Oct 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett throws a football on the field before the game against the Chicago Bears at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

Should Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett Be Fired?

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If The Cowboys Fail To Make The Playoffs, Should Jason Garrett Be Fired?

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  • Kurumba

    Its obvious looking at the team play that they are poorly prepared and in most cases they are clearly outcoached. Most NFL teams have deficient OLs but still manage to run the football effectively and set up decent pass plays. Garrett does not even know when to throw the challenge flag! Garrett has been totally exposed: he has neither the background nor intelligence to be a successful HC. Finally the team lacks aggression and passion, two traits also lacking in Garrett.

    • bwall

      I whole heartily agree with you. This team had 10 days to prepare for the seahawks, which has a rookie quarterback and average receivers, and oly had to worry about their defense and running back and good running back. And they came out flat and unmotivated like it was a preseason game. That is a direct reflection of the coach. I would of accepted a loss if they got beat on a last minute score, and questionable call. But they got throughly dominated and beat down. And they would of lost against the bucs if they offense was just as bad as ours right now. We have 2 weeks to prepare for the ravens, and honestly, I am expecting another loss. I can see another 2-3 picks for romo as well, because of the ball hawking safety ed reed.

    • BootneyFunzworth

      I agree with you statement 100%

  • smith89

    brad you are correct

  • payne80

    Couldnt have said it any better. I think its clear that garrett needs to be fired and not just demoted like we did to wade phillips. Just fire his ass…

    • Ann Onymously

      Houston is very happy that Wade was demoted. However, he certainly doesn’t appear to be a poor coach or unable to do a great job. Can’t say the same for Garrett. What a weasel.

  • kurumba

    Along with Garrett on his way out the door both Felix Jones and Marcus Spears should go with him. These two players are what I call negative players that is they actually HELP the OTHER team win! Why on earth is Felix Jones occupying space on the active roster? Both Tanner & Olawale deserve a run at RB. At least they will be physical and smack the opposition defence in the face as much as they can!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Dboyz62 David Perez

    Jerry the Bozo and his ClownBoys.

  • daredsnapper

    This team is not prepared and the one who should shoulder the blame doesn’t. I do not blame Jerry because we all can agree there is talent on this team. Execution and a poor offensive scheme not play calling is the problem. This team has not been the same since the Jimmy-Jerry split. The 95 team took it upon themselves to win in spite of Switzer, but ever since then this team has done nothing. Each year I get the feeling of optimism and each year I get disappointed.

  • daredsnapper

    How does a defense only get 1 sack on a quarterback who has been sacked 11 times in the first 3 games. Their O-line is one of the worst in the league and we can’t get pressure. He could have sat in a lawn chair and had plenty of time to pass the ball. Thanks Jerry and Jason you have let millions of fans down…..AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ctcowboy1968

      Biggest disappointment from Monday’s game… DeMarcus Ware. He should have owned this game and crushed Cutler at least 5 or 6 times. Cutler never even broke a sweat out there. DeMarcus dissapeared against an awful LT. He is overrated. He needs to man up. He is a captain and paid as the #1 D player in the league when he isn’t even the best D player on his own team.

      • fred

        he was getting double teamed tho. we need help from the other players too.

  • Chuck

    I’ve been a Cowboys fan since the 60s and I’ve been a loyal supporter. It’s getting harder with substandard play, excuses, a schizophrenic quarterback and an owner who can’t keep is poor team and talent management skills out of the day-to-day operations. There’s no chemistry and it’s sad. So much wasted talent but yet so little at the key spots. Jones, spend some of that “most valuable team in the NFL” clout and buy a good QB and a RB.

    • ctcowboy1968

      I hear you brother on everything but the QB and RB part. Need linemen. This organization does not make linemen a priority. Okay, Smith was an exception last year. And they did a good job on the D this offseason. But they must turn their attention to linemen. Rat, Coleman, Spears are at the end of their road. The OL is a mess of subpar players. None of the skill players can achieve behind this OL.

  • a message from ruudy

    The NFL is becoming a .500 league fast and the Cowboys are right in the middle of it. In the end they will be 8-8 and miss the playoffs. I don’t know if some other coach would fare better. There just isn’t enough information available what’s going on inside the organisation.

    • ctcowboy1968

      I think a hard nosed fired up coach would pump up this team to achieve. There has to be consequences for poor play. The players have to get focused, give their all, play tough and fear the consequences of the HC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/judy.d.inman Judy Daugherty Inman

    I’ve been a Cowboy fan since the 70′s and never seen such a poor performance from a roster full of talent. Jason Garrett is about as good a head coach as I am! Romo is clearly a great QB…there just is no O-line to brag about. Jones needs to hire a head coach that CAN & WILL make decisions! Thanks for the HUGE letdown again Jerry!!!

  • Kevin Dylan

    The bottom line is the Cowboys have great talent throughout the team and they are not playing even 70% to their ability. The Coach and defensive coordinator need to be fired. Possibly all the coaches. Romo gets to bear the stats on the interceptions but it wasn’t all Romo.
    The Cowboys are a playoff team in the hands of some bad coaching.

    • bwall

      I am sick and tired of people saying this team has telent. This team is filled with garbage players that cant win against quality opponents. I have been a fan since their 1-15 season in 1990 and at least they were rebuilding. Why is is that other teams in the modern era of free agency and good players coming out of the draft rebuild after 2-3 years. Heck look at the 49ers. They were bad just a few years ago, but now have a top defense and a soolid offense. The cowboys franchise has been in the rebuilding mode for 16 years and still cannot get it right. I have seen enough of this train wreck, it is the same crap year after year. This team needs to be imploded and start over. I realy truly feel sorry for players like Witten and Ware that deserve to win, but stuck on this pathetic garbage team.

  • Rocky

    They r still my team BUT I will not buy anymore Dallas stuff till they clean house starting at the top

  • Horace Harter

    Jason garrett seems too soft and unmotivating to be a head coach.

  • Alex

    Jerry Jones , we want the heads of Jason Garret and Rob Ryan .they don’t have the ability ,personality and talent to motivate the players .please get them out of the team ….

  • californy

    I wouldnt wait till the end of the season. There is plenty of time to turn this thing around, I just dont have faith in the team head coach and the direction they are going as a franchised. We are only one game out from the top of the division, but it us obvious Jason garrett doesnt know how to prepair for a game. What Chicago did was not a surprise for me I expeceted them to do that in the game. I already said they will attack the middle of the field. It what the boys did in return that suprise me. It no secret, the Offensive line has the boys as one of the worst running team in the NFL, and they may also be one of the worst scoring team also. I do not see this situation getting better with out some real change.

    • ctcowboy1968

      As always you are spot on my friend. I have saying it for over a year, JG is a deer in the headlights and doesn’t know what he is doing.

  • bigken on big d.

    Why wait till the end of the season. The damage has been done. Get rid of Garret. He is not a good coordinator or head coach. They totaly such. I have been a fan for 48 years and it is very depressing watching these clowns. Jerry has made them the joke of the NFL. Please sell the team Jerry. If not hire Chuckie or Cower please and give them full power of the team and players. YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL JERRY.

  • Habfab

    Dallas Cowboys have been the joke of the NFL sINCE jERRY jONES DECIDED TO MAKE ALL THE FOOTBALL DECISIONS, INSTEAD OF JUST SIGNING THE CHECKS AND BACKING OFF. Until we get a Real Football man running the show here, ala Jimmy Johnson years ago, the Giants, Eagles and Skins will dominate the East, and forget about any playoffs for Small “D’ now.

  • Frank Robison

    No coach has been able to win with Romo. Parcells, Phillips and now Garrett. He is not a winner. I don’t see this great QB that all others see in him. Yes he does make some great plays, but again he makes bad plays when the team can least afford them. Lets look back wheand see when his team needed him (December). 2006 – December Record 2- 3, makes playoffs and dropped the snap in Seattle. 2007 – December Record 2- 2, another MNF 5 Int and a Fumble against Buffalo. Playoffs threw an Int at the end of the game. 2008 – December Record 1- 3. 2009 – December Record 2- 2, Minn Playoff game could not score. 1 Int 1 fumble. 2010 – December Record 2- 2. 2011- December Record 1- 3 Ready to make playoffs run and all you have to do is beat the Gaints or Eagles in December it did not happen. Romo December record is about 10 – 15. Romo time should be over he is the common factor for the last 6 years, he will be remembered just like Danny White an good QB that could not find a way to make the play when your team needs it.

  • Dan

    We have a focus problem. You could see this sloppy ball coming unveiled earlier in the game when Demarco Murray fumbled it back to one of our O linemen. The teams that win consistently know how to play with intensity and focus. Right now I am disgusted with this kind of play. The excuses sound just like a broken record.

  • Habfab

    Fire Jerry Jones, we have the weakest offensive lline in football, Felix Jones is done, way overrated, Dez Bryant is a head case and a pass dropper, and of course Romo is the Most overrated player In Sports.

  • Habfab

    Get a real football man running things here, JJ Just sign the checks and have another facelift. Embarrassing team to watch.

  • Dannyboy

    Yes, I do beleive he should be fired. Only one word can describe him. SOFT!!! He has let that filter down to the team. We need to see emotion……. Fired up on the sidelines. It carries over to the team. Sense of urgency!!!!!!! It’s all relative and starts with the head coach!!!!!!!!!!!

  • william ort

    Yes he will be fired for two reason. A. you can’t fire all the players and B. you sure as Hell can’t fire the owner. He should be fired because A. his play calling is as unoriginal, unsuccessful and as boring as you will ever see in today’s era of NFL.football. The sad part is after Jason’s firing. A. Jerry names Rob Ryan head coach were all the”A” list candidates refuse his offers B. Romo has to buy a ticket to ever see a Super Bowl. B. Romo continues to be the scapegoat for all that is wrong with the Boys. and C. I have to enter therapy because I a kid from Jersey somehow forty plus years ago decided I like the Cowboys. Then fifty years latter Eli retires with three rings and then the following year is elected President.

    • ctcowboy1968

      I know your pain.

  • jrcowboy49

    Jason should be on the hot seat as the Team was not prepared for the game and it showed. The OL did not create the holes for the running game and Romo ran for his life. This problem is the result of our idiot owner and GM who did not continue and finish the OL transformation started in the 2011 draft. Romo continues to be a risk taker and has killed the Cowboys with his poor decisions. Drafting a future QB in the next draft should be considered. The bigger problem is the GM! Jerry needs to turn his duties over to a real GM as he has been a dismal failure. Garrett needs to get a offensive coordinator who actully calls the plays and he needs to step back and coach the coordinators/team. Ryan’s defense was taken to the woodshed last night and is also on the hot seat! As a Cowboy fan since inception 1960, I am truely upset with the Chicago and Seattle games and looking at a 8-8 season. The Ravens, Panthers, Giants, Falcons, and Eagles are next and this Team could lose them all.

    • ctcowboy1968

      JG is not the answer at any level. He is incapable of succeeding. He has to go.


    The Boys have waaaay too much talent to play the way that they do. Romo is not the problem. Garret is the problem. I’m sorry, but we need a coach who will COACH and who’s a motivator. Just think what Jimmy Johnson would have done with this team. Damn!!!

  • Carleton

    coach & player changes

  • JL

    I am always amazed when I hear so and so has so much talent. Talent isn’t just about speed, blocking, tackling, soft hands, blah blah blah. It is also about brains and this team does not seem to have that. Dez Bryant’s IQ is probably lower than his jersey number yet he thinks he is smart and talented. Romo isn’t the answer and he isn’t the entire problem. Garrett will probably be fired than go on to have a successful coaching career elsewhere. He is way too smart for the Cowboys and dumbing it down for the players probably goes against his Ivy League upbringing. The problem with the cowboys is that you have people in power who know nothing about football yet they make all of the personnel decisions. A recipe for disaster.

    • ctcowboy1968

      Agree with your final sentence. But JG won’t succeed any where.

  • Fresh Start

    Fire Garrett ,hire Nick Saban ,Cut Romo bring in Geno Smith!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P2GMMN6HDPATDXZCKYVM3F72VM Doc Holiday

    Jarry should have gotten Peyton—now he’s stuck with Nomo !!!!

  • Serge

    J. Garrett is the main reason why cowboys failure to win. He is too conservative, waiting for the mistakes of the opposite team. he does not have the character to be a HC. Get rid of him before is too late!

  • sonnyboy

    need someone to run the offence, garret is not the man for the job.

  • bleachers report

    Not only should Garrett be fired Jerry Jones needs to fire himself as general manager. Owners own coaches coach an players play he is too incolved with the team showing up on the sidelines distracting players an coaches. Garrett is like a bump on a log he looks confused an over his head I wanna see some passion from this guy if you are not a team motivator you need to find another organization to work for. Missed assignments bad route running interceptions multiple dropped passes fumbling it was pitiful downright pitiful.

  • swee’nez

    yes they should fire him ! i remember jason as a quarterback pencil & paper holder on the side line back in the day , i been a cowboy fan since 1970 , and that 3/4 defence not good it have it moment! the cowboys are just playng to have a job!

  • Ge_off

    Two weeks and starters returning, a good coach should show improvement from the Bears game and have his team jacked up. I don’t expect perfect but this Ravens game will say a lot about Coach Garrett. The highest payroll, the offense is healthy enough, he should be competitive and sharp on offense…we’ll see.

  • http://www.facebook.com/directortom Tom Salagaj

    Fired? You mean get rid of him for another puppet coach? How long before Jerry Jones actually stays down on the field and runs the team from the sidelines rather than from his office? No great or even good coach will come to Dallas unless and until Jones give him the full authority to make football decisions. Name all the coaches since Jimmy Johnson…all, except Parcells for a short while, have been puppet head coaches. Sad…very sad. Cowboys are not now, have not been, and never will be great again until major football decisions are out of the hands of the Jones Boys. Until that happens, better to align with another winner than be depressed year after year. How about the Atlanta Falcons? Or another Texas winner, the boys down in Houston?

  • cowboy88.

    fire carrot,send romo2 eastern il.jj retird.bring bill cower2the house.enjoy the boys kikn A.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fonz.e.howard Alfonza Howard

    I voted for the sake of participation but, people keep asking questions like this for nothing. Maybe to stir up hits to the site, get a little public participation. I don’t know if you are in Jerry Jones’ pocket or not but, where is the article targeting the real problem (as any true Dallas Cowboys follower knows the coaching situation). For the heck of it, I’ll state it: Jerry Jones’ ego cannot support a true Head Coach and everyone knows it, so why ask the question (I guess to insult us)? After not measuring up to the Tuna and Jimmy Johnson, do you ever think, as long as a Jones has breath in their puffed up airheaded bodies, there will be anything but, a spineless noodle on the Dallas Cowboys sideline faking like he/she is the coach?! FOH!

  • Frank Robison

    The whole problem is not with the Jason Garrett. The major problem is Tony Romeo, No Head Coach haas been able to win with him (Parcells, Phillips, Garrett). He can look like an elite QB, but again he makes bone head plays.
    He can not play under presure, his December record shows that.

  • bgg1175

    I’m not a Romo fan so Im not blindly defending him but the guys out there with no O-Line protection and receivers who can’t run plays and a Coach who calls some amateur plays not worthy of Middle school coaches.
    Dallas has the talent to easily make the playoffs but they arent coached correctly.
    Jason Garrett is the reason for this debacle. When the Cowboys were failing at the end of the game I see shots of Garrett smiling on the sidelines. I’ve seen this before and Ive seen him act like all is well after a defeat. I think hes not all there in some strange way but he definitely cannot Coach in the NFL.
    Hes been the Rookie Coach for 2 years now. And hes in the way of success.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jolly.roger.7773 Jolly Roger

    Keep HC Garrett, but require him to bring in an OC who can and will prepare the team and call plays. Garrett needs to concentrate on HC duties, coordinating the efforts of all the coaching staff and managing game day.