Oct 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws in the pocket against the Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The Dallas Cowboys: Don't Tell Them What They Can Or Can't Do

Noon games always create a difficult situation for me.  With my articles posting at three, it is often too early for a recap, but way too late for a preview.  There is also always the chance that anything I have written has been made pointless by the events of this weeks game.

I have come to the conclusion that the Dallas Cowboys are the unruly teenagers of the NFL.  You tell them something can’t be done, like say…beating the defending superbowl champs in their own house, and they will find a way to make it happen.  They will accomplish the task against all odds, seemingly in defiance of everyone telling them what they can or can’t do.

You ask them to do something simple, like say…defeat a team that we clearly out match and with home field advantage, they will turn in the most lackluster attempt at professional you have ever witnessed.  Much like if you had asked a teenager to clean the garage, take out the trash, or do the dishes.  It’s almost as if you are asking the Cowboys to do something they don’t want to, and they are going to make sure you know it.

More realistically, this is an issue of pressure.  You tell them they don’t have a chance, and no pressure equals a win.  Have them picked unanimously to win, and that pressure equals complete disaster.  I feel the bulk of this team’s issue come from this, although fixing it is not as easy as identifying the problem.

Another thing that I’ve noticed from the last two games is a significant reduction in penalties.  Unfortunately, that also came with a significant reduction in aggressiveness and intensity.  We have to find some middle ground here.  I’m all for limiting penalties, but not if it leads to an even more lethargic performance.  Is it possible that focusing on individual discipline has caused the Cowboys to almost…play nervous?

Finally, in defense of my last article…

People who commented acted as though I was saying that no fan ever had the right to question the Cowboys organization.  That no fan should ever feel angry, frustrated, or dissapointed at the state of the current season and performances from game to game.  Let me be clear, in that I was simply talking about loyalty.  Do we as fans have a right to be frustrated or even angry at our team’s performance?  Absolutely.  I would be lying if I claimed I never felt angry over the last several years.  The point is that you stand behind them regardless.  You don’t give up and jump on another team’s bandwagon regardless of how frustrated you might feel.

The Cowboy’s ARE the unruly teenagers of the NFL, but no matter how frustrated I might get, no matter how angry they might make me…I still love them, and I always will.


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  • DevotedDCfan

    I stand behind what you’ve just said…I love my boys no matter what and it angers me when so called fans bash them when they lose and love them “unconditionally” when they win….they’ve just lost to the ravens and although it hurts I can say I appreciated their playing somewhat better….lets see if our teenagers can find some middle ground to better their playing

    • bwall

      Maybe because we are sick and tired of watching this team lose the same way over and over, and we will not accept medicority like the past 17 years? Turnovers, dumb penalties, dropped passes, lack of takeaways on defense, mental mistakes, and not executing the plays have plagued this team for last few years. It is really getting funny to watch at this point, to see how they will screw up. Things will not change till Jerry looks in the mirror and realizes things are not going to change and make some huge changes(GM, coaches, and players) on this team.

  • randall gerber

    how manys loses will it take jerry jones to realize he has to make BIG changesin the coaching staff and the team including getting rid of romo.

    • Troyblt

      Romo didn’t lose that game. He put them in a position to WIN. If blame must b dealt. Give it to butter fingers Bryant

    • californy

      Yeah getting Rid of Romo a smart move, do you understand cap hits. Who would you play next week a career backup QB in Orton.

  • randall gerber

    the city of dallas needs to buy the cowboys from jerry jones and make changes.the people of green bay own the packers,so why can’t we?

  • californy

    I will never accept any losses base on a team lack of heart and effort. I can not support a team that play like this. I call them out for playing like this. I have mention how I believe this team should play for weeks already in the running game. I mention the running on the edges and the RB short passes and the running on the backside. Why does it take 3 games how to forget to run like this. We did it all of last year and in the Giants game, and we also did it yesterday. This is all on the coaches who dont know how to game plan. It also on the player who give us a poor effort on a weekly basis. Finally we have Felix show himself in game number 5, what has he been waiting for. You would of thought him playing in his contract year would bring the best out of him. Victor Butler has been a no show, I guess we are seeing the last of him this year in this team uniform. Ware had one tackle yesterday, that is unexceptable for a player who get so much attention as this team marque player.

  • californy

    Bryant was targeted 15 times yesterday and caught 13 of those passes. It never the catches that people remember it the drop that people remember..