Oct 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett pleads for a review with referee Robert Dalton against the Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Wednesdays Words for Success: The Blame Game Edition

Debacle after debacle on national television Monday night lead to the latest edition of the “blame game” in it looks like the main target was Tony Romo. Although the scrutiny is well deserved, the blame certainly should be shared.

Kevin “Stone-Hands” Ogletree fails to catch a pass, and instead tips it up and into the waiting arms of best turnover creating defense in the league. If he catches that, it’s a first down and three more tries for Romo to punch it in before we get a Dan “The Auto-Man” Bailey field goal.

Dez “Who Needs a Playbook When You’re Swoll Like Me” Bryant runs the wrong read on a route and Romo throws an interception that is eerily similar to one that Romo threw in the season opener last year against the Jets.

Forgive me while I go on a tangent for a little while. One of the rules of economics is that people respond to incentives. This works in both directions, positive incentives and negative incentives. Bench Dez, cut his playing time in half. Let little Cole Beasley or someone who is a student of the playbook get some time in. Prime Dona Dez is in his 3rd year of the NFL and should not be making mistakes like that. Dez is making it harder and harder to defend his abilities because his football IQ shrinks with every passing game.

Tony Romo does deserve a lot of scrutiny. He is the Quarterback and they get all the credit for wins and losses. But I propose an even greater target; Jason Garrett.

The Cowboys were not ready to play Monday night. Just as the Cowboys were not ready to play against Seattle. Whether it be lack of preparation or a bad ‘game plan’, Jason Garrett needs to step it up. He has an excellent coaching staff around him that he needs to make use of. All of his discplined approach is working for making players accountable and on time, but now it’s time to actually get something done in the big games.

Help us Jason Garrett, you’re our only hope.

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  • ctcowboy1968

    If JG is our only hope, then we are doomed. JG was never the answer and never will be. He doesn’t understand the game playing out in front of him and can’t adjust. He is weak.

  • ctcowboy1968

    No one is focused on the biggest disappoint from Monday’s game… DeMarcus Ware. He disappeared. This is the 2nd time in 3 years the Bears have come to Dallas and won handily with an awful OL. Team captain and supposed #1 D player in the league has laid an egg both times. He should have owned this game and crushed Cutler 5-6 times. Instead he is no ware to be found and Cutler doesn’t even break a sweat. DeMarcus NoWare isn’t even the best D player on his own team. That would be Sean Lee.

  • californy

    I feel you Jonathan. I lost faith in JG and JJ to make the right decision some time ago. It seem like JJ only want player who sell uniforms. Claiborn Jersey was selling with half an hour after the man got drafted, despite the fact he was not signed until months later. Claiborne never competed for the job and neither did Tyron Smith. They were given the job so, it make you wonder why we are having problem with player like Dez, who seem to lack the mental aspect of the game. Dez all his life was given the job base on some athletic ability. Could you imagine had Akwasi been a first round draft pick playing for us. Somewhere deep behind these athletes you must find some playing with some heart. Player who play for the love of the game, without the real fan fare behind them. Player like Sean Lee, who leads this team in tackles and who doesnt give up in the game despite being down really big. Player like Lissemore who looking to be a player we can get 80 tackles from, when Ware has never done it in his career. Then how can you forget a player like Cole Beasley, who was given no chance to making this squad because he was perceived not big or fast enough to last in the NFL. All of this remind me of my all time favorite Cowboys, who they said the same to when he was in the NFL draft. They said he was too small, not fast and not strong enough to make it in the NFl. he proved them wrong, he is now the NFL leader in rushing yards as a RB, and a 3 time SB champions. Emmitt played with heart, and passion and that is something you can never measure in the man. I dont know what JJ is looking for in a player, I know it not these qualities. Occasionally he mess up and get player like Witten and Emmitt Smith.
    For me everything starts at the top, until we make real change the direction of the boys will not change. Accountability is the key to everything, these player must check their ego at the door and do what right for the best interest of the team. If that mean going a 100 percent and not getting the fan fare beacuse of it, then that the price they must pay. A win and a lost is a win and a lost of this whole organization, we dont have the luxuary of keeping the dead weight around, Everybody related to the Cowboy organization has a job to do. Money will never win you a championship, it the heart, the hard work, the right decision and the passion you approach your job away from the bright light that will make this team great again. Do you ever remember Tom landry really showing any emotion, it was a rare thing to see. Tom was never caught in the moment, he was a couple of plays ahead of everything. This team want to celebrate every win, this is not the right approach, you must learn to hold off the celebration until we raise a trophy in the last game at the last hour of the football season. True celebration happen at the end of each player career and time when they can ask themselves, did I do the best i could do for my God, for my family and for my team.

  • californy

    ctcowboy1968 I agree with you 100 percent, you couldn’t of said it better.