Oct 14, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey (5) misses a field goal in the final seconds of the fourth quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M

Dallas Cowboys Oblivious To Game Clock Management

As precious seconds tick off, where is the Cowboy’s Offense sense of urgency?  Why can’t highly paid professional football players line up efficiently and on time?

October 14, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys center Phil Costa (67), quarterback Tony Romo (9) and guard Nate Livings (71) change a play at the line of scrimmage against the Baltimore Ravens at M

Anybody who has watched football for more than three weeks knows the game clock doesn’t stop after a pass completion, so why don’t the actual Cowboys players know this?  How many times over the last few years have we seen Cowboys QB, Tony Romo, after a play, try to organize his offense quickly for the next play, waving his hands wildly and spinning around in every direction as 10, then 20, then more seconds slip away as he finally spikes the ball or calls a time out in obvious frustration.


It’s all too familiar, right down to the circus music.  What is wrong with these people?  This is Cowboys Head Coach, Jason Garrett’s version of the ‘hurry-up offense’.  What a joke.  Imagine if the Cowboys tried to run the ‘no-huddle’.

In this particular game, playing the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium,  the Cowboys let 20 of the last 26 seconds remaining in the game tick away before Romo finally calls a time out.  20 seconds! In those 20 seconds, the Cowboys could’ve (needed to) spike the ball, run another play to try to get in better field goal range for kicker, Dan Bailey, who’s career long was 51 yards, which is where they were.  Then, depending on the result of that play, call their last time out, then kick the field goal at hopefully a more manageable distance.

It’s not rocket science.  It’s just basic, two minute drill, game management.  A few teams in the NFL are successfully using a ‘no huddle’ type of offense during extended parts of games now, not just in the two minute at the end of each half.  It’s a copycat league.  The Dallas Cowboys, as currently managed, cannot run a no huddle offense efficiently with any kind of quickness, which means, if that is the direction the league is going, we’re doomed.  Like riding horses in a car race.

My Points and Observations:

-When asked in pre-season what my concerns going into the season were, Garrett’s game management and the offensive line.

-Jason Witten is back!

-Our Dallas Cowboys got game, but still aren’t ready for prime time.

-We got the injury bug this year, possibly derailing a .500 season, let alone a playoff berth.

-Like Witten said after the game, there are no moral victories.  Still, I think we did establish that we’re no push overs.

-Hey, Where the heck is Cole Beasley?  You can’t tell me Romo couldn’t use a Wes Welker type player with this suspect offense.

-One last thing:  Remember when we used to win games like the one we played yesterday?

-Artie Cappello



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  • Big Ken on Big D.

    The Cowboys will never win anything with these clowns running the show. Get rid of Garrett and Romo. This isn’t pee wee league. Wake up Jerry and smell the bull shit.

    • Artie C

      I like Romo. I think it’s time for him to start fresh somewhere else, though

  • californy

    It seem like we seen this game missmanagement before last year. I guess if the boys dont learn from their mistake they will continue to make the same one week after week.
    I also like Cole Beasley. I know he would be catching them if they hit his hand. Cole caught 172 catches the last two year of college ball, that alone tells you he has good hands. Ogletree been a non factor. Miles get paid to much not to catch more than 2 catches for 31 yards in yesterday game.
    Big players show up to play in big games. Ware had one tackle yesterday, I guess he not a big player.
    Witten is my guy. he on pace to get 882 yards again, despite him having some low production game early in the season.

  • jrcowboy49

    Dallas Cowboys have talent, but talent is only as good as execution. Execution is a problem. Cut the damn swagger and play because you are not a good football team! The Coaches keep outsmarting themselves and make everything too complex for the village idiots to understand or execute. Bill Cosby once stated in one of his educational rolls, one plus one equals two…………….what is two?

  • bwall

    This team is an embarrassment to the entire NFL. They have just now found yet another way to lose this game. IN their franchise, the cowboys were 89-0 when rushing 42 times, but now they are 89-1. This team is truly pathetic as well as the head coach. I gave up on the season when they got the beat down by the bears. Turnovers, dumb penalties, dropped passes, lack of takeaways on defense, mental mistakes, and not executing the plays have plagued this team for last few years. It is reall getting funny to watch at this point, to see how they will screw up. I am sure they can be winning 52-0 and stil find a way to lose. Only the cowboys

  • BigKen on Big D

    bwall I totaly agree with what you stated. They are pathetic and actually pretending to be an NFL team but in reality it is a group of clowns posing as players. The head coach is a joke, Romo is a joke and Jerry is a joke. I am at the point where I watch just for a good laugh. They have been my team for 48 years and I will always support the team but I haven’t enjoyed watching them for the last 15 years. All I can say is Jerry you get what you paid for. Jerry needs to stop living in the past and live in the present.Wait until the Steelers come to town with all of their following and see what the inside of your new stadium is like with the terrible towel. You see Jerry that is what the cowboys used to be like with their traveling fans but you have dug this team into such a hole no body wants to see the traveling clown circus you call the Dallas Cowboys. You have let the fans down and the Cowboys used to be called Americas team but that label has since faded away just like the 2012 season. Another year of thoughts of how much lower can the Dallas Cowboys go. Thanks again Jerry for your executive decisions.

  • Ryan

    I like how Jason Garrett presents himself, his professionalism, and I believe he wants to be a good football coach. That being said, I don’t think his players care about their mistakes enough, or feel like when they let the coach (or fans) down, their jobs are on the line. It feels like once training camp is over and the starters know for certain their jobs are secure for the next year, they just don’t really care all that much about how they perform week to week. The whole “We have to move on and correct our mistakes rather than dwell on what happened” should only be for the media, the players (and coaches for that matter) SHOULD be dwelling on their mistakes until they are corrected. The latest end-of-game clock-management fiasco is just par for the course over the last 2-3 seasons, and it’s to the point where as a fan, I expect the Cowboys to find ways to lose games rather than win them. Between penalties, casual attitude, and general incompetence with BASIC elements of the game (can we go in motion without an illegal shift penalty some time this year? Can we learn to manage the clock?), they will find a way to lose. I’m so fed up that I promised myself when they lost their 6th game this season, I would just quit watching. It’s looking almost certain that my season will end by November 4.

    • Ryan

      Obviously I really meant MOST of the starters. Jason Witten stands out as someone who puts everything he has on the field, even when injured and dropping the ball, it doesn’t seem like lack of effort or carelessness.

    • ctcowboy1968

      I couldn’t disagree with you more. The problem is with JJ and JG. I am just going to focus on JG. He is an awful coach. He has proven year after year that he is incapable of successfully doing his job. Other than his first year when defense coordinators did not have tape on him, he sucked as an OC. Now with his multiple clock blunders and repetitive we are going to fix the same issues, he is an awful HC.
      His vanilla personality and we are going to investigate this or that but never fix it business meeting attitude makes me sick. Show some emotion. Grow some balls. Jasonette has to go. Until that happens, if the team wins, it is in spite of JG’s poor leadership.

      • Artie C

        I agree with you, too, in particular the defensive coordinators having Garretts number. Ryan did make some good points though. The players, like miles Austin (who, supposedly was the player lollygagging to the line as seconds ticked away on the last drive in Baltimore), don’t seem to show urgency. Of course, thats on the head coach as well.

        • ctcowboy1968

          You are correct. Ryan does make excellent points beyond JG. Here’s where I am coming from… I want passion, emotion, fire. I want the players to fear the HC. I want the players to focus and achieve their jobs. If it takes fearing the consequences and what the HC is going to do to you, then I am fine with that. Fine the players for screwing up. There’s nothing wrong with that. If one doesn’t do his job, then the makes less $$. Get in his face as the HC and let him know that his play is unacceptable. Look, I am a big hockey fan. In hockey, when a HC wants to send a message to even his best player, he benches him for a period or whole game. Let me tell you, the player gets the message and gets motivated going forward. I think Miles is a great player, but if he is dogging it, then put his *ss on the bench and put Beasley in. NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN THE TEAM!

    • Artie C

      You are spot on, Ryan