Oct 14, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) catches a pass for a touchdown as Baltimore Ravens cornerback Cary Williams (29) defends in the third quarter at M

You Know How This Works: Cowboys Lose Again

You already know the answer. You already know the answer won’t happen anytime soon. You already know there is nothing you can do about it. Accept it. Move on. Get comfortable. Wait.

Sunday was a very big disappointment in that the Cowboys lost another game they had no business losing in the 4th quarter. Coming in, I would have told you the Cowboys were going to lose to a better team, which they did. However, fast forward to the 4th quarter and I would have told you, “How is Dallas not winning by double digits right now?” Then, they mounted a spectacular comeback, to include an onsides kick, and then through a series of ridiculous errors, still lost.

Sep 23, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the field prior to the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

I will leave it to everyone else to tell you the little nuances of what went wrong and how Garrett/Romo/Dez/Bailey/everyone is horrible. I want to talk about that other thing in your head. The “Fire Him” thing.

Fire who? Why? What will that change? Garrett? Okay. How is he any different than Wade? Or Parcells? Campo? Gailey? Answer that question. It seems to me Wade Phillips was too soft. Bill Parcells was too hard/out of touch. Dave Campo was in over his head. Chan Gailey over-thought everything. We have had every type of coach (even a good one) in the past 15 years. What is really different about Garrett? Fire Tony Romo? Okay. What does that solve? Again, best quarterback the Cowboys have had, by far, since Aikman retired. No other quarterback on the market or any development project at the slot Dallas will be picking in the Spring will be half as good. Seriously, give me another player’s name that’s half as good as Romo that is REALISTIC to go get right now. Fire Bailey? Okay. Bailey is by far the best kicker the Cowboys have had in 15 years. Bailey is automatic. Again, give me ONE player half as good that is realistic to get right this second. Fire Dez? Well….. I won’t object to that but tell me how one position solves this problem.

No. NONE of those are the answer. You already know the answer. Jerry Jones is the answer. He is the only constant in the past 17 years of ineptitude and he’s not going anywhere if he can help it (he can). Trust that Garrett is the answer to the problem. Trust that nothing good is going to happen this year, they are re-building this team and that all of it is going to take some time. Trust that you can do NOTHING to stop this process, even if you really, really complain really, really hard. The only one with any power to fix any of the problems you see on this team is Jerry Jones. And he, consequently enough, is the problem. The problem has been blissfully unaware of itself for 17 seasons. Do not expect the problem to suddenly become self-aware because of that “50-point plan for a return to glory” you posted on your Twitter/Facebook page.

I haven’t given up on Garrett yet. I don’t have as much confidence in him as I used to but I’m also not ready to chop him up into little coaching pieces. I think he is working with the sins of the past 17 seasons and he’s doing the best he can to repair them. He’s not blameless, but he’s hardly the problem.

I haven’t given up on Romo as the quarterback for right now but I have given up on the fact that he will win the Cowboys a championship. It is not happening. He will be way too old by the time Garrett has gotten this team back to respectability. Again, this is assuming Garrett can do that. Also, please stop pretending you were not about to give him the All-Grit award for Greatest Comeback EVVVAAR if Bailey made that kick. Just. Stop.

I HAVE given up on Dez being anything close to Michael Irvin or Drew Pearson although that is admittedly a high standard to live up to. If he’s going to be a true “88,” he’ll be the worst of the trio.

Just try to enjoy the ride. Have a little bit of faith even if you have no reason to. Even if it makes you throw up every time you get on the ride, try to enjoy the time you have on it. Why, you say?

Simple. You have no other option or recourse. Welcome to fan hell.

P.S. For those of you who have been living here for the past 17 years and didn’t know it, you’re way past rent. Pay up.

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  • californy

    These are the same mistakes Garrett has been doing since he join the boys in 2008. Garrett has been the guy longer than he been the head coach. Dont think his time came when he was hired as the Head coach. Jason, John and Judd all came the same year in 2008, so dont tell me jason had no effect in personnel decision. Jason Did. Jason was the one who had TO fired from Dallas. We have yet to replace his production. I guess JG getting the right kind of guy is more important than winning games. Jason record as a HC is 15-14, I assume we have a losing record here in the stadium during his time as HC & OC. If you might have forgotten JG got hired before Wade Phillip in Dallas, Wade was told to work with him, he had little choice in the matter. Wade literally was Jason trainer to be the next Cowboy head coach

  • MillaRed

    I am on the Jerry is a dufus bandwagon. Trust me on that one. But californy is right, Jerry isn’t down there blowing games in the end by having no clue what to do with timeouts. It’s just plain embarrassing. I’m sitting on my couch screaming for a TO with 22 seconds on the clock. Romo to Dez for one yard and a crappy spotting of the ball didn’t help either.

    I have no faith in Garrett or Jerry. Just not fun to root for this team when we already know we are not playoff bound. Again and again and again.

  • MCWeese

    I blame the defense for this loss by not stopping the Ravens on that 10 play 70 yard scoring drive. Too many times Ive seen Romo get this team in position to win the game and the defense does not hold up. As a matter of fact it happened to them the last time they played the Ravens. Remember two long runs by fullbacks in the last game in Texas Stadium????????? After 5 games the Cowboys DBS have ZERO INTS!!!!!!!!! ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought Robs scheme was to pressure the QBs into mistakes that cause interceptions??? Well its not happening.

  • Mikeski

    I have been a Cowboy fan 40yrs. I am just about through with them. I only watched the 4th quarter of the Ravens game and instead detailed my car. Too many times I watch the poor performance of the Cowboys and come away angry. It is just not worth it when my little girl ask my wife why is daddy so mad.

  • ctcowboy1968

    Any intelligent footbal fan knows that JJ is the problem. He has ruined this glorious fanchise. It’s unfortunatle for those of us that have been fans for our whole lives that an egotistical millionaire owns “our” team.
    I also agree that none of the players you mention are the problem. Yes, Tony is having a bad start. Yes, Dez is immature and still has not taken that “next step”. But I completely disagree about JG. I am so tired of writing about JG’s short comings as a HC and OC. He doesn’t even learn from his past mistakes. Idiot! Kick his a$$ to the curb.