kick-off, the Cowboys made a great specials teams play, but because of a block in the back by the return team – Cowboys – they placed the ball at the 22 yard line.  Romo came out firing with a throw downfield, then went into hurry-up mode, and sent one towards Witten.  One more and he would set the Cowboy record for most catches in their history.  Romo passed, passed, passed, passed, and passed. Witten was the recipient of one said pass, which put him in the history books.  The offense was moving and low and behold, Ogletree, caught one for a touchdown.  It took all of two minutes and twenty nine seconds.  What if they did this every drive?   Was Garrett watching?  Thankfully, the cameraman locked onto Garrett at that very moment.  He was calmly talking to the referee; more than likely discussing landscaping tips.  With 22 seconds left in the game, the Falcons kicked another field goal to go up 19 – 13.   22 seconds to go the length of the field.  Romo looked over at Garrett, and nothing from the non-emotional coach, then to the forlorn Cowboy bench.  In the remaining seconds, the Romo threw short, short, short, in the words of the play-by-play guy, when they needed over 60 yards. Ballgame.

No statement made, another loss, and more concern for our missing Cowboys.


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