Wheels of Zeal: Cowboys Life Car Club

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True devotion abides; it is not swayed by the fickleness of victories and shortcomings. True devotion maintains a consistent level of enthusiasm despite the final results. Certainly, Cowboys Life Car Club embodies such true devotion.

Every game day, this cadre of Cowboys fans secures their niche in the eastern edge of Lot A. On the grass, they set up five tents for barbecuing, dining, and watching the Cowboys. A special tent with up to twenty-five lawn chairs for seating houses three flat screen HD televisions, run by three gas-powered generators, so everyone can see the game. Fajitas are sizzling on the grill as the pre-game chatter sizzles about Romo’s performance the previous week. On the concrete, fifteen cars expertly and distinctly tricked out to represent America’s Team dominate the eastern edge of Lot A. One lavished ride, an Oldsmobile Cutlass, is parked upon a Steelers and an Eagles jersey. Fans gather around a late model Chevy Suburban with a front-opening hood displaying Tom Landry’s stoic pose in front of the franchise’s five Super Bowl trophies. Big Blue, as the four-wheeled homage to God’s Coach is called, adorned with its elaborate paintings and elegance is always the focus for onlookers. Camera bulbs are flashing. Horns from the cars are blaring. Stereos are rocking. It’s such a party scene that other tailgaters have a difficult time driving through due to volume of spectators and admirers clogging the way.

Cowboys Life Car Club meets in Lot A of the Rangers lot every Cowboys game day.

People understand. No one honks disapprovingly or shakes a hostile fist. Only smiles and “Go Cowboys!” are shouted.

Further east and across the bramble-covered creek sits Cowboys Stadium, looking down majestically upon Lot A and beholding such true devotion to the team that plays within it.

This is the story of Cowboys Life Car Club.



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