Dallas Cowboys: Hold Jason Garrett Accountable

Special teams breakdown, little urgency, and crucial flags were the key to the Dallas Cowboys loss against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. There is no acceptable reason to explain the repeated failure that the Cowboys are putting out. Both DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones ran for nearly 100 yards a piece, the offense looked their best since the season opener against the New York Giants. So, why is it that this Dallas Cowboys team always finds a way to shoot themselves in the foot and hurt their chances of winning?

It’s simply a lack of discipline from the coaching staff. Yes, the coaching staff that has only been less than decent for the last couple of years. It appears that the Cowboys coaching staff hasn’t done a well enough job to prepare this Cowboys team. The team constantly struggles to get plays off on time and they lack discipline and motivation when getting lined up and when exiting the field. This all falls back on Jason Garretts’ inability to handle the responsibilities of both a head coach and an offensive coordinator.

The only way for this Cowboys team to become a true contender for a title anytime soon is if Jerry Jones hires the right personnel to run this team. Jerry Jones ability as a GM has definitely been a cut above the rest and he follows through by bringing in big talent to Dallas, yet where he lacks in judgment is in his coaching staff. Let’s face it, when Wade Phillips was fired and left a team that was viewed by many as a possible playoff contender, Jerry Jones could have brought any coach in and they would have likely taken the job. Instead, Jerry Jones went with Jason Garrett an offensive coordinator who as of right now hasn’t done anything to prove Jerry right.

This team needs a leader, a person that will face all adversity when the chips are stacked against them, and a coach that will hold a person accountable for their mistakes. The Dallas Cowboys need a coach who when under pressure will make the final call. They don’t need a push over coach like Garrett who lets the quarterback do what he pleases. Enough of the struggle and hope, the Dallas Cowboys community deserves a reliable leader that will without a doubt take them to the Super Bowl. So, if Garrett can’t find a way to coach the Cowboys out of this mess, expect Jerry Jones to lay down the law and find a person with the right attitude for the job.

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  • bwall

    If garrett can’t get it done, that means Jerry Jones will have to wipe the egg off his face finally and admit he has no idea how to properly manage a team in the salary cap and free agency era. There is no secret that since the inception of free agency, this team has barely made a pip squeak as far as being competitive for a super bowl. Forget the 3 titles in the 90′s that was before the free agency started. This team has been stuck in medicority since last meaniful season, despite some telent players.

  • Keith Batchelor

    Did you really say “Jerry Jones has been a cut about the rest as a GM”?
    That is asinine! Jerry has been the one neglecting the offensive line for many years!
    The so called talent that Jerry has brought in has been overhyped skill position players that are never as good as advertised. He has been the one reaching for WRs and RBs in the first round when he should be going with trench guys. Was Jason ready to be a head coach? Probably not, but this team hasn’t had any real success since 1996. That falls on the OWNER AND GM, both of which are Jerrry Jones.

  • califrony

    The issue with the Cowboy starts with JJ. JJ is all about selling Cowboys Jersey than winning of games. This split camp is a terrible thing the boys go through every year, it more of a circus atmosphere more than anything. I think they should stay in texas and sweat their rear end off and get into better shape. I would close the practices to the public and limit Cowboy public information to the press. I would cancell the JJ show and Jason Garret show. I know none of this would happen. It really about the hard practices and getting the right players and coaches. The current Situation seem like it more about the dollar and feeding JJ ego as owner and Gm. It hard to believe JJ is the only owner in the NFL with his own show. I see this as part of the Cowboys problem that i dont see changing at all. For the record I dont watch Pregame show and post game show, JJ and JG interviews. For me it all about the play on the field the team executes or dont executes that matters. I could care less about the talk of football, I just want a better team that can win more games.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kirk.berner.5 Kirk Berner

    I don’t see the issue being with Jerry and the players. The tools are there. The discipline is not.

    The team lost how many games last year by how many points? That is not a player/personnel/GM issue. It’s a game plan and execution issue.

    JG has been directly responsible for at least 3 close losses the team should have won. There is no excuses for it.

    I used to defend JG all the time. I simply cannot anymore. He needs to go if he cannot understand simple things like clock management and the importance of having your team ready for a two-minute drill.