Oct 14, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Kevin Ogletree (85) lays on the field after failing to make a catch in the fourth quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M

What to do with the Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys are slipping more and more into a team that isn’t as great as their predecessors.  The teams’ history and pride is not being carried over from generation to generation as it should.

The Cowboys cannot seem to hold things together under pressure.  With time winding down, you saw no sense of urgency out of the quarterback or the offense.  One would question that Tony Romo is to blame for such an attitude, but honestly the finger pointing starts at the top of the food chain.  Head Coach Jason Garrett is not doing enough as a coach to prepare them for these situations.  Someone is going to have to remind Garrett that Troy Aikman is not out at quarterback and that Emmitt Smith or Michael Irvin are there either.  He needs to remember that this team needs to learn how to fight to survive before they can coast.  Which is what they did?  They thought, “Well, we can run the clock down because Dan Bailey will not miss this field goal.  How many field goals has he kicked from that far? Never mind, he will make it.”

Much like some of the fans, myself included; Jason Garrett is using blinders to see and doesn’t see the fact that his team is subpar.

The offensive line is not dominating the other teams defensive lines.  For goodness sake  they move Tyron Smith from the right side of the line to play on the left and expect him to be a starter right away on that side.  Really? Smith hasn’t played the left side of the ball for many years and to ask a person who has played the right side most of his football career, that isn’t really fair is it?

Our running back situation is becoming a problem as well.  Demarco Murray is doing very well, but the problem is that when Murray gets hurt, Felix Jones seems to follow right along or he isn’t healthy in the first place.  We carried four running backs and I heard Fox Announcer Bill Billick state that it wasn’t necessary to carry four running backs in a game.  Guess what, Bill?  It is if you are a Dallas Cowboy.  Not only did we use Phillip Tanner, but in my opinion the fourth string running back Lance Dunbar was better.

Dez Bryant continues to amaze people.  One minute he is making catches like you wouldn’t believe, then one play later he decides to lolli-gag.  He is taking plays off when it matters most, for example it looked like he ran the laziest route ever on the 2 point conversion.  I’m sorry, but Dez….get your head out and start playing some football full time buddy.  Other than Dez, we have Miles Austin and Jason Witten who are getting older but still solid players.  I think Romo is forcing too many passes to Dez because he is the starting receiver.

Defensively, as a whole unit, they are the dominating defense that was expected at the beginning of the season.  They are more of a bend, but don’t break type defense.  If you look at our opponents touchdowns, more than likely the numbers will show that the touchdowns given up are compliments of the Tony Romo interceptions.  As many times as the offense has had to make tackles, you sometimes forget who is playing offense or defense because everyone on the team is getting into tackle stats.

It is frustrating to see a team run as well as we did against Baltimore, 227 yards to be exact.  It is frustrating to see our team miss a needed two point conversion.  It is equally frustrating to see our team recover an onside kick, only to run the clock down and miss a field goal from a kicker who rarely kicks that far away.

To alleviate these frustrations, there is one answer.  Jerry Jones has to hire a general manager who knows the game better than him and let them do their job.  The fans of Dallas deserve a winner and Jerry Jones the General Manager is not cutting it.  Since his regime after the departure of Jimmy Johnson, this teams decision making process has been nothing but comical and needs to change or this team will slip into mediocrity and stay that way.  We cannot have that, this is America’s team…nothing but the best is expected.  The new general manager needs to hire a new head coach that can manage the team the way it should be, it seems like Jason Garrett is learning as he goes.  Get an established head coach.

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  • Dubyasee

    You say, “Jerry Jones has to hire a general manager who knows the game better than him and let them do their job.”

    I say that after all this time, Jerry probably knows a fair amount of football. I don’t think the problem is of knowledge, but of attitude. The attitude or culture of the Cowboys organization comes down from Jerry Jones. I think you could bring in the greatest football minds for Management and Coaching and Jerry’s culture of cheap ego gratification would nullify any good they would bring to the table.

    Jerry’s alcohol fueled diatribes against his greatest coach/manager, Jimmy Johnson are well documented as was his statement that Bill Parcells wasn’t “worth a s**t”. Jerry will not allow any success in the Cowboy organization to occur without his name written all over it. Jerry Jones is the cancer in the Cowboy organization.

  • http://tinyurl.com/CowboyBooksBlog fgoodwin

    When people ask me “what’s wrong with the Cowboys?” I tell them: “NOTHING’s wrong with the Cowboys”.

    The Cowboys are an average to below-average team, with average talent, average coaching, and average management. Having the richest owner in the world doesn’t matter when all the other parts are average at best. People who claim the Cowboys are talented and are under-performing simply have their heads in the sand.

    You are what your record says you are, and the Cowboys have been nothing better than average since their last Super Bowl win. Sorry fans but that’s the truth.

  • kurumba

    Let us reflect and digress a little on History. Since I have followed football Dallas has almost always had stud RBs- Henderson & Dorsett with The Prof.Tom Landry, Emmitt Smith the greatest PLAYER I HAVE EVER SEEN IN ANY CODE OF FOOTBALL!!!! Barry Sanders is a weakling by comparison!!! Hence the HISTORY & IDENTITY OF THIS FOOTBALL TEAM HAS BEEN…. RUN RUN RUN & RUN AGAIN!!! I will agree with Shango on this: Garrett has tried to play TOO FINESSE TOO SMART AND THUS THE TEAM HAS DRIFTED FROM ITS HISTORICAL IDENTITY. Not enough toughness and too much reliance on calling things that make Romo & Co mistake riddled goofs. Now Garrett has the chance to turn it all around. Tanner Dunbar Beasley & Hanna… they are the no name type Vicor Cruzzs that can turn this thing upside down. Garrett … who knocked the HOF Ray Lewis out of football perhaps for good? Tanner that’s who, and did you all see Tanner trash talk Lewis as they got up? Reminded me some of Emmitt Smith as he delivered anasty hit of a LB. Tanner is a 20+ carry POUNDER … the man loves being PHYSICAL!!! Dunbar he is a Darren Sproles type shifty smooth little runner who can catch a screen and bolt down the park. USE THEM BOTH GARRETT!!! DO NOT JUST RELY ON FELIX JONES FOR GOD SAKE… THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE OPPONENTS WARY AND QUITE FRANKLY SCARED. Hey Shango… Which other team KNOCKED OUT Ray Lewis the NT Nougat Nagati & Ladaurius Webb Baltimore’s best CB on their home ground? WHO? That right there indicates that this group of players can be very dangerous, oh and I forgot when Dallas ran on the Giants, what happened? These guys are not on game film either thus making it harder for upcoming opponents. Ditto for Hanna & Beasley on third downs and for a downfield bomb here & there. Hanna caught almost every pass thrown his way in pre season. I amy be wrong, but he looked ready to play to me. So Garrett here are the weapons to utilise in adopting SHOCK TACTICS.

    • ctcowboy1968

      I agree and have been writing this for years. Man up Cowboys. Stop being a finesse team and put a hurtin’ on the opponent. Teams don’t fear the Boys anymore. Baby boy Jason started to turn this team into a finesse team when he was the OC with his gadget formations and plays. Garbage. All this brain washing speak of we take what the other D gives us. I never hear another team state that. Impose your will and take want you want. If you want to run, jam it down their throat. Get aggressive and angry. When they put 8 in the box, throw it. There is above average talent on this team that needs a HC with balls to push the players to the next level.
      Regarding young players, I am all for it. Guys like Tanner, Dunbar, Beasley, Philips and Harris. Everytime they touched the ball in preseason, they busted a$$ with it. Let them show the vets their energy and urgency.

    • http://www.facebook.com/magniaj Jeff Magnia

      Remember the Tony Dorsett and Hershal Walker tandem? It didn’t last long because TD wanted no part of it, but it was still a good 1-2 punch.

  • californy

    Nice Article Jeff, You feel and see what the real issue are here in dallas like many of the fans. I dont have faith in JJ and in JG either. They lack in the small details that make this team good. The JJ and JG shows should both be cancelled for good and they should concentrate their efforts in developing their prodcut on the field. The Cowboys have turn more into a carnival act, with the Go Go Dancers, The half dress cheerleader and now we have victoria Secret at the Stadium. JJ is now doing commersial about everything as this team settle down to the average he has this team for the last 17 years. My guess as long as JJ is making a dollar, he doesnt really care about being an avearage team. They say 22 percent of all Football fans are Cowboys fans, that all that matter to JJ. The future money of these people keep lining JJ pockets full of Gold. JJ is a brilliant business man getting 640 Million from the people of Austin Texas and another 300 million for stadium advertsing rights. JJ has yet to even sell the Stadium naming rights also. My guess he will get another 300 million doallrs to do so. If that is the case JJ wouldnt even have to pay a red cent out of his pocket to pay off the stadium and to have the most value football franchise in the NFL. Yup so why would JJ care about winning of games, he already winning at lining his pockets.

    • http://www.facebook.com/magniaj Jeff Magnia

      Thanks Californy, I hate having to be so honest, but the truth is right there every sunday…

  • ctcowboy1968

    JG is not learning. That is one of the problems. He makes the same mistakes year after year. He is an awful HC and OC. He is not qualified. The play calling needs to be done quicker and the line calls have to be simplified. Get the play off with time left on the play clock and stop all the needless going in motion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/magniaj Jeff Magnia

      Jerry wanted to have a head coach that played for his era Cowboys so bad, he doesn’t see beyond his own arrogance.