Oct 31, 2010; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten (82) on the bench against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Cowboys Stadium. The Jaguars beat the Cowboys 35-17. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

Gut-Check Time For Real Dallas Cowboy’s Fans

It happened again, didn’t it?  It’s okay because we talked about this, right?  We talked about managing expectations.  We talked about not letting a few games early in the season throw us into a tantrum, turning our backs on the Cowboys and retiring our jersey’s halfway through the season. 

Sept 16, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) rests on the bench during the fourth quarter against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Apparently that was easy to say before the season started, but hard to do when, once again, we find ourselves in the all too familiar situation we are currently in.  Following the abysmal performance against the Chicago Bears last Monday, fans have been jumping ship like the Cowboys are the titanic.  Which, I guess in a way they are.

We, as fans, spent all offseason touting the Cowboys as this juggernaut, this unbeatable, unsinkable entity.  That hasn’t exactly proven to be the case, and now the weaker willed fans are ready to cut and run.  I can’t count the number of tweets, comments, posts, and articles I’ve read from self-proclaimed “fans” stating they are done with the Cowboys.  That they are fed up with this, that the Cowboys don’t want to win, and that there is plenty of room on the Houston Texans’ fan ship for people who wanted to be fans of an “undefeated” team.  To these people I say good riddance.  Go to the Texans, please, the rest of us want you to.  But this time when you go, stay gone.  We don’t want to hear you cheering the Cowboys if they turn it around mid-season.  We don’t want to see you in blue and silver in December if/when we make the playoffs.

Anyone who is going to cheer for a team based solely on their record is going to go through quite a variety of officially licensed NFL koozies in a season, and again, let me invite you to turn in the blue one that says COWBOYS on it.

I may sound angry here, and I guess I am, but not at the Cowboys.  Sometimes things happen that feel as though they are beyond your control.  Sometimes the ball glances off your receiver’s hands just right.  Sometimes you change ball carrying hands at the worst possible time.  And sometimes, trying too hard to make things happen leads to the worst possible thing happening.  Some instances are a result of a lack of polishing, others are completely inexplicable.

The football glances off receivers’ hands for almost every team in every game, but when it happens to the Cowboys it lands perfectly into the arms of an opposing player who appears to have been waiting for it before the play began.  Over the years, I have seen the most incomprehensible bounces of the football, off Cowboy’s players’ helmets, elbows, and even the back of their shoes, directly into the waiting arms of the defense.  It’s “mind bottling”, as Will Ferrell would say.

Do we need more practice? Yes.  Do we need the offense to “gel” together to help stop the miscommunications that lead to these bizarre occurrences? Absolutely.  Do we need to turn our backs and give up on a team because things haven’t gone exactly the way we wanted them to?  I won’t, and I invite all of you true fans to stand here with me.  As for the rest of you, you can go; no hard feelings, I promise.  Just don’t expect to be welcomed back.

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  • lostar2009

    Any other team will do the same thing we are doing.. trying to run these fools out of town..

    Before Eli won his sb he was on the verge of getting ran out of town with the HC. They did successfully ran McNabb out of town despite a playoff berth..

    Now you want us fans to constantly sit pay for a root for this team??? Heck no !!! I demand better !!! I can pay to see Dallas play 2 away games vs one Dallas home ticket game..

    These players owe us fans because we build your empire in which they live. We fork over the $$$$$ to see them play. And you know what???? If it stinks ima let them know …

    I demand better.. This product that is these Dallas cowboys is horrible and to be honest it been that way since Switzer left( BC by then JJ players comletly age) this team had 1 relevant season since and several playoff births..

    That’s not acceptable.. you can watch this crap and take it… but ima keep on bit#### and blogging about it until it hits someone and I see change. I refuse to see these guys play at home.. sell that $ 600 ticket to.. someone else.. no body want to pay to see these guys get beat down an embarrass like this anymore. Away fans might by the tickets to see the cowboys lose.. if anyone watch Monday night football this week.

  • MarkRP

    or as fans we can admit Jerry Jones only cares about money and his ego and not the fans and winning. If he cared about the fans, he would not charge us $75 to park and price working class fans out of his stadium. If he cared about winning, he would have stepped down as GM.
    The Cowboys are undisciplined and have no fear of failure just like their GM. They don’t care if they miss blocks or drop passes because Garrett won’t bench them little less chew their butts out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dboyz62 David Perez

    It’s been 17 yrs.

  • californy

    I believe pressure a good thing when it come to the NFL. The pressure to suceed, to win can help a team develope some drive. But when the ownership here is telling the whole world everything is fine being a 500 team, that where the trouble come from. JJ is to close to the source of the problem, he is the problem, JJ will not fire himself or criticize himself for a bad job done. JJ does hear the fans critism of this organization with the play calling and the lack of detail to football matter. JJ is ignoring these thing publically. I believe he does so because the fans see where the issue originate from. If only JJ would step down from The GM spot this team would be much better, you may have real accountability for the first time in a while.
    When JJ fired Wade Phillips many though Wade was a bad coach. This bad coach is on the staff, that in two years has one of the best defensive team in the NFL and is now rated number one team in the power ranking in the NFL, this despite losing one of it best player in Mario William and going from a 4-3 to 3-4 team in less than 3 months. Houston has two new starting Offensive line, got rid of their top FB and are still number one in the power ranking. Yup Wade may not be head coach material, he is one the best Defensive coaches in the NFL and we lost a great asset in him by underminding his leadership with both JJ and JG. Wade was done wrong here in Dallas, but it is alright, he is now on the NFL best team right now, including the better team in Texas,

  • Chris

    Let’s keep things real here. First of all, thank you for the much needed “boot” to bandwagon fans. Here’s my point, did we really think that this offense was going to come together right off the bat after a complete O-Line, overhaul? That’s just being unrealistic. This is a process, it’s not Franchise Mode in Madden on your XBox. Guess what, we had to make a choice this off-season. In my mind, we had two glaring issues that needed to be resolved; 1. The secondary and 2. The offensive line. Can you really be mad at your team for signing one of the top FA’s and moving up in the draft to snag the highest rated defensive player, IN THE ENTIRE DRAFT!? Unfortunately, you couldn’t do everything you may have wanted on the other side of the ball. There’s a little thing called the “Salary Cap” that just seems to prevent you from turning the league into Fantasy Football. I would have loved to see Grubbs and Nicks fill in for our two OG spots but that just can’t happen if you want to BUILD a winner. Some “fans” drive me crazy, they shoot Jerry when he goes out and spends big money on Free Agents and then they darn him when he doesn’t (ie. see Leonard Davis). I truly believe, although sometimes waiver in this, that Garrett is the right guy for the job and that he is going to build us a winner again. Look at what the Steelers, Pats, Ravens, Packers have all done. They DRAFT their key pieces and they continue to build around them. When was the last time you saw one of these teams go out and spend top dollar on a BIG name player. They don’t do it because it’s a suckers’ bet. There is typically a reason they are hitting the market to begin with. So, back to my point, what is Dallas doing? We are going through that growing process of building a winner. You can actually see it all across the depth chart. This year was never going to be our year. Here’s the good news, we are about one year away from enjoying a solid RUN of years in a division that has only recently seen any kind of dominance (SF, NYG). Patience, my fellow fans, is one heck of a virtue.

    • Chris

      *Conference (Not Division)

  • ctcowboy1968

    There are all kinds of fans. Fair weather, kool aid drinkers, haters, true fans, etc. One needs to be careful how one categorizes another fan.
    I agree with you regarding band wagon and fair weather fans. Who needs them. It’s the kool aid drinkers and haters that are the problem. The haters are just going to hate and be negative for any reason and offer no specific positive input. That’s not helpful. The kool aid drinkers may be even worse. They suck up to JJ and believe all his and JG’s bullsh*t. They believe that they are the “true” fans and want to run everybody who isn’t blindly obeying JJ off.
    Real true fans have been with this team long term, understand what really is happening and offer specific positive input.
    True fans remember what a incredible franchise this used to be before JJ took control of everything. True fans want a better product. True fans identify the problems and offer solutions. Don’t make the mistake to mis-label a true fan as anything other than a dedicated fan that wants the Cowboys to be the best they can be.