Sep 23, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the field prior to the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Can The Cowboys Attract A Great Head Coach With Jerry Jones As Owner?

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Will The Dallas Cowboys Ever Be Able To Hire A Great Head Coach As Long As Jerry Jones Is Owner And General Manager Of The Team?

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  • Alpha

    Dallas will Neva b gud again as long jj is runnin the show … He ran jimmy Johnson off :( so Wut does dat tell u !!!

  • Dave

    JJ can get a championship caliber coach, but he has to get out of that coach’s business. JJ has routinely hired yes men, and the yes men are weak. Champion coaches have a fire in their belly and they do not want a meddlesome owner. So the answer is yes he can, but he probably won’t unless he is willing to take a back seat.

  • kurumba

    Compare Robert Kraft to Jones. Also extend the comparative analysis to Real Madrid & Barcelona. All these teams are BIG TIME and highly successful. ALL WANT TO WIN and thus they employ the best they beleive exists in coaching and in team management. The Question Jones needs to answer is this: Dallas too has been a big time football team with a steep palmares then why Jones do you put YOUR INDIVIDUAL EGO ABOVE having a high quality football team? Its hard to identify other teams doing this in any code of football! Pride is another factor evident with these teams. FC Barcelona prides itself on its style of play and the manner in which it wins. The legacy of the Jones clan by contrast will be how they have plunged a once proud football club into mediocrity and a black hole all alledgedly to protect his frail ego. What a laugh! Real Madrid has Florentino Perez a building/construction magnate and egomaniac but even Perez would laugh at the suggestion that HE come BEFORE the play of Real Madrid. Mention these facts to Jones and demand a clear answer. Look at the kraft/Belichick link: over one decade of football dominace and they are still going! Jones lasted 5 years with Jimmy Johnson then made the unbelievable insane decision that success on the field was nothing compared to him running everything. This fool is a laughing stock and who really cares about his satdium and his marketing money???

  • californy

    JJ has become Al davis. This team has no future as long as JJ is still this team GM. We have the wrong coach, and Scouting Director both name Garrett. JJ has pretty much guarantee future Cap hits for years to come. This team may be young but we are lacking the talent to take us to the next level. JJ has no real plan. JJ reacts to public critism and concern. JJ need to be more proctive and draft player to avoid future short coming with this team. JJ and JG have mess up this team Offensive line by releasing all the all pro player we use to have, he replace them with young player who dont have the NFl talent to start . JJ in one year went from young to big in his Offensive line strategy. JJ still has it wrong. We are one of the lowest scoring team in the NFL, have one of the worst Running game with JJ up grade to the offensive line. JJ spent more money in Living Contract that he would of spent drafting an Ol in the first round. Bernardeau Contract average more than many player being drafted in the secound round in this year draft. JJ may be a brilliant business man but he lack in the ability of player assessment and development. The coaches here in Dallas dont have a shot because JJ meddling tends to undermind this team leadership. There is one guy who I believe can handle JJ meddling and have greater sucess than what JG is having. that coach name is John Gruden. Gruden understand JJ because he had the same type of GM with him Oakland. He was sucessfull under those conditions.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      yes he had the same type of owner, but it didn’t last long, just like Parcells didn’t last in Dallas. The only way chucky comes to Dallas is if he has a clause in his contract stating that he has full control.

  • MarkRP

    no, no owner worth his clipboard would want to work for an egomaniac GM who answers to no one.

  • Tom Salagaj

    Finally! Others are beginning to believe what I’ve been saying for several years. Jerry Jones’ ego has been in the way of Dallas returning to greatness ever since he canned Jimmy Johnson. Of course, when J Jones fired Johnson, Jimmy had seen the end of days when a good head coach would eve have full authority again. No wonder he did not mind leaving. We saw a potential in Bill Parcells but Jerry got in his way as usual. The T.O debacle was hard on Parcells. But he also saw “the handwriting on the wall.” Currently, Jason Garrett is Jones’ little puppet coach. But it’s not working very well is it? The arrogance and pride of Jerry Jones has made him a laughing stock of the entire fan base of the Cowboys. Sad…very sad.

  • frank

    Jones will not back off so forget getting a top notch coach and if they did, it would be someone past his prime like Holmgren who Jones was always interested in. No team with an owner like Jerry will win. Al Davis never did again and neither will Jerry. You need a good football guy in charge like the guy from the Giants and Jerry needs to stay out of the way. Like a CEO of a company who has a strategy and will not listen to anyone when it stinks, he will do anything at any cost to prove he is right. Get ready for a 500 winning pct. for a few more years.