Oct 14, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) reacts after failing to catch a pass for a two point conversion in the fourth quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M

It Is Just A Game

The Dallas Cowboys have the biggest fan base in the NFL. A poll taken at the beginning of the year shown an estimated 22% of the NFL fans were had the Dallas Cowboys as their favorite team. That is more than a fifth of the NFL population, and when you take in the fact that there are 32 teams that number is ridiculously large. That is one thing that the minorities (fans of other teams) need to consider. I live in California and we have 3 teams located in this state, San Fransisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, and the San Diego Chargers. Although Texas is 1500 miles away the state of California has more Cowboys fans than Chargers fans and is only slightly out done by the 49ers and Raiders. The fact is that the Dallas Cowboys are Americas Team and this is why. Every state in the country will have an abundant amount of Dallas Cowboys fans and the sooner everyone realizes this the better.

We all have our reason for liking the teams we choose, whether is our own choice, loyalty to our area or maybe just born into a family of that team. Regardless of who we cheer for it is just a game and should never affect our personal life. We never hate great players that have came from a rival team to ours, unless his initials happen to be  T.O. The point that I am trying get across is that we are not cheering for players, or people even we are cheering for a group of colors and a logo. We are cheering for a game that most of us have played since the age of five. I love the Dallas Cowboys and have for 20 years or so. I know more about the team and the teams history than any other Cowboys fan I know. So don’t judge my loyalty to my team. It just drive me crazy when I hear about fans getting hurt or injured due to altercations with a fan of another team.

On sunday afternoon a man was stabbed several times down the street from Candlestick Park while the 49ers were playing against the N.Y. Giants. According to the article I read two young men in their early 20′s, which were 49ers fans, had a argument about football with another young man in his late 20′s which turned very violent. The Final outcome of the event ended with the younger men fleeing the scene while the other lay left with multiple stab wounds and life threatening injuries.  This behavior is intolerable and by the way, the injured man was wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey.


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  • californy

    I learn when Going to NFL game you dont take jersey to the game especially if your team is not the home team. I heard of many situation in the Oakland stadium. This is becoming more common every where in the NFL, I heard of an incident in Jacksonville the other day and they are even a lousy team. I guess there is differnt level of passion in each one of us. The trash talking has never been a part of my persona, nor do I ever respond to it. It the arrogance people that get to me, and I seem like a magnate to these people. I dont know why we are always butting heads, I try to ignore them but sometime you have to do what you have to do to them, and that putting them in their place.

  • californy

    Buy the way it not just a game, I never play the game for fun. I play to win.

  • californy

    “By the Way”