Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is not doing his team any favors by being a constant presence in the locker room and on the sidelines during games. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Do The Cowboys Need To Hit Rock Bottom?

The saying is that you have to fail before you succeed, and in the Dallas Cowboys case, maybe failing is what this franchise needs to get back on its feet.

I am sure most of you are saying that 8-8 and 9-7 records without a playoff berth is considered failing –never mind the 6-10 season in 2010 when quarterback Tony Romo went down for the year with a broken collar bone–but it is a far cry from really being at the bottom of the food chain. See, Dallas has been mired In a 17-year –most likely this year, too– Super Bowl drought with only one playoff win to show for it, but the problem is that in those years that they haven’t made the playoffs, they have still finished with a record that is mediocre but not quite bottom-feeder status. The string of 5-11 seasons from 2000-2002 is the worst record the Cowboys have had since being 1-15 in 1989. What was significant about that year you ask? Well, it was the first year of the the “Jerry Jones era” and a familiar player was selected first overall in that years draft: UCLA quarterback Troy Aikman.

Tony Romo talks with head coach Jason Garrett in the fourth quarter of last Monday night’s game. Embarrassing performances at home are becoming too common for a team that hoped its $1.2 billion stadium would provide an advantage Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The year previously, Dallas had drafted wide receiver Michael Irvin with the 11th pick in that years draft, and in 1990 they traded down to get running back Emmitt Smith from Florida and cement the lineup that would win three Super Bowls in four years.  What stands out is that Dallas’ records in those years before the “triplets” were not stellar and downright bad. 3-13 in 1988 and 1-15 in 1989 as previously mentioned. Aikman’s first full year starting (He was hurt in his rookie season early on) resulted in a 7-9 record and the next year was 11-5 and a Wild Card loss to the Chicago Bears. Everyone knows what came the next two years, though, a combined record of 25-7 and two Super Bowl dominations against the Buffalo Bills. Dallas had gone from not being in a Super Bowl since 1978, to winning two in a row and a third two years later. Now some people say all of the “Stars” have to align in order for this kind of franchise success to happen and that is probably right, however, the Cowboys needed only a few years of a terrible record to assemble the necessary pieces to become immediate Super Bowl contenders.

Talent like Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith is not exactly guaranteed for any high draft picks in this days NFL, I mean, Dallas actually traded DOWN to get Smith and he is the NFL’s all-time leading rusher now and holds a record that may never be broken in our lifetimes, but the Cowboys are stuck in this loop of mediocrity that is keeping the clock from truly resetting and truly bringing change to a franchise that is moving in a dark direction. Another key issue that only fuels this theory is that Dallas has been notorious in recent years for draft busts at key positions and for not being aggressive in trade offers in order to stockpile picks and build a team. The New England Patriots are a model of consistency in this respect and look at the state of that franchise, fresh off a Super Bowl appearance last year. Head coach Bill Belichick understands the importance of having as many picks as possible, because on draft day, he wants the flexibility to “wheel and deal” when he needs to, to trade up when he has picks to spare and to trade down when he doesn’t want to reach for a player. New England knows how to work the system, Dallas just seems to be stumped by it and that comes back to another issue for Dallas: Jerry Jones as a general manager.

I can’t tell you how infuriated it makes me to watch the “war room” on draft day and see Jerry Jones in the room doing more talking than head coach Jason Garrett. Does Art Rooney try to influence the way Pittsburgh Drafts? Does Robert Craft tell Bill Belichick that he wants him to go get this player? No, because that is not the job of an owner, he is supposed to keep the franchise popular and rake in the money while reveling in the fact that he owns a team that is renowned worldwide. Jerry seemingly is out to prove all of his naysayers –including myself– wrong yearly, because it seems that he is just trying more and more to establish his stranglehold on the franchise. Reporters talk to HIM after games before Jason Garrett sometimes, how asinine is that? Jerry loves the limelight and I think he loves the disdain people have for him as a GM ; it drives him to try and control the team even more and all that is doing is moving Dallas in the direction it probably needs to go in order for real change to be made.

In this writers opinion, let Jerry keep pulling as many strings as he wants, let him make a fool out of himself, let him influence bad draft decisions, let him suffocate the life out of this once proud franchise. Once this team has a 3-13 season with all key players fully healthy, I think he will start to realize there are more problems than the head coach or the offensive line or any of the personnel ON the field, he will finally start putting some of the blame on himself and maybe, just maybe he will release his grip slowly.

I like the way most of this team is right now, I am an avid Tony Romo fan, receiver Dez Bryant has an immense level of talent and DeMarco Murray is a star to-be, but this team is not going to win a division –nevertheless a Super Bowl– when the depth that comes from acquiring talent across the board over the years is not there.

Teams rebuild, it is the way of sports.

Dallas, your time is coming.

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  • David Perez

    Yes. Our time is coming, hopefully sooner than later.

  • Cowboy23

    Maybe its time to start no showing at Stadium… or watch the games, Jerry is giving us a bad quality team, but that doesnt matter, because the profits are great.
    After seen 4 games, He doesnt care Tony Romo, you cant send your QB to play with that OL.

  • kurumba

    I disagree completely. Almost every season Belichick loses key defensive and sometimes offensive personnel and coaches but still his team is elite. New England has had OL problems for a while. Similarly Pittsburgh has severe OL problems and they often lose starters; in the NFC East both Washington and Philadelphia have patchwork OLs with backups starting. Baltimore has several highly aged players so too does Chicago; the Colts have lost many former starters etc etc. Yet these teams all perform much better – and with much more heart- than the side coached by the Two Garretts!!! Also recall several seasons back that Belichick won 11 games ues 11 games with Barry Cassell as his QB!!! The same Cassell booed or cheered off in injury on his home dung!!! Thus IT IS THE SYSTEM AND THE COACHING WHICH IS THE KEY VARIABLE AS WELL AS HAVING A PRODUCTIVE QB. I guarantee that if coaches were switched say Belichick or Saben to Dallas then the team will win games regularly. Put The Two Garretts with Brady & Co and watch New England sink. Cassell with Belichick is a failure. Its that simple. Dallas has high draft picks and youth everywhere, Smith, Lee, Carter, Wilber, Crawford, Bryant, Claiborne, Murray, Jenkins, Scandrick, Butler, et al but the team is going backwards. Watch Rothlisberger every game get attacked because his OL is poor.Yet they STILL POUND THE BALL EFFECTIVELY ON THE GROUND. Face facts: the Two Garretts are simple frauds who know very little and suit GM/Owner Jones who wants to first & foremost “protect his poor little ego.” What team in Pro Soccer or the NFL has this approach? WHO???

  • nyuhokie

    I agree with Kurumba. You are never going to be dominant at every position. This is supposed to be a rebuilding year, but other than the o-line there is actually a lot of talent on this team. Next year there will be different issues. If you wait to have everything in line, you will never give yourself a chance. Jerry said it himself in the preseason, the window of opportunity is closing on guys like Romo, Witten, Ware and Ratliff. Those guys have all been among the top in the league at their positions at some point in their careers. If the Cowboys keep waiting to have all of their ducks in a row, they are going to have to start worrying about replacing those four and then it is back to square one.
    They need someone who can tell them that they are out of excuses and need to get the job done. Whether that is on Jones, Garrett or Romo I don’t know, but someone needs to hold this team accountable starting today.

  • Canadian Cowboy

    I totally agree with you 100% on this issue. It starts and finishes with Jerry Jones!! I am a die-hard Cowboy fan from Canada and I am already fed up with this year’s team. Jerry needs to hire a GM and stop controlling all aspects of the team. But I don’t think he will ever to do, even if Dallas hits rock bottom. His ego is bigger than the state of TEXAS!!

  • Darrien

    This team looks like they are one injury or implosion away from plummeting down the charts. 6-10 may end up being the best we can expect. They don’t look like they can consistently avoid the mistakes the good teams don’t commit. Also, let’s be real, with exception to Sean Lee, how many current starters on the team could realistically be starters for half or more of the other teams. Maybe include Romo, but his track record is what it is.


    UHHHH, we are rebuilding now believe it or not….Question…do we have ANYBODYon the roster that was drafted in 07 and 08? No. and if I’m wrong…sue me…what about BEFORE the 07 season? …..And you wonder why the “window is closing” Delusional fans no better than to think that that we’re going deep into the playoffs this year…we haven’t built up enough team to do so…having great 1st rounders don’t mean nothing if the rest of your picks are off the roster by week 1…our starters are VERY comfortable being that no one is there to challenge them in camp…I love my team but I’ve yet to see any improvements to make me say we going places…and I feel sorry for Romo…a owner that gives him MILLIONS but don’t invest in protecting it…he replace three starters off the line with bum FA’S and expect our team to just be the best…<—–this is NOT football 101 that I'm seeing at this second…maybe in a couple of years…MAYBE.