Dec. 4, 2011; Glendale, AZ, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver (88) Dez Bryant and quarterback (9) Tony Romo against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeated the Cowboys 19-13 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Who Should Go First: Tony Romo Or Dez Bryant?

Eventually, every player loses their luster. Losing seasons just makes that process faster. And a loss like Sunday’s loss to the New York Giants can place a big ole’ magnifying glass up against the Dallas Cowboys’ roster. And there are no two more polarizing players from Sunday’s loss then quarterback  Tony Romo and wideout Dez Bryant.

We all know the story of Tony Romo. It’s damn near legendary. An unknown, undrafted free agent rises through the ranks and is given the keys to the Cowboy kingdom. All that was and is missing from that fairy tale of a story is that elusive Super Bowl ring. On Sunday, the crown prince threw four interceptions and the ball away on the last play of the game. A case can be made that without Romo, we would not have been in that position to win anyway. It’s much like the chicken and the egg. Romo is a quarterback enigma, wrapped in great individual plays and interceptions, surrounded by idiots. Seriously, his o-line and receiver core’s Wonderlic tutor must have been Mo Claiborne.

Then there’s Dez Bryant, whose obvious lack of playbook (or possibly any book) knowledge has cost the Cowboys numerous times this season. We all know about his troubled past, his saggin’ pants, and his ten round bouts with relatives. He’s a tremendous player and a tremendous headache. His reception in the endzone to win the game was amazing. His lack of awareness and need for self preservation within that same play took it all away. It has always been that way with him. Dez giveth…then Dez taketh awayth.

Despite being 32, Romo has only been the starting quarterback for seven season. A fact his defenders will repeat with a politicians’ veracity. And don’t forget the amazing year he had last season,  despite leading the team to an 8-8 record. But hasn’t Romo had enough time to prove himself? Is it time to try something different?

On the other hand, Bryant is only 23. He came into the league  three years ago with “problem child” stamped on his forehead. Everyone knew grooming him would be an uphill battle. And while the talent was evident from day one, it’s his immaturity on and off the field that continues to plague him. How much more can Jerry Jones take from Bryant? When is it time to admit defeat and start over? When is it okay to let him be someone else’s problem child?

Here’s the basic question and what I believe has become the theme for the Cowboys’ season: When is enough, enough?  At some point, Romo and Bryant will both be gone. Either as heroes or goats. But both will leave. The question, oh Cowboys’ Nation, is who should be first?

If Jerry Jones and the Dallas front office intends on making a big move soon, these two names rise to the top.  Tell us what you think by participating in the poll below and commenting as well.

Who Should Go First: Tony Romo Or Dez Bryant?

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  • Vinnieg521

    As a Giant fan I see the Cowboys play the Giants twice a year. From that standpoint and the other games I see them play I would have to say Bryant needs to go . Romo is a respectable Qb and makes great effort to win . Bryant needs to grow up and watch and learn from Witten who is hall of fame bound

  • BigKen on BigD

    Clean house including ownership. Need a QB, coach, and players that can stay healthy. They are a young team but very injury prone. I think they need a coach more than anything. Let’s be real about this. They have high dollar players not performing at a high level. They are hard to watch any more. we have been spoiled from decades past.

  • californy

    I would trade Dez to the Rams for Brian Quick 6-5 4.55 speed WR and for Trumain Johnson CB 6.2 who can transition to safety in the future, both are rookie and are playing spairingly. Dont think that Dez cant blossom away from Jason Garrett, I believe we have yet to scratch the surface with this player, but regardless we must start to rebuild.

  • cpayne

    first things first. the coach needs to go before anyone else. hire a new head coach and a offensive cordinator. quit making the head coach doing double duties its not working for us. and then felix jones needs to be gone how about giving lance dunbar a shot at the position. maybe him and tannner can do something. felix had what 17 carries and 19 yrds unexceptible. oh and dont forget still cant keep ahold of the ball. bye bye GARRETT and F.JONES. and yes DEZ and ROMO needs to get there shit together and maybe with a new coach in there they could.

  • Facts

    Very simply and not to be rude but it is very clear that Dez does not the IQ to perform basic tasks much less run routes and play any position in the NFL. If his IQ is above 50 I would be shocked.

    • bryant

      That was his knock in college. World of talent; empty bucket of football IQ. Combine his low football IQ with a lack of aggressiveness in football and playbook study and you have a player who is Dez – occasionally streaky but unreliable and will get you burn as often as his big plays if not more.

  • Tom

    Who do we have to trade to get Sam Bradford? Offer anyone except Witten, Ware and Sean Lee.

  • jrcowboy49

    I would have jerked Romo in the 2nd quarter and played Kyle Orton. If Orton pulled us out he would be the starter the next game. The offense can not be run properly with a head coach who is the OC. What is Cower doing that is better than the HC of the Cowboys?

  • NCC1701

    Why doesn’t anyone make Dez Bryant tuck in his jersey? He looks sloppy and he plays sloppy.

  • Gary Hermenau

    I get tired of these stupid articles. Romo might not be a great QB, but a big part of his problem is his offensive line and Jason Garret. Garret has been in charge of this HORRIBLE line-up since Romo started. It is a line-up that has almost gotten Romo killed a few times.
    Horrible play calling, guys that don’t know which routes to run, and a weak O Line = Interceptions.
    There isn’t a QB in the league that could look good with that O line and Jason Garret.

  • Gary Hermenau

    They relived Romo of his pre-snap decision making, but in the 2nd half he was back to making pre-snap decisions again. What does that tell you?
    It tells me that without Romo making those pre-snap corrections the team plays like crap. However, he shouldn’t have to make so many, which tells me that, as a team, they can’t scrap it together. That adds up to poor coaching.

  • Therewuzatime

    The coach, first and foremost. The playcalling is suspect. No balance. Under those circumstances, the line did well to keep them off of Romo. Even if the D is playing the run, you still have to run, and between the tackles. After McCray’s pick, you might run on first down. You have a one point lead and momentum, and don’t go conservative. Let your big guys bang their big guys, even if you gain nothing, you keep the D guessing. So what does Garrett do, call a pass, Romo sacked for twelve yard loss, momentum loss and a three and out. As a playcaller, he second guesses himself way too much. As for Dez, he’s in what, his third year? If memory serves, Michael Irvin didn’t come into his own until his third year, and not right away either. And Romo, does the coaching set him up for success or failure.

  • tdog

    “His reception in the endzone to win the game was amazing. His lack of awareness and need for self preservation within that same play took it all away. It has always been that way with him. Dez giveth…then Dez taketh awayth.” Look I am the biggest Cowboys fan there is and am completely frustrated with the entire situation, but this statement is borderline lunacy. We are going to constantly harp on this kid for not having his head in the game and dropping gimmes and in the same breath brush off an amazing catch in double coverage that was a knuckle on a finger away from being a sweep of the Giants to lack of awareness and self preservation? Who threw the pass forcing him to make the leaping catch? The guy laid there after catching the ball obviously hurt and could be seen limping around on the sideline. Do you even know this kid’s life story? Despite encountering aholes like the dude that wrote this article his entire life as well as a family that didn’t give a rat’s ass about him, Bryant continues to have a pulse and draw breath. The fact that Bryant was still on this planet to make that catch is a miracle in and of itself. The obvious problem is Romo. I’ve have defended Tony through all the critism these past years to all the people I encounter that know what type of Cowboy fan I am and have been. The guy has had the time. This game was the final straw for me. He makes the same mistakes over and over again. He has two four interceptions games this year and a 5 interception game. This doesn’t happen to the Mannings, Rodgers or Bradys. And hey, let’s finally realize that Romo isn’t one of those guys. He’s another Danny White without the playoff success. Finally, Jason Garrett has to relinquish the play calling duties. I am willing to give him the remainer of this year and all of next, but he can’t call the plays anymore. Too predictable and for an ivy league guy, has a terrible feel for time management.

  • Cowgirlcas22

    If Dez’s fingertips would have not eased over the line, no one would be having this conversation! Romo would be plastered all over the TV, News Papers etc as the hero who led his team back from a 23 point deficit in the fashion of captain comeback to seal an amazing comeback with over 400 passing yards in the final seconds of the game. When they say football is a game of inches, it’s a reality, but in this game it was game of fingertips. On the other hand if Dez hadn’t run that route wrong early in the game, or Drop that punt, or felix fumble a ball when he hadn’t even been touched by a defender,Ogletree not get to that touchdown pass, or if JG was smart enough not to call 4 pass plays in a row with 1 yard to go or gosh if the O-Line hadn’t allowed 27 pressures, 12 of which sent Romo to the turf in the fashion of sacks/knockdowns, what if they could have ran the ball for for more than 1.5 yards a carry? Well Cowboys fans, the reality of it is, this team always finds a way to lose. Yes it’s a collective effort. There is plenty of blame to go around. The way I see it: 90% is coaching. There is no discipline and/or accountability on this team and wayyyyy too many mental mistakes. This team needs a culture change like the 6-10 49ers got with Jim Harbaugh. Yes they were just like this team. It’a amazing what the addition of a no nonsense coach did in SF!

  • juz sayin

    Easy, Dez been here 3yrs & havng his best year stat wise,Romo havng his worst year 9 yrs later!